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5 Best Shampoo With Honey For Men in 2023

It’s not the kind of ingredient that you’d immediately think to put on your head, but lots of great hair products use honey for all it’s vitamins, minerals, and hair-shining properties. When you shop around the best shampoo with honey for men, you’ll find lots of options that promise to repair hair damage and give you that polished look.

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SheaMoisture Manuka Honey  (Our Top Pick)

Manuka honey comes from the manuka plant. It’s darker and thicker than normal honey, and it’s traditionally used to treat wounds. It has antibacterial and anti inflammatory benefits, which makes it awesome for sensitive scalp.

SheaMoisture embraces all those Manuka Honey benefits, combined with their signature, moisturizing shea butter. For guys with thick, curly, or long hair, it’ll protect you from frizziness and give you a glossy finish.

We’ve featured SheaMoisture before. It’s one of the top brands for Black skin and hair care. They have an awesome coconut shampoo for men (with lots of similar benefits to honey).


• Has all the scalp-healing and hair-glossing benefits of manuka honey.

• Best natural shampoo for men with thick hair

• Amazing for Black hair and skin. 


• Too oily for thin hair.

• Contains “fragrances,” which may cause breakouts for reactive scalp.

HoneySkin Shampoo & Conditioner

HoneySkin really deserves to be counted among the best dandruff shampoos for men. It’ll tackle anything from light itchiness to gruesome eczema. Their natural shampoo and conditioner set pairs manuka honey with soothing coconut oil and aloe vera, a triple threat.

One thing to know – HoneySkin is more well-known for their skin products (I recommend their microdermabrasion scrubs). But I wouldn’t count them out in the hair care world. They specialize in manuka honey, so what they lack in shampoo expertise, they make up for it in ingredient expertise.

You’ll notice that a lot of their customers return to HoneySkin again and again. If you want a single brand that you can trust in the long-run, they’re a good option.


• Brand specializes in manuka honey products – brings ingredient expertise to the table.

• Uses coconut oil and aloe vera to create a protective layer over your follicles.

• Best men’s shampoo for sensitive skin


• HoneySkin is better known for their skin care products, not hair care.

• Not for oily hair.

&honey Shampoo

&honey has a rich honey cocktail mixed masterfully into their shampoo. Manuka, acacia, royal jelly, and propolis all hit the cornerstone benefits of a honey shampoo. It repairs hair damage, soothes the scalp, enhances curls, and washes away hair product buildup.

Though it’s not made specifically for Black hair, lots of men and women with Black hair appreciate how gently it works its way into your curls. It moisturizes each lock, protecting you from frizziness.

Better yet, just a single pump covers your whole head easily. The bottle lasts a long, long time, especially if you’re not an every-day hair washer.


• Best honey shampoo for curly hair.

• One small pump goes a long way. Bottle is well worth the investment.

• Cleans the scalp but moisturizes the hair. Awesome balance.


• More of a women’s shampoo. Fresh, somewhat floral scent.

UNITE Shampoo

UNITE goes light on the honey but heavy on the luxury. It’s a shampoo you can brag about – and you’d better brag about it, since it contains crushed pearl powder and Hawaiian white honey. You can’t get those ingredients just anywhere (or for just any price).

Founded in 2003 by celebrity hairdresser Andrew Dale, it’s kept its salon quality and healthy ingredient promises over the decades. They even donate proceeds from their Doggy Poo line to local animal shelters.

This shampoo isn’t just for any guy. It’s for the guy who wants to push the envelope. It’ll give you hair with awesome volume and texture, but even more than that, it’ll signal to others that you know what’s up in the hair care world.


• Best natural shampoo for men’s hair loss

• Adds volume and bounce (especially for men with long hair).

• A luxury shampoo that’s worth bragging about.


• Not much honey here.

• Ingredients are almost excessive. 

TIGI Catwalk Shampoo

TIGI Catwalk’s oatmeal and honey shampoo is awesome for guys with oily hair and sensitive scalp. So many honey shampoos focus on moisturization to the point that it encourages oils, but that’s not what you want if you already suffer from greasy hair. The honey and oatmeal cleanse your scalp and tame frizzy hair without adding more uncomfortable slickness.

To add a level of sophistication, TIGI only sells their products through professional hairdressers. You’re getting top-quality shampoo when you buy from them.


• Good for thin hair and irritated scalp.

• Another great shampoo choice for oily hair.

• Luxury brand that only sells through professional hair care companies.


• Slightly overhyped. It’s good shampoo! But needlessly “exclusive.”

Is Natural Shampoo Really Better?

Natural shampoo skips out on synthetic ingredients that dry out your scalp. They’re better at creating glossy, healthy hair.

Now, beware, natural shampoos often don’t look or feel like normal shampoo. The texture is thinner, and they don’t always lather. It takes synthetic (drying) ingredients to create the bubbly, thick consistency of “normal” shampoo. So you have to sacrifice soap-i-ness in the name of great hair.

On the other hand, you’ll love how gentle and nice-smelling natural shampoos are. They’re packed with essential oils, plant-derived ingredients, and all-natural scents. 

Using a natural shampoo is a long-term investment in your health.

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