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Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: Which Should I Choose?

When we talk about Beard Oil, it’s forever a favorite and widely used by any man who is even slightly concerned about his beard and skin underneath.

However, confusion starts when the Beard Butter jumps into the game.

Little study over the topic releases that, it’s not a difficult choice to make between Beard Oil and Beard Butter, as there is no comparison!

They are widely different from each other and serve different purposes.

An informed decision is always a wise decision; therefore, we have efficiently jotted down the required information about both products to make it easier for you to decide if any one of these or both are suitable for your beard.
Remain hooked and scroll down to know the essential features of both Beard Oil and Beard Butter.

Table of Contents

Beard Oil

What is Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is a product that nourishes both the beard as well as the skin underneath the beard.
For the beard itself, it plays a vital role in keeping it soft, smooth, and shiny.

For the skin it acts as a moisturizer to save it from getting dry and itchy.

In addition to this, Beard Oil also acts as a deodorizer to eliminate any unpleasant smell in fact adds up a nice, pleasant smell to your shinning beard.

If you are the one who’s trying to grow your beard longer or your beard is on the early stages of growth, beard oil will add in tremendous help by dealing with the itching that is a norm in early stages of beard growth.

As beard grows longer, it results in absorbing the natural sebum oils from the skin which causes redness, dandruff, and itching. By using beard oil, you can save yourself from these mentioned hassles.

Common Beard Oil Ingredients

One of the major aspects of grooming products is their ingredients.

Although the ingredients of Beard Oil can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, it generally comprises two main components that are essential and carrier oils.

1. Carrier Oils

Carrier oils marvelously moisturize and hydrates your beard.

They travel deep into the pores of your skin and reduce beard dandruff and beard itch to provide you with an overall better- and healthy-looking beard.

Not only this! Carrier oils usually contain Vitamin E which enhances circulation in the skin resulting in better beard growth.

2. Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the heart of Beard Oil as they have delicious and enchanting fragrances to make it more masculine.

These fragrances range from bitter to sweet and this can surely substitute and save your aftershave and cologne investments.

How To Apply Beard Oil?

The application of beard oil is pretty simple.

By following the steps mentioned below you can make your beard healthy, soft, shiny, amazingly enticing, and attractive.

Step 1. Wash Your Face

The best time for applying beard oil is after taking a hot shower or washing your face.
Make sure to clean your face and beard from all sorts of silt built up, dirt or oil.
After washing, dry out your beard using a towel so that your beard is damp but not wet.
Step 2. Rub it in

Take two to three drops of beard oil on your palm and rub your hands onto each other making sure the oil spreads over your palm and fingers.

It’s always better to start with a small dose and later if required add more oil. This will save you from making your beard greasy.

Now rub these fingers and palms through your beard and mustache.

Step 3. Comb

We would definitely insist that this is an important step to grooming your beard.

Running a comb through your beard evenly distributes the oil and holds your styling.

Run the comb both in the direction of hair as well as against the growth of hair.

How often should I apply Beard Oil?

Beard Oil should preferably be applied daily and onto the skin underneath the beard.
If you live in a particularly dry climate or have a longer beard, you may need to apply beard oil more often.
Vice versa, if you start noticing that your beard is getting greasy or extra shiny, you need to cut back the amount of applied beard oil.

Beard Butter

What Is Beard Butter?

Beard Butter usually comprises oils and different kinds of butter.

Beard Butter is more like a cream or thick conditioner, infused with essential oils, which keeps your beard’s hair soft and healthy. It helps you in styling your beard as it has a perfect tendency to hold your beard into shape.
To add, Beard Butter instantly absorbs into the hair providing the beard with a much healthier and fuller look.
It makes the beard easily manageable, and soft and adds an appealing smell to your face.

Common Beard Butter Ingredients

Beard butter usually comprises shea butter or cocoa butter which is combined with essential and carrier oils to add moisture and fragrance.
Shea butter or Cocoa Butter gives Beard Butter a light creamy texture and is the main ingredient working as a deep conditioner.

Shea Butter is an extract from nuts and absorbs easily into the hair and skin.

Cocoa Butter on the other side is highly rich in vitamins and works as an antioxidant.

Both can be used in combination as ingredients of Beard butter or used separately, depending on the manufacturer’s choice.

How To Apply Beard Butter?

The application of Beard Butter is quite simple; it should be applied on daily bases for moisturizing and styling purposes.

By following the steps mentioned below you can style your beard while conditioning it at the same time.

Step 1. Wash Your Face
After washing, dry out your beard using a towel so that your beard is damp but not wet.
Apply Beard Oil and leave for a good two to three minutes.

Step 2. Rub it in

Scrape out a pea-sized amount of Beard Butter and rub it between your palms.

The best way of applying Beard Butter is by heating it up in between your palms and then applying it directly onto your beard while aiming for full coverage.

Step 3. Comb

Comb your beard after applying Beard Butter and give your beard the shape of your choice.

How often should I apply Beard Butter?

Beard Butter should be applied on daily bases for moisturizing and styling purposes.

Beard Oil vs Beard Butter: Which Should You Get?

The answer to Beard Oil vs Beard Butter and which one you should choose is quite straightforward.

Both the Beard Oil and Beard Butter have different levels of absorbance, and different ingredients, therefore results in providing different overall looks.

We would say that Beard Oil and Beard Butter make a perfect duo when used together on the beard.

The Beard Oil benefits the scalp by eliminating irritation and itching as well as promotes healthy growth of the beard. It gives the beard a soft and shiny look.

On the other hand, Beard Butter maintains the health of beard hair. It makes the beard look fuller and healthier and helps conserve the shape all day long by taming flyaways. It also gives the beard a matte look.

It turns out that if you want a healthy better-looking beard, you should use both Beard Oil with Beard Butter daily.