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Should Guys Shave Their Chest And Stomach?

Having a clean chest won’t automatically make you look like a supermodel Ken doll. But it’s a valid question – should guys shave their chest? And how will it change your personal style?

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Should Guys Shave Their Chest And Stomach?

There’s no easy answer to whether you should shave your chest. If you have an 8-pack that you really want to show off, maybe you should trim your chest and stomach hair. But on the other hand, that rugged hair looks so good, especially in low-cut button downs.

Before you break out the clippers, think about what’s best for your styling preferences and daily routine.


• Trimming your chest hair is a great way to show off tattoos and muscles.

• Your hair won’t tickle your partner’s nose when they’re snuggling up to your chest, and they won’t get hair in their mouth when they’re kissing sensually down your body.

• You won’t get hair snagged in your buttonholes or zippers.

• A shaved chest can help you look younger. (That might be a con if you have a baby face.)

• Hair traps dead skin, sweat, oil, and debris. Trimming it keeps your skin cleaner.


• Shaving your chest can cause razor burn and dryness.

• Your cologne will last longer if you have some chest hair. The hair strands trap the scent better than smooth skin.

• Leaving your chest hair alone is low-maintenance and easy. Shaving can be time-consuming.

• For every woman who likes a shaved chest, there’s another who really enjoys the rugged, natural chest hair look.

• A hairy chest can help you look older and more mature.

Should I Shave My Chest Hair For The Beach?

Let’s debunk a myth right now: whether you have chest hair or not, you’ll still get a sunburn if you don’t use sunscreen at the beach. Please use sunscreen.

Other than that, some good reasons to shave your chest before you go to the beach:

• It looks clean and sanitary.

• A shaved chest is best if you’re trying to get an even tan with tanning lotion

• It’s easier to apply sunscreen and tanning products to a shaved chest.

• It’s easier to brush sand off shaved skin. Chest hair traps sand.

• It’s easier to dry off a shaved chest after you’ve gone swimming.

You’ll notice, a lot of those bullet points start with “it’s easier…”

You don’t have to shave your chest to look great and have a fun time at the beach. But trimming some hair can help make your beach trip more convenient.

What Percentage Of Guys Shave Their Chest?

A 2017 survey from Statista found that about ⅓ of men under the age of 60 shave their chests, and an equal share trim or groom their chest hair.

So it’s almost an even split between guys who shave, groom, and don’t do anything to their chest hair.

The numbers shift dramatically when men hit their 60’s. The vast majority of older men don’t do anything with their chest hair. That may be part of the reason that chest hair can make you look older – old guys rarely groom their chest hair.

Is It Normal For A Guy To Shave Their Chest?

Looking at the numbers, it’s absolutely normal to shave your chest. And it’s equally normal to leave your chest hair alone, or occasionally trim and groom it.

Whichever you choose, you won’t be alone.

And a word of caution – if you’re trying to base your decision on whether women like chest hair or not, surveys are inconsistent. Different studies have found that anywhere from 15% to 80% of women like a shaved chest, and the same is true for chest hair.

Base your decision on your personal style. You’re sure to attract someone who appreciates the way you deal with chest hair.

How To Manage Chest Hair

Before you break out a razor and shaving cream, here’s a quick tip: most men’s grooming experts agree that you shouldn’t actually shave your chest. You should use hair removal cream, clippers, or trimmers to take off the hair.

It’s incredibly easy to give yourself razor burn on your chest. Something about the shaving angle and skin sensitivity make razors a bad choice for your chest and stomach.

You also should avoid waxing your chest. It’s irritating and might take off some of your skin.

Unless you’re a swimsuit model or a stripper, trimming the hair with a pair of clippers is your best bet. And it comes with an added advantage – if you still want some chest hair, but you don’t want long chest hair, you can put a short guard on the clippers.

Once you’ve shaved the hair, you can expect to reshave it in 3-5 days if you want to keep it short.

And if you’re still on the fence about which chest hair look is right for you, try both! There’s no harm in seeing what suits your lifestyle better.

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