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The 5 Best Beard Straightening Brushes to Buy in 2023

It has turned out that a long beard is more popular than a clean shave ambit, as it gives a trendy look to a guy’s personality.

To add, it’s scientifically suggested that women are pretty much fond of men who have a classy mane.

But obviously, not all beards are equally enticing!

Where a well-kept and straight beard projects hunkiness, rank, and charisma, a disheveled and unkept beard makes a man look unprincipled, unprofessional, and ineligible for a girl’s heed.

That explains quite well the demand for a good beard straightening brush and why it’s becoming a requisite.

However! If you are a beard-loving guy you surely know the struggle and time required to maintain a well-groomed beard.

With the intention to knock off this trite related to the difficulties faced in taming one’s stubble, multiple grooming companies have introduced beard straightening brushes.

These marvels, designed for men’s grooming world, are a combination of a flat iron and a beard brush. These purposefully built plastic bristles evenly distribute the heat and convert an unruly, frizzy, and rough face mane into a straight, svelte, striking, and masculine-looking mane.

Not only this it also allows you to apply products more coherently like beard butter, beard oils, or others of your favorites.

To save you from the confusion of choosing from the endless options out there, in this post we have enlisted our top five picks from the Best Beard Straightening Brushes in the market.

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5 Best Beard Straightening Brushes:

1. BEARDCLASS Premium Beard Straightener

Surely the team at BEARDCLASS is working hard to create great quality beard tools for men. Being the first to step into the market with these products they have outgrown quite far succeeding in releasing with the now well-in-demand beard-shaping paradigm.

Their beard straightening brush is competing very well with the best armament of products in the market.

Successfully achieving 4.5 Stars on Amazon, no wonder BEARDCLASS Premium Beard Straightener is one of the best-reviewed beard straighteners.

It’s purposefully built exclusively for beard hair.

It’s well-loved due to its best results and is a perfect tool to turn a curly and frizzy beard into a straight well-groomed mane.

It is a fast-heating electric straightening brush for men with anti-scald technology, and five adjustable temperatures, and its perfect size makes it easily portable.

From delicate, short, and fine to unruly, long, and wiry! BEARDCLASS Heated Brush can straighten them all!

Furthermore, it doesn’t come alone! It’s followed by a free beard grooming accessory kit!

Find In the Package:
1x heated brush, 1 x carry on pouch, 1 x wooden beard comb, 1 x boar hair beard brush,1 x beard, mustache scissors, and 1 x small mustache comb.

Features that make it outstanding:

Made for all Beard types

Due to its shorter and closer bristles, it works perfectly for all beards be it stubborn, thick, or fine beard and short, medium

or long beard.

Works quite well on beards as short as 1 inch.

Ceramic coated

Protects the skin from accidental burns.

Anti-scald technology

For painless straightening.

Quick heating

40 seconds heat up for quick “groom and go”.

Auto-shut off

Takes safety into account by automatically shutting off after 30 minutes.

Compact and lightweight

8.66 x 2.17 x 1.97 inches; 1.04 Pounds.

360° swivel-cord

360° swivel-cord makes it convenient to straighten the beard in any direction.

5 adjustable temperature settings

50 (248) to 210 (410).

Good Price for a kit

Falls into medium price range.

Dual Voltage

The dual or universal voltage makes it compatible with foreign plug adapters.


It’s a solid tool which is worth investing money in! You will surely love your long lasting smooth and straight mane after using BEARDCLASS Premium Beard Straightener.

2. Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

If you are looking for a dual-purposeful lightweight straightener to keep the fuzz away at an affordable price, then Arkam Premium Beard Straightener will be the best choice.

Successfully gaining 4.4 stars on Amazon, Arkam’s Beard Straightening brush is popular amongst men with all different hair types, be it fine, wavy, or curly mane.

It’s specially designed for Medium to long beards, that are longer than 4 inches.

It is a total package! Arkam’s Single Stroke technology (SST) grooms and straightens the beard with a single brush stroke while saving a significant amount of your valuable time.

The variable heat setting options and widely tested negative ion technology tame any type of beard in a flicker.

To add in its favor, it is accompanied by a wooden comb and a handsome hard-shell case to duffle it along while traveling.

The cord swivels 360 degrees and saves you from spending time untangling it. You can surely spend all the time focusing on grooming yourself!

Its 12 temperature setting options, No-scald ceramic plate, Ionic technology, light weightiness, ability to be used as a dual hair styling tool, and all of this at an affordable price make it #3 in best Beard & Mustache Combs on Amazon.

It makes your beard appear svelte and straight all day long at such an affordable price.

Features that make it outstanding:

Made for all Beard textures

Designed for Medium-Long beard, 4” +

From Thin & fine, Medium & Wavy to Thick & Curly, it covers them all.

However, it’s not suitable for shorter length beard of less than 4 inches

Ceramic coated

Protects the skin from accidental burns.

Anti-scald technology

For painless straightening.

Quick heating

30 seconds heat up for quick “groom and go”.

Auto-shut off

Takes safety into account by automatically shutting off after 30 minutes.

Compact and lightweight

9.65 x 2.17 x 1.57 inches; 1.46 Pounds

360° swivel-cord

360° swivel cord makes it convenient to straighten the beard in any direction.

12 adjustable temperature settings

250 to 450

multiple heat levels to match your hair type, from 250°F (for thin hair) all the way up to 450°F (for thick and curly hair).

Good Price for a kit

Falls into a medium price range.

Dual Voltage

The dual or universal voltage makes it compatible with foreign plug adapters.

Single Stroke Technology

Claims to straighten the beard in a single brush stroke to save a significant amount of time grooming the beard.

Advanced Ionic Technology

The Ionic generator feeds negative ions to the bristles which helps reduce heat damage by locking the moisture and tames the hair for a smoother and healthier long-lasting result.


The Arkam Premium Beard straightening brush really succeeds well in softening and smoothing out the beard hair.

We would, however, say that although built with SINGLE STROKE TECHNOLOGY, it does take at least 2 to 3 passes to provide the best result. If used along with a beard butter or balm can keep away flyways for a longer time.

Remember that it doesn’t work on beards shorter than 4 inches.

3. Wild Willies Beard Straightener

It’s called a 2-in-1 Ionic Styling Brush with there are three Temperature Settings for both Beard and Hair. It also have Anti-Scalding and Ionic Technology Eliminates Frizz and got 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.

Some of the outstanding features include:

    • The manufacture portrait this brand as a quick and easy one. It was mentioned by many buyers that you can share your beard quickly as in seconds.
    • This brush can make your messy facial hair into a slick and stylish shape within seconds.
    • It has negative ion function, an anti-static coating, and PTC heating technology which all work together for maximum straightening and styling performance for any hair type and shapes.
    • First you must heat it up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, with three type of temperature settings available to best fit your beard’s needs. Even with the high temperature the negative ion feature protects the hair from damage and overheating.
    • Buyers referred this brush as one the stylish beard brushes with the straightener’s tourmaline ceramic interlayer heating plate. This heating plate ensures silky, shiny, and frizz-free hair for most people.
    • It also has the 360-degree swivel cord with hanging loop, people find it easiest to use and also to store in the bathroom cupboard.
    • As per the manufacturer the PTC heater provides safe, powerful, and energy-efficient heat.
    • Luckily, the LED temperature display heat level and the automatic energy-saving mode disables heating and negative ion functions when the brush is not in use.

4. Aberlite EDC – Premium Beard Straightener Brush

Product details

    • This brush has way more heart setting the others – 6 Heat Settings Up to 440°F which uses a temperature above 380°F(190°C) to straighten a curly beard more effectively.
    • Manufacture and the buyers claim that the brush can deliver straight, smooth facial hair.
    • This beard grooming kit would be an excellent gift for men with the Unique PTC heating technology, just like the other
    • It has the Auto Safety Shut-Off – men can straighten the beard at any angle with one hand and reducing strain on wrist during operation. Automatically shuts off starts after 30 minutes of discontinued use of the brush.
    • It is also suitable for all types of beards including short, medium, and long beards.
    • Excellent Portability- compact and lightweight and therefore it is great for traveling or straightening-on-the-go.
    • Manufacture does not promise the best results within seconds rather takes 2 min for softer and neater facial hair.
    • Just like other brushes Aberlite also has the ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating provides for an easy glide through facial hair with less snagging and frizz.

5. Tame the Wild Premium Beard Straightener Kit

About this Product

    • This straightener brush kit comes with the electric essential items such as a high quality, canvas travel case where you’ll find our premium beard straightener, orange walnut soap, beard balm, heat protectant spray, and a wooden detangler comb.
    • Other products can help with the straightening the curl, and volumize a beard properly. Travel case is handy for storage and portability.
    • This premium Straightener iron has our anti-scald just like the other brands and also come with three different temperature settings: Low (300°F), Med (350°F), and Hot (410°F).
    • Unlike other brands Tame’s auto-shutoff safety feature shuts off after 30 minutes. It has the rapid heating, ceramic bristles, and a 360-degree tangle free cord – this Straightener use appropriate for all all lengths and types of beards: long, short, thin, thick, etc.