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Best Body Washes For Black Men In 2023

The best body washes for black men remedies an issue plaguing black men, ashiness. Dry skin affects everyone regardless of skin color, but dead skin and flakes are more noticeable on dark skin. So, exfoliating and keeping skin hydrated are the best ways for black men to keep their skin looking healthy.

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Bevel Body Wash (Our Top Pick)

As a black-owned company, they formulate their products to tackle the issues black men deal with most. Bevel’s goal is to build a community around their products. They strive to create high-quality products that people love and stick with for years.

Bevel’s body wash uses charcoal to exfoliate skin and argan oil to protect it. The charcoal will lift  dead skin, sweat, and grime from your skin so you can start your day with a new fresh layer.. Argan oil contains antioxidants, to help repair skin, and a ton of vitamin E which helps your skin retain moisture. This is a great body wash if you don’t like using a loofah. The charcoal will exfoliate enough on its own.

Whichever scent you choose the formula stays the same, so you’re not compromising your skincare for a scent you like. 


  • Argan oil protects skin and promotes skin’s natural moisture.
  • The charcoal will remove the dead skin for a fresh start, or end, to your day.
  • Same formula for every scent.


  • The scents smell nice but are your typical “men’s” fragrance.

Shea Moisture Body Wash

Shea Moisture carries on the legacy of the co-founder’s grandmother, who sold her own shea butter in Africa in 1912. Her recipe is what inspires the products to this day. Shea Moisture is typically marketed to women but, fellas, body wash is serious business. Don’t let marketing be the reason you walk around with dry, flaky skin.

Many other body washes use water as the primary ingredient, but Shea Moisture uses coconut oil soap instead. The coconut oil provides great hydration alone, only made better with essential oils and their legacy ingredient, shea butter. The level of hydration provided by these ingredients makes this my pick for best body washes for black men on a budget. The frankincense and myrrh give this body wash a slight woody and earthy scent.

I recommend using a loofah with this product. Exfoliation will better remove dead skin and allow this body wash to hydrate effectively.


  • The primary ingredient of coconut oil soap gives a nice base layer of hydration.
  • Shea butter really locks in moisture for long-lasting hydration.
  • Nicely priced considering it isn’t mostly water.


  • The scent isn’t the most masculine, instead, it’s more neutral.

Brickell Men’s Body Wash

Brickell is well known for only producing top-quality products that are vegan and cruelty free. They further cement themselves as a premium brand by using only natural, organic ingredients. 

Another entry on this list where the first ingredient isn’t water. Actually, there is zero water in Brickell’s body wash, it’s mostly aloe leaf juice. This provides a thick, luxurious texture that’s sure to leave your skin soft for hours after showering. On top of that, there’s mint in here, so you get the tingle to know it’s working.

If you just want to even out your skin with an unparalleled level of hydration, this is your product. I recommend using a loofah with this product. Exfoliation will better remove dead skin and allow this body wash to hydrate effectively.


  • No water at all. Aloe juice soothes skin and leaves it hydrated.
  • Mint is always a fun time.
  • Vegan, if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • Justifiable pricey, but for your skin’s sake don’t let that deter you.

Cremo All Season Body Wash

Cremo is available just about everywhere, and for good reason. They make high-quality products at an affordable price. The bottle looks like something an adult man should have, not like something pulled from a high school locker room. The scents are complex and unique, a step up from the generic “for men” scents.

A thick lather and citric acid help to break apart the top layer of dead skin. This allows the aloe leaf juice and essential oils to get deep into your skin for great hydration. Formulated to leave the skin moisturized without the heavy, waxy feeling you can get from other body washes.

The scents really stand out here. During your wash, the fragrance comes at you in waves as the different notes hit your nose. Keep in mind, the concentrated fragrances last a very long time on skin. So if you use cologne, a scented deodorant or lotion, the scents may conflict.


  • Long-lasting fragrance will have you smelling unique for hours.
  • Formulated to remove dead skin without harsh scrubbing.
  • Aloe juice and essential oils give long-lasting hydration.


  • Included natural essential oils can vary in color, potentially making the product look “off”.

Every Man Jack Body Wash

Every Man Jack prides themselves on creating body wash for men. No frills, just down and dirty clean so you can take on the world. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. If you like the body wash, they have an entire suite of products for you to check out, from shampoo to their own razor. 

Every Man Jack has a decent number of body washes to choose from, all formulated a little differently for different needs. For black men, I would recommend the Shea Butter version. Shea butter is an effective natural ingredient that seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration. I recommend using a loofah with this product. Exfoliation will better remove dead skin and allow this body wash to hydrate effectively.

The only problem I have with Every Man Jack’s body washes is the bottle. The shape makes opening the bottle with one hand awkward. Beyond that though, it’s still one of the best body washes for black men.


  • Shea butter provides long-lasting hydration by sealing in moisture.
  • Great masculine scents that will pair nicely with cologne.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free, if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • Awkward bottle design. I’m really not sure what they were going for here, but it’s a no from me.

Jeromy Kawecki has been using men’s grooming products since he sprouted his first…um, chest hair. It was around that time he was introduced to AXE body spray, and the rest is history. Now he shares his expert knowledge with whoever will listen, and has a good time doing so.