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5 Best Natural Shampoo For Men In 2023

They’re lean, they’re green, and they’re bad-hair-fighting machines. The best natural shampoo for men will go to bat for you and your handsome looks every time you invite it into the shower.

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Jack Black Shampoo & Conditioner  (Our Top Pick)

I know you’re secretly not using a conditioner. I get it – your hair is short anyway, why would you need to use conditioner? For the guys who think that shampoo is all they need in life, I strongly recommend Jack Black’s 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, great for cleansing your scalp, and great for hydrating your hair.

You’ll notice how much softer and thicker your hair feels after a few uses. The coconut oil even enhances curls, so if you’re hoping to upgrade your wavy hair, look no further than Jack Black. They’re a luxury brand, but they’ve kept their promise to remain sulfate-free, gentle, and rich with plant-based ingredients.


• Among our best shampoos for oily hair

• 2-in-1 product. A deal!

• Softens hair and enhances curliness.

• Best natural shampoo for men with thick hair.


• It’s a high-quality product, but some men think it doesn’t quite live up to the “luxury” title.

Brickell Men’s Shampoo

Take a deep whiff as you lather Brickell Men’s tea tree oil shampoo into your hair. One of it’s biggest selling points is just how good it smells. The essential oils create a minty aroma that’s almost as relaxing as the satisfying bubbly texture.

The company was founded in 2014, but they fool plenty of skin care experts into thinking the brand is older than that. They’ve been featured in Men’s HEalth, GQ, and Men’s Journal, among others.

They’re a staple in men’s care, to the point that they confidently offer free sample kits on their website. If you want a shampoo that’s more loyal and trustworthy than your current relationship, get ready to spend years with this tea tree oil shampoo.


• Men consistently say it’s one of the best-smelling shampoos you can buy.

• A true luxury shampoo at a reasonable price.

• Treats itchy scalp and dandruff.


• Won’t mix well with warm cologne and soap scents.

Dr. Squatch Shampoo

There’s no nice way to say it, but Dr. Squatch has granola vibes, and I mean that in the most loving, endearing way possible. You have to be ready to embrace the unusual textures, scents, and consistencies of natural shampoos with arms wide open before you’ll be able to truly appreciate their cypress coast shampoo.

It smells crisp and ocean-y. When you apply it to your hair, it won’t bubble or lather, so you have to let it sit there and work for a minute without any foamy sensations, then rinse it out. It’ll be new and maybe even upsetting at first, but you’ll immediately notice how much better your hair looks and feels.

The most marked differences are in hair texture and thickness for guys who use Dr. Squatch. Their heads look fuller and softer.


• Get ready for hair that feels HEALTHY. All-caps.

• One of our favorite shampoos to detangle your hair.

• Best natural shampoo for men’s hair loss.


• Truly, truly all-natural. Won’t lather. Won’t bubble or foam up. Takes time to get used to it.

Rugged & Dapper Body Wash & Shampoo

I’ve raved about Rugged & Dapper’s face wash before. They’re the kind of brand that understands guys, and not just in a performative way, but a functional way. Doesn’t every guy want a shampoo that he can also use as a body wash and conditioner? It’s faster and more convenient. 

Scrub from head to toe confidently with this 3-in-1 bottle. Rugged & Dapper has earned praise from GQ, Buzzfeed, Ask Men, and more. 

The scent is subtle. It’s something manly but unidentifiable. It has the foamy lather that every man loves, and it’s designed to suit every skin and hair type.


• One of the few successful 3-in-1 products.

• Rugged & Dapper understands men and what they want in a shampoo.

• Awesome texture and lather.

• Good on all types of skin and hair, from oily to bone dry.


• Slightly generic scent. Good scent! But completely unidentifiable.

Soley Iceland Shampoo

Soley Iceland brings something unique to the world of natural shampoos, and it’s not just the fact that their products are made with herbs harvested directly from Iceland. I’d say it’s more so the softspokennes of their products.

Lots of natural shampoos scream in brand personality and scent, but Soley Iceland is gentle, subtle, and unobtrusive. It’s for the guy who doesn’t necessarily need everyone to know that he’s using natural shampoo. 

It’ll soften your hair, treat scalp irritation, and leave your roots feeling fresh. The scent is herbal and slightly floral, but it fades quickly. I love how quietly it does it’s job (and it does it’s job well). It’s an easy pick for this list of best natural shampoo for men.


• A top shampoo for treating folliculitis.

• Best men’s shampoo for sensitive skin.

• Subtle scent, soft texture, and great on irritated scalp.


• Not a men’s brand.

Is Natural Shampoo Really Better?

You’ll have to see it to believe it, but lots of guys love how switching to natural shampoos helps their hair feel healthier, thicker, softer, and shinier.

The catch is that natural shampoos expose your skin to lots of new plant-based ingredients, and there’s a chance that you’ll learn about allergies that you didn’t realize you have. The rule of thumb with all skin and hair care products is that you should patch test them before you use them. Dab the shampoo on the back of your hand and watch for any reactions.

On the flip side, you’ll also find lots of ingredients that work wonders for your hair. Grocery store shampoos often skip out on the benefits of essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. They’re good for your hair and for your health.

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