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The Faces Of Typical Democrats And Republicans In 2022

We here at like to always stay true to our well-groomed roots, but with the midterm elections taking place in less than six months, we thought it would be interesting to introduce some politics. 

Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you to register to vote or go out campaigning for your chosen candidate. We’ll leave those decisions up to you. No, we wanted to find out how well groomed the typical Republican and Democrat might be for a bit of fun – after all, they are typically two very different kinds of people. We thought perhaps these differences might even extend to how they take care of their appearances.  

Now we’re about to delve into something cool… AI. You may already know what AI is but for those of you who don’t, AI means artificial intelligence – intelligence demonstrated by machines and not in a natural (or human) form. 

We came up with a pretty neat idea of how to find out how we might tell how groomed the typical Democrat and Republican are. You guessed it… AI.

Yep, we worked with an AI artist who created 15,000 random faces using AI imaging software. Each face was then compared to a variety of image results from search terms such as ‘photo of a Democrat voting male’ using CLIP technology – more AI software – to retrieve a base set of faces to work with from the original 15,000. Using the top 10 images of both Republican and Democrat men and women, the artist blended these to create the four most ‘typical’ faces. 

We know, that’s a lot of technical stuff but here’s where the fun starts! Below you can see the final images of what the most ‘typical’ Republican man and woman and Democrat man and woman look like, as well as the top 10 images used to create them! And what’s really mind-blowing is that although these look like real faces, they are completely invented by technology.

Take a look, perhaps you’ll see someone you recognise.

The most ‘typical’ faces of Democrat men and women, and Republican men and women.

The top 10…

Democrat Men

Democrat Women

Republican Men

Republican Women

Taking it back to appearances and grooming, the composite image of the Democrat male suggests that Democrat-voting men are generally young, with mostly rectangular faces and strong jaws. Their hair seems generally kept short, with facial hair seeming to be popular among many. Meanwhile, the Republican-voting man is older, with a rounder face shape and more relaxed jaw. It also looks like the Republican voter prefers a clean-shaven face.

The women, on the other hand, seem to be closer in age when comparing the Republican and Democrat images. While the Democrat woman has shorter, finer hair and wears little to no makeup, the Republican woman appears to have generally thicker, dyed hair that is on average longer and more styled. In addition to that, the Republican supporter wears far heavier makeup and her eyebrows are more groomed.

One noticeable difference between both parties is their race, with the Democrat man and woman suggesting a more ethnically diverse electorate than their Republican counterparts. This representation would, in fact, mirror the racial demographics of voters in the 2020 election, where the Republican voters were made up of 81% white people and 19% black, hispanic or other. This is in comparison to the Democratic party that was made up of 59% white people and 40% black, hispanic or other*.

What started off as a simple interest in which supporters are the most groomed, it has become much, much more – we’ve revealed what the typical faces of Democrats and Republicans in 2022 are.

Now we want to know if you think they are a true representation of both sides – perhaps they might even remind you of someone you know.*