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5 Best Single Edge Razors In 2023

Single edge safety razors may not be common, but they are intriguing. If you want to give one a try, you should be able to find the best single edge razor for you with the help of these reviews. 

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Supply Co. The Single Edge Pro (Our Top Pick)

Supply Co.’s single edge razor is quite famous thanks to the company’s appearance on Shark Tank. I’m normally skeptical about companies with buzzy beginnings, but this razor is a very admirable product.  

The Single Edge Pro is easy to use, and it gives a really versatile, comfortable shave. It’s an adjustable razor, which means that with a twist of a dial, you can change its level of aggression. Lower settings correspond with a gentle, sensitive skin-friendly shave, while higher settings expose more of the blade, for a closer shave. 

The head of the razor is designed with a small ridge that’ll help guide you to the right angle. The actual shaving process is somewhere between using a cartridge razor and a double edge razor. 

This could easily be a “buy it for life” razor. The construction is consistently excellent, and it’s made of a very durable zinc alloy. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, although I doubt you’d need to use it. 

The razor comes with 8 injector blades. Once you run out, you can repurchase injector blades from Supply, which cost around $1 a piece or buy from a brand like Personna or Parker for significantly less. It’s still not as affordable as choosing a double edge razor, but it’s still very accessible. 

Finally, the design itself has a great look. It’s very modern and sleek, which I do think adds something to the wet shaving experience. 


  • Adjustable design allows you to change the level of aggression based on your needs. 
  • Unique head construction guides you towards the correct shaving angle, even with no wet shaving experience. 
  • A wide range of replacement injector blades makes it an accessible option. 
  • Durable zinc alloy guarantees years of usability. 
  • The modern, sleek design looks great. 


  • Still more expensive than a double edge razor. 

Supply Co. The Single Edge SE

The SE is Supply Co.’s entry-level razor, at a lower price point. It’s a gentle, easy-to-use tool designed specifically to protect the skin and prevent nicks and cuts. 

There are two main differences between the SE and the Pro. The first, most notable difference is that the SE isn’t adjustable. It’s fixed to shave at a fairly mild level, meaning that it’s not the closest shave, but it’s very smooth and gentle. If your skin gets easily irritated, it’s a fantastic option. 

It’s made of the same zinc alloy and with the same phenomenal construction, so with good treatment, you can expect it to outlast you. 

Style-wise, it’s a little bulkier than the Pro, but it’s still a nice, modern-looking razor. Like the Pro, it will take any injector blade from any brand, which helps keep the long-term costs of using it even more reasonable. 


  • This mild razor is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Excellent entry-level option at a more accessible price point. 
  • Durably constructed to last for years. 
  • Takes injector blades from every brand, which makes replacing blades easy and more affordable. 


  • Doesn’t give a very close shave. 
  • Not quite as elegant as the Edge Pro 

OneBlade Genesis Safety Razor

If you’d like an intense shave, the OneBlade Genesis is one of the more aggressive single edge razors on the market. Like Supply Co, OneBlade is also a fairly modern brand which corresponds with a very cool design aesthetic. 

The razor head can pivot a little where it’s fixed to the handle. That means it has a bit of give as you shave with it, which helps compensate for too much pressure. This makes the shaving experience very similar to shaving with a cartridge razor. 

For experienced wet shavers, this isn’t much of a benefit, but if you’ve had trouble with the static heads on most safety razors, you may like this feature. 

The most common complaint with the OneBlade is that, for some reason, the blades tend to lose their edge very quickly. I think this is because of just how much of the blade is exposed. You may also want to watch out when you load new blades into the razor

The OneBlade only accepts Feather injector blades, which unfortunately means you’ll have fewer options and higher long-term costs (although still cheaper than a cartridge).  


  • Aggressive blade exposure allows this razor to give a very close shave. 
  • Excellent alternative for those who struggle with other types of safety razors. 
  • The pivoting razor head compensates for poor technique or applying too much pressure while shaving. 
  • This razor has a very cool, modern aesthetic. 


  • The blades lose their edge quickly, so they require more frequent replacing. 
  • Replacement blades are proprietary and a little pricy compared to other SE blades. 

OneBlade Hybrid Safety Razor

The OneBlade Hybrid is a great middle-of-the-road razor with a medium level of blade exposure. The first thing you notice about this razor is that it has a plastic-covered handle – it’s not quite as elegant as the Supply razors or the OneBlade Pro, but it still looks nice. Another benefit – it doesn’t cost quite as much.  

Compared to the OneBlade Genesis, it’s significantly more gentle on the skin. Both have the pivot head, which allows for some flexibility against the skin, but the Hybrid doesn’t cut quite as closely, nor does it put as much force behind each stroke. If you have sensitive skin and your beard hair isn’t too coarse, that won’t be an issue – it would even be a bonus. Compared to Supply, it’s about on par with the Pro set to number 2 or 3. 

It has some of the same issues as the OneBlade Genesis – it only takes Feather FHS-10 blades, so you have limited options. Additionally, the loading method (pushing it in from the back) can put a bit of wear on the blade before you’ve even had the chance to use it. However, because it’s not quite as aggressive, you might be able to get more uses out of the blade when compared to the Genesis. 


  • A medium level of blade exposure offers a great balance between closeness and gentleness. 
  • A gentle and more affordable alternative to OneBlade Genesis. 
  • Blades don’t lose their edge quite as quickly as on the Genesis. 


  • Can only be used with proprietary Feather blades

Parker Safety Single Edge Razor

Parker is well-known amongst wet shaving enthusiasts, primarily for making some very decent double-edge and Shavette-style razors. It’s the only brand on this list with some history and razor options beyond just the single edge. 

Like the Supply Pro, this is also an adjustable razor, although I do find that its overall range is still quite mild and gentle. Changing and adjusting the blade is quick and easy. 

Actually shaving with it is pleasant and smooth. This razor is very lightweight, so you may find yourself having to apply a little bit of pressure while using it. Since it’s also quite mild, you’ll have to be especially careful if you ever go back to a heavier safety razor. 

That said, the angle at which you have to hold it while shaving isn’t very intuitive – the top of the head has to be almost in complete contact with your face, which means the handle has to be held perpendicular to the skin. It’s not difficult, but it does take some getting used to. 

The head is just a little larger than the others on the list, so for some men, it might take a little more effort to shave under the nose. 


  • This adjustable razor allows for some versatility in shave closeness.
  • The milder range of settings is excellent for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Designed by Parker, which is a reputable brand known for excellent quality assurance and durability. 


  • It’s very lightweight, so you may have to apply some pressure when shaving with it.
  • Not a very intuitive shaving angle. 

What Is A Single Edge Razor?

A single edge razor is a type of safety razor that’s designed to hold a single-edge blade. It looks a little more like a mainstream razor since the blade only sticks out from one side. 

However, otherwise, using a single edge razor is a lot like using a double edge razor. You’ll have to learn to replace the blades by yourself, and you’ll have to adjust your shaving technique a little. With the exception of the Parker SE, you’ll want to apply no pressure as you shave because of the weighty metal construction. 

Are Single Edge Razors Better?

Single edge razors are much better than cartridge razors. Since they’re safety razors, their design is much more durable and replacement blades are much more affordable. 

However, I don’t think they’re an improvement on the more common double edge safety razors. I compared single edge vs double edge razors in a previous post, and my conclusion is that it’s usually better to buy a double edge razor. DE razors are generally a little more affordable, and it’s much easier and cheaper to find replacement blades for them. 

That said, I think that for people with mobility issues, the injector-style blades can make a huge difference. They’re easier and less dangerous to replace, which can make a big difference if you have a disability or illness that affects your control over your hands. 

Singe edge razors are also better if you shave the more crevice-y parts of your body without accidentally cutting since there’s only one sharp side. 

What Should You Look For When Buying A Single Edge Razor?

There aren’t a lot of single edge razors out there, especially if you’re buying brand new. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on the best single edge razor for you. 

Mildness vs Aggression

The milder the razor, the less of the blade is exposed, and the less closely it’ll shave your hair. The more aggressive, the more of the blade is exposed, and the closer the shave. A lot of single edge razors are actually adjustable, which allows you to experiment and enjoy all different kinds of shaves. 

You should opt for a mild razor like the Supply Single Edge SE or the Parker SE if you’re fairly new to wet shaving or if you have sensitive skin. You may not achieve the closest shave, but it’s the best kind of razor to learn with. 

If your beard is about medium-coarse and your skin isn’t too sensitive, a medium or neutral razor might be the better choice, even if you’re a beginner. Medium razors usually provide the ideal shave, with just the right balance of closeness and gentleness. 

Finally, if your beard is quite coarse or you tend to go a long time between shaves, an aggressive razor will provide you with the best results. It’ll cut easily, and give you a very close shave. Just watch your technique, prep, and pressure, since you’ll be at a higher risk for irritating your skin. 

Blade Options

Unlike double edge razors, finding blades for single edge razors is a little harder. All single edge razors are designed to work with single edge injector blades, but even injector blades aren’t necessarily one-size-fits-all the way double edge blades are. 

Razors from Parker and Supply can work with a fairly wide range of injector blades. OneBlade, however, can only be used with specific blades from Feather that cost a little bit more on average. 

Build Quality 

When shopping online, you may run across very low-grade, factory-made single edge razors. These can often have build flaws, like misaligned heads that don’t hold the blade steadily, or just poor construction that leads to breakage. The best single edge razors on my list all come from reputable brands where build quality is never an issue.

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