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5 Best Men’s Face Wash For Dry Skin In 2023

Here’s a secret: the best men’s face wash for dry skin is actually just the best face wash. Period.

If you have flakes, sensitivity, chapped skin or even a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, you need a face wash that works as a gentle cleanser to help you avoid infection…but that’s quite literally the job description of any decent face wash.

Your exfoliant should get rid of those flakes. Your moisturizer should keep you hydrated. It’s your face wash’s job to keep your skin bacteria-free and breakout-clear.

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Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser (Our Top Pick)

One thing you’ll notice off the bat about Jack Black’s Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser: it lathers like heaven. For that reason alone, it’s a great pick for dry skin. That rich, gentle texture will help you avoid dry skin-related irritation while clearing out your pores.

The face wash even doubles as a toner, so not only will it clean oils and bacteria, it’ll smooth over blemishes and improve your complexion. If you’ve gotten used to using face washes that do the bare minimum, Jack Black’s cleanser will be a huge upgrade. It basically does the job of both a cleanser and face wash.

Plus, Jack Black is just a solid choice when it comes to men’s skincare. Their products are pricier than your bargain bin face wash, but they’re longer lasting, higher quality, and will do right by your skin.


• AMAZING lather. Great texture to soothe that dry skin-related irritation.

• Natural, skin-friendly ingredients. 


• I would hesitate to recommend Jack Black for sensitive skin. Fine for dry skin, 50/50 for sensitive skin.

Bulldog Face Wash For Men

Sometimes the more complicated your skin condition, the simpler you want your skin care products to be. Bulldog face wash is as simple as it gets: water, oils, and citruses to scent the product, with just a few other soap-related components on the ingredient list.

The great thing about that short ingredient list is that you’re significantly less likely to suffer from a breakout or rash, if you have dry, sensitive skin. We’ve recommended their original facial scrub, but if you need heavier protection, Bulldog also designs sensitive and dry skin specific products that are equally gentle.

Though their following is small, Bulldog is frequently featured in eco-friendly lists and awards. Not only are they dedicated to natural, gentle ingredients, but they’re also good for your green conscience.


• THIS is the face wash I would recommend for guys who not only have dry skin, but suffer from sensitive skin or painful skin conditions.

• Simple, natural, effective ingredients to cleanse and fight breakouts.

• Eco-friendly product and packaging.


• You’ll definitely need to use a moisturizer afterwards. It’s a gentle product, but not an inherently moisturizing product.

Brickell Men’s Charcoal Face Wash 

Charcoal face washes are a gamble for dry skin. They’re incredibly cleansing but can be drying. I wouldn’t recommend them for just any guy, but if you’re the type who’s willing to stick to a strict skin care regiment, then Brickell Men’s might be perfect for you.

Their charcoal face wash comes with jojoba oil and aloe vera to protect your skin from dehydration, but you’ll want to be sure to use a thorough moisturizer after the wash – that’s why it’s not the right face wash for every guy. If you’re lazy, have dry skin, and want a does-it-all product, then charcoal is NOT for you.

On the other hand, if you have dry skin that leads to vicious breakouts, charcoal may be the perfect ingredient to break that cycle, and Brickell Men’s is one brand that you can trust with charcoal. Not only have their products been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and more, they’re widely known for how gentle yet manly their hygiene products feel.

We’ve already ranked it as one of the best face wash for black men, so we really like it.


• Charcoal is extremely cleansing, so as a face wash ingredient, it works wonders on skin infections and breakouts.

• Brickell Men’s knows how to balance gentle and manly like a pro.


• If you’re lazy and skip on the moisturizer, charcoal will come back to bite you, hard. Dry skin for days.

Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleanser

Some of you are lazy. I know. You have dry skin and want a product that will fix that for you, but you don’t want to design a full skin care routine with all the works. Rugged & Dapper’s facial cleanser is the perfect choice for guys with dry skin who really just want an all-in-one option.

It scrubs away flakes; it tones and cleanses; it preserves your skin’s natural moisture. I still recommend at least using a lotion afterwards (because that’s really how you protect dry skin), but Rugged & Dapper is your best option if you only have room for one bottle in your on-the-go bag. Oh, and all of this means it’s also great for getting rid of ashy skin.

I’d even recommend it as a great pre-shave to even out any rough patches, helping you avoid razor nics. Just avoid using it daily if you have overly sensitive skin; scrubs are sometimes too harsh for rash-prone skin types.


• One of the gentlest all-in-one products you can find for dry skin.

• Exfoliates flakey skin while cleansing and preserving your natural moisture.

• Great pre-shave.


• Not good for daily use on sensitive skin. Use every other day or just a few times per week.

Rocky Mountain Face Wash

I’m a fan of Rocky Mountain because, at their core, they’re a bar soap company. Companies like them that know how to make bar soap the right way are pros at adapting their ingredients to other hygiene items. FASHION Magazine, Forbes, Global News, and more have praised their gentle products and earth-friendly business model.

Rocky Mountain’s face wash is no exception. It’s a thin soap that spreads easily against the skin, and the best word to describe it is refreshing. It has just enough oils and moisturizers to keep you hydrated, but it’s not too thick, so it won’t clog your pores.

Best of all, a little bit goes a long way. That 8 ounce bottle face wash will last as long as you don’t overdo it with the soap.


• Rocky Mountain has roots in bar soap, so you know you’re not being shortchanged in quality.

• Long-lasting bottle.

• Thin soap for guys who prefer the liquid-y texture.


• Not dry skin specific. Still good for dry skin, but not tailored to meet dry skin conditions.

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