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5 Best Razors For Black Men In 2023

The best razors for Black men offer a smooth, gentle shave that’ll keep you looking neat but without causing ingrowns and bumps. These reviews will help you find the one razor that’ll fit you best. 

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Supply The Single Edge Pro (Our Top Pick)

Single-edge safety razors are a new and rare development that can be particularly effective for Black men. A single shaving blade is much more gentle on the skin, and since it doesn’t cut below the surface, there’s a much lower risk of ending up with razor bumps. 

The big difference with the Supply razors is just the level of engineering that went into ensuring they do a wonderful job with all beard and skin types. These razors look very sleek and stylish, but they also perform remarkably well.

 The Single Edge Pro has a unique head shape, with a curve at the top that juts out a little, to let you know exactly at which angle to hold the razor against your face. There’s almost no room for error, which is rarely the case with safety razors

There is a dial that allows you to adjust just how much of the blade is exposed, which allows you to switch from a mild, gentle shave to a more aggressive, close shave. 

The Single Edge Pro takes special injector blades that are easier and less dangerous to replace. They’re pricier than double-edge blades, but they’re still significantly cheaper than cartridge razor replacements. The blades you buy don’t have to come from Supply. Brands like Schick, Palmer, and Feather all make quality single-edge injector blades, which are quite affordable.  


  • A more gentle alternative to cartridge razors with a reduced risk of ingrown hairs.  
  • The unique head design makes for a very easy-to-use razor with minimal room for error. 
  • An adjustable dial allows you to control how closely you shave.
  •  Injector blades are safer and easier to replace compared to double-edge blades. 
  • Super-sleek and attractive design. 


  • Injector blades are more expensive than double-edge ones. 

Merkur FUTUR Safety Razor

This is another innovation – an adjustable safety razor from Merkur, which is actually my go-to brand for safety razors. This German brand has been producing exceptional safety razors for many many years now, and their quality is consistently excellent. 

What makes this razor stand out is that, like with my pick from Supply, you can adjust it based on how your skin is doing at any given time. It can go from very mild and gentle to close-shaving and aggressive not just with a change of blades but also with a change of settings. 

This can be incredibly useful in a lot of contexts – you can adjust the aggression level based on how your skin is doing at any given time, or you can alter it to shave different parts of your face, head, and body. Learning the correct angles may take a bit of practice, but I think it’s well worth it. 

Since it takes double-edge blades, replacing the blades can be a little more finicky, but the blades themselves are more accessible and affordable. The overall style of the razor is really sleek, but it’s quite heavy compared to other razors on this list. I recommend watching your pressure when you first use it. For your first couple of shaves, start on a lower setting, and work your way up progressively. 

I’ll also take this chance to give the 34c an honorable mention – it’s Merkur’s entry-level classic, and while it’s not as versatile as the FUTUR, it provides a mild shave and is a safe choice for just about anyone. 


  • This adjustable razor lets you go from a very gentle to a more aggressive shave based on your skill level, mood, and how your skin is doing at any given time. 
  • It’s a double-edge razor, so finding replacement blades is easy and affordable, with a lot of options. 
  • Merkur is an industry leader so the quality and longevity of this razor are guaranteed. 


  • It’s a heavy razor so you’ll have to practice controlling your pressure. 

Dovo Prima Silver Steel Straight Razor

Dovo is the leading straight razor brand. Any of their razors could number among the best razors for Black men who want a super close shave. This particular model hits the sweet spot between quality materials, aesthetics, and cost. 

In a barbershop setting, many professionals use straight razors to create impeccable fades or to give the closest shave possible. Using a straight razor requires some skill and technique, but if you want your shave at home to be comparable to what you’d experience at the barbershop, it’s worth trying.  

The Dovo Prima is a great starter straight razor for anyone who wants to commit. The design is gorgeous, with an ebony wood blade and gold detailing, but the construction itself is also exceptional. The blade is made of carbon steel, an ultra-hard alloy that can be sharpened to a very thin point. It requires some maintenance, like sharpening and stropping, but this naked blade manages to cut closely without ever tugging on the hair or cutting under the skin. As a result, the risk of razor bumps is still fairly low. 

The only drawback is that Dovo doesn’t sell this razor sharpened to completion – you’ll have to get it to a “shave ready” standard by yourself with a set of whetstones, or you’ll need to send it to a local honemeister. 


  • A straight razor can give you an ultra-close, barbershop-caliber shave. 
  • The carbon steel blade can achieve a dramatically high level of sharpness. 
  • Can provide a smooth shave but with minimal tugging which reduces the chances of irritation or bumps. 
  • Dovo is the leading straight razor producer, so you’re guaranteed a well-made, durable, and attractive razor. 


  • Needs further sharpening after it arrives, either by a professional or with whetstones. 

Safety Razor by Bevel

This razor from Bevel is one of the best razors for Black men with sensitive skin. If you’re not familiar, Bevel is a company founded by and for Black men. Their designs are modern, sleek, and very aesthetically pleasing. If you like your grooming routine to feel lux, this razor delivers.  

With this safety razor, the focus was on creating a tool that would reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and razor burn. The razor’s head is designed with a bit more curve and overhang, which covers a lot of the blade and guarantees a much milder shave than with other DE razors. It’s not the closest or cleanest shave, but it’s definitely the most gentle. 

Despite the ultra-sleek design, this razor can be used with any double-edge blade. It’s very reasonably priced, while the long-term costs are negligible since DE blades are so cheap. This also means you have room to play around with different blades. If you want a slightly more aggressive shave, you can always switch to a sharper blade. It’s a 3-piece razor, so do be careful when switching the blades. 


  • This razor is designed by Black men for Black men, with your specific needs in mind.
  • Added curve and coverage make for a mild razor that’s not likely to irritate your skin. 
  • Very sleek, luxurious design. 
  • This razor can be sued with any double-edge blade, so it’s affordable in the long term. 


  • Doesn’t give a very close shave. 
  • It’s slightly harder to change blades on the 3-piece system. 

The Chieftain Safety Razor

Finally, this is an excellent, middle-of-the-road safety razor at an excellent price. It’s a great option for Black men who don’t want a super aggressive or super mild razor – just something in between. It gives a solid, acceptable shave, and it’s overall a very well-built product. 

This razor has a neutral or medium level of aggression, which means that a little more of the blade is exposed. This provides a closer shave, but it’s still easier to use than a straight razor like Dovo. It’s also heavier than most other razors on the list, which allows it to shave with a hint more pressure. 

This can be great if your beard is quite coarse, but it does mean you’ll have to be careful to avoid applying more pressure when you use it. If you have sensitive skin, it may be too aggressive for you, and you’d be better off with a razor like Bevel’s. 

The Chieftain is a butterfly safety razor, which means you twist to open the head. This type of design requires a bit of careful handling, but it’s much more convenient when the time comes to replace the blade. 

We already mentioned that this razor is pretty budget-friendly, and it actually also comes with a small pack of blades which adds to its value. The blades it comes with are very mild, which is great at the start, but you may want to switch to a slightly sharper blade with time. Either way, it’s still easily one of the best razors for black men.



  • Might be too aggressive for Black men with sensitive skin. 

What Should You Look For When Buying A Razor For Black Men?

Different men will need different things out of their razors, but in general, there are some shared requirements. 

Black men are often more prone to razor bumps, so many may want a razor specifically designed for sensitive skin. Others want a very clean-shaven look, in which case a close-cutting razor would be a priority. 

I focused on manual razors in this post, so have a look at the Best Electric Shavers For Black Men if you’d prefer to dry shave.

One Blade

You may have noticed, but there is not a single multi-blade cartridge razor to be found on this list. Black men usually have curly hair, so they’re much more prone to ingrown hairs

Multi-blade razors lift and cut the hair repeatedly in one pass, which means that they end up cutting the hair below the skin. This can increase your risk of ingrowns, so using a one-blade razor mitigates that. 

Mildness vs Aggression

Even though I focused on single-blade razors, there’s still a lot of variety. 

Some Black men aim for a very close, clean-looking shave, but those with sensitive skin who are prone to ingrowns might prefer something a little less close-cutting, for the sake of keeping their skin irritation-free. 

That’s why it’s important to consider the level of mildness or aggression with which a razor shaves. This largely depends on how much of the blade a razor exposes. Straight razors are the most aggressive since there is no guard at all to protect the blade. 

With safety razors, there’s variety. Tools like the Bevel and Single Edge Pro provide a very gentle, mild shave. 

Some options, like the Merkur FUTUR, allow you to adjust the aggression level, which can be great for shaving different areas or for adjusting your technique depending on how your skin is doing at any given time. 


Smoothness is a non-negotiable feature in a razor for anyone, but especially for Black men. The term smoothness refers to how easily a razor glides over your skin, and it’s largely independent from how aggressive or mild the razor is. 

For Black men, this is especially important because any added friction or tugging against your skin can be extra irritating, and may increase your chances of razor burn or ingrowns. That’s why all of the razors on this list are ones known for their smoothness.

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