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5 Best Men’s Face Moisturizer For Black Men In 2023

Not just any product is worthy of your face, especially when it comes to lotions, oils, and butters. The wrong skin hydrator can do more damage than good, so stick with only the best men’s face moisturizer for black men.

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Buttah Facial Shea Butter (Our Top Pick)

It’s hard to go wrong with shea butter, and Buttah knows how to do shea butter justice. Founder Dorion Renaud is black entrepreneur who based his whole skin care line on its gentle, moisturizing properties.

His facial shea butter is just that: it’s a jar of raw shea butter and nothing else. The simplicity of it is simultaneously exciting and surprising. Think of it this way: the short ingredient list means you’re less likely to break out in a mystery rash, and if you do break out, you’ll know exactly what the cause is. It’s as plain as plain goes, but it is organic.

Keep in mind, Buttah guarantees satisfaction on all of its products, so if you don’t enjoy their facial moisturizer, you can get your money back. 


• Shea butter is so good for sensitive dry skin.

• Single ingredient product, so if you have an adverse reaction, you know exactly what to avoid in the future (but few people react negatively to shea butter).

• Money-back guarantee if you don’t enjoy it.


• It’s designed to be as simple as possible. So if you’re expecting more than organic shea butter, then it might not be the right fit for you.

Rugged & Dapper Facial Moisturizer

Rugged & Dapper is my favorite brand to recommend for guys who are on the go with their hygiene items and need all-in-one solutions.

Not only is their facial moisturizer light and hydrating, but it also works as a great aftershave, leaving behind smooth skin with no scent. You can use most moisturizers as aftershaves, but Rugged & Dapper stands out – it’s manufactured with intent.

Plus, they’re a brand on the rise. Founder Ryan Labaqui and his wife developed the company after Ryan’s struggle to find products that could soothe his skin after a long day working his construction job. They describe their hygiene items as “no-nonsense” products that get the job done.


• 2-in-one facial moisturizer and aftershave.

• Light but hydrating, quick to dry and provides all-day moisturization.

• ”No-nonsense” brand built to withstand a construction site.


• The texture is a nothing burger, and it doesn’t actually have the aftershave scent.

Jack Black Face Moisturizer

For lots of guys, the worst part about wearing sunscreen is that oily texture. Black skin needs sunscreen too, but SPFs are often pore-clogging and have that weird beach smell that you don’t want to carry with you.

Jack Black makes wearing sunscreen a pleasure. Their moisturizer doubles as an SPF, so you get the hydrating skin benefits of a lotion with sun protection. It has a creamy texture that rubs in nicely and masks the scent of the sunscreen. Just a few pumps spreads evenly over the skin and absorbs quickly.

But be warned, Jack Black is a luxury brand that comes with a luxury price tag. The bottle will be long-lasting, but the price will match. That’s why we recommend it often, such as if you’re looking for the best men’s face wash for dry skin or the best lotion for black men.


• Doubles as a sunscreen! Skin care brands often forget that black men need sunscreen too.

• Creamy texture that feels soft against the skin but still absorbs quickly.


• Comes with a higher price tag.

Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

If you have oily and dry skin, Brickell Men’s knows your struggle. Their face moisturizer is light and dries quickly, so you don’t have to feel like your skin is heavy with grease and oils. Better yet, one bottle is long-lasting, so the upfront cost is worth the investment.

Brickell Men’s is one of those big-name, trusted brands in skincare, but despite their growing popularity, they’ve stayed true to their all-natural-ingredient promise. So not only do they have that manly branding, but they’re also gentle and effective.

This is why we recommend Brickell as one of the best toner for men, the best smelling body lotion for men, and way more. We love the brand.


• Hydrating but not greasy, especially good for oily skin.

• Natural, gentle ingredients.

• Long-lasting bottle.

• Get a free sample before you buy!


• Not a “heavy-duty” moisturizer for especially dry or sensitive skin.

Marlowe Facial Moisturizer 

Like Brickell and Rugged & Dapper, Marlowe’s facial moisturizer is thin enough that you don’t have to worry about it not absorbing properly into your skin. The difference is that the lotion has an outdoorsy scent, so if you’re not a fan of the “manly” hygiene trend, Marlowe tones it down for you.

It’s really good for chapped skin. Sometimes, especially in cold weather, your skin can get so dry that it just stubbornly won’t absorb any moisture. Marlowe’s is gentle and persistent, working its way into flaky, patchy skin.

I’m a personal fan of how authentic, effective, and affordable Marlowe is. I think of their moisturizer as a realistic men’s product – nobody actually wants to spend $30 on a small bottle of lotion. Marlowe keeps it feasible, so it’s an easy choice to include in this list of best face moisturizer for black men.


• A fresh take on “manly.” It’s outdoorsy, subtle, and effective.

• Great for chapped skin. Easy to carry and re-apply.

• Highly affordable.


• Contains “fragrance,” which is vague enough to mean it might have artificial scents. For especially sensitive skin folks, that could cause a reaction.

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