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Beard Oil vs Beard Conditioner: Which Should You Get?

It’s not a competition when it comes to beard oil vs beard conditioner. You should invest in both if you want a healthy, full, glossy beard. The real question is how to find a good beard oil and conditioner, and how to use them for maximum benefits.

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What Is Beard Conditioner?

Beard conditioner cleans and moisturizes your beard. You use it like you would normal conditioner for your hair – lather it up in the shower after you’ve used some beard shampoo. 

Check the bottle to see whether your beard conditioner is leave-in or rinse-out. You can find both varieties.

You should use beard conditioner frequently to maintain a soft, strong beard. It’s the best product for soothing sensitive skin and combatting face pubes (y’know, when your beard is as rough as…).

Benefits Of Beard Conditioner

Really, the benefits of beard conditioner are countless. A few that you can enjoy:

• Beard conditioner is essential for a soft, thick beard.

• Beard conditioner soothes dry and irritated skin beneath your beard.

• Beard conditioner untangles your hair so it’s easy to style.

• Beard conditioner helps control frizziness.

• Great beard conditioner helps your beard look clean and glossy.

• Beard conditioner can even soften stubble.

• Beard conditioner is among the best beard growth products.

• Gals who you kiss will appreciate your no-scratch whiskers.

I won’t lie – there are a few downfalls you need to consider too.

• Most all-natural hair conditioners are almost as good as beard conditioners (and cheaper, too).

• Not all beard conditioners are made equal. Some will strip you of your natural oils, leaving you dry and frizzy.

• Synthetic ingredients in some beard conditioners can worsen acne and dry skin conditions.

The lesson here is that a good conditioner will work wonders for your skin and facial hair. A “regular” or low-quality conditioner won’t. 

Who Should Use Beard Conditioner?

Any guy who considers facial hair part of his style should use a beard conditioner. It’s great on everything, from stubble to a full garibaldi beard.

Really, the broad benefit of beard conditioner is that it universally makes your beard look good. 

We’ve all seen that one guy who wears a squirrel on his face. It looks uncomfortable, and sometimes even smells bad. Beard conditioner is THE product I recommend for fixing squirrel face. If you just can’t muster the urge to buy beard balms, oils, lotions, shampoos, and more, at least use beard conditioner to keep yourself fresh and healthy.

What Is Beard Oil?

Like beard conditioner, beard oil is made to hydrate and nourish your hair. Lots of the benefits are extremely similar.

Perhaps the biggest difference is that, beyond just being a moisturizer, beard oil is a sealant. That means it traps moisture, helping your beard stay hydrated for longer. (Think about how oil rises to the top when added to water. It prevents the water from evaporating.)

That’s what makes beard oil and beard conditioner a killer combo. Beard conditioner is better at softening and hydrating your hair, while beard oil is the perfect top layer to keep your hair soft and moisturized all day.

And, unlike beard conditioners, most beard oils are scented, so they double as cologne. Try the best smelling beard oils.

Benefits Of Beard Oil

A great beard oil will help complete your look. You’ll enjoy how …

• Beard oil tames fly-away hairs.

• Beard oil helps your beard look sleek and glossy.

• Beard oil seals in moisture from other beard products. Layer it over a beard conditioner for all-day protection.

• High-quality beard oils are thinned so that they don’t clog your pores.

• Beard oils help soften coarse spots, especially beard oils for black men.

And, hey, beard oil isn’t for everyone. Watch out –

• Thick beard oils can clog your pores, especially if you use too much.

• Lots of beard oils contain all-natural ingredients that can spark an allergic reaction. Read the ingredient list.

• Most beard oils are scented. You’ll have to match it to your cologne, or search for a neutral scent.

If you use a high-quality beard oil sparingly, you can dodge the negative side effects and look forward to the benefits of beard oil. A little (1-2 drops per application) will go a long way.

Who Should Use Beard Oil?

The longer your beard is, the more you’ll enjoy beard oil. 

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use beard oil on stubble or modest growth. You’ll enjoy all the same benefits. But guys with long, frizzy beards tend to notice the biggest difference. Beard oil makes your hair more manageable and sleek.

Beard Oil vs Beard Conditioner: Which Should You Get?

If it’s a fight between beard oil vs beard conditioner, choose the beard conditioner. 

But here’s the thing: the guys with the best beards know how to use both products to their advantage.

Use a beard conditioner in the shower to soften and gloss your hair, then apply a drop of beard oil outside the shower. The oil will act as a protective top layer, keeping you moisturized all day.

Treat beard oil and beard conditioner as a power couple, and your beard will thank you.

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