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Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil For Beard Growth

Struggling with a stubborn beard that refuses to grow? Does it have those annoying patches that just won’t ever seem to fill in and even out? Well, I have a simple solution for you––Tea Tree Oil. There are beaucoup benefits for beard growth when you use Tea Tree Oil, and I’m going to break it down for you.

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What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is an oil made from the Tea Tree herb that’s found in places like Australia. 

Tea Tree Oil is full of what I like to call the Holy Trinity of The Antis. It’s an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and an antifungal. And that’s all thanks to the all-natural cleansing properties found in this oil the Tea Tree plant produces.

The Tea Tree herb has been used as an herbal medicine for many years and now the oil it produces can be used to help you grow a full and healthy beard.

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth

But here’s the good stuff and what you’ve come here for. The benefits of tea tree oil for beard growth are remarkable.

Benefit 1. Stimulates of Blood Flow

The first benefit of Tea Tree Oil for beard growth is the stimulation of blood flow to your hair follicles. This is what strengthens your hair follicles and allows them to grow and produce healthy facial hair.

Benefit 2. Cleanses Bacteria

Another benefit of tea tree oil for beard growth is its natural ability to cleanse bacteria and other impurities from your face.

All that pollution and grime, and dirt, and oil, we pick up that gets trapped in our beards are easily killed by tea tree oil.

And, not to mention, it’s awesome for the skin underneath your beard, too.

Benefit 3. Heals Inflammation

Did you know that Tea Tree Oil fights inflammation in your pores? Well, it does. And that’s great because inflammation in your pores can lead to breakouts and a beard with patches and bald spots.

Benefit 4. It Moisturizes the Hell Out of Your Beard 

This is my favorite benefit when it comes to using Tea Tree Oil on your beard. Tea Tree Oil is one of those essential oils that is a phenomenal moisturizer.

I can’t stress the importance of moisturizing and hydrating your skin and hair for optimal health, and that’s why I love Tea Tree Oil so much.

It’ll keep your beard soft, healthy, and hydrated without weighing it down or leaving it way too greasy.

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Beard Growth?

Absolutely. Tea Tree Oil is an excellent essential oil for beard growth. It stimulates blood flow, sending it straight to the hair follicles, which then causes your beard to grow

Think of Tea Tree Oil as the jumper cables that send the electric shock straight to the battery to give it the juice it needs.  

How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Beard Growth

Using Tea Tree Oil for beard growth is super easy. Just follow the steps below and your beard will be looking full, healthy and sexy AF in no time.

  • Clean your beard with shampoo or a really good moisturizing beard wash to get rid of all the dirt and oils trapped in your beard and on the skin underneath.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  • Grab your bottle of Tea Tree Oil and squirt two small dime-sized drops into your palms then rub your hands together.
  • Work the Tea Tree Oil into your facial hair, being sure to smooth it out and massage it into your beard evenly.

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