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5 Best Pomades For Thin Hair In 2023

Got thin hair and think you can’t rock a dope style like the guys on Instagram? Well, not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the five best pomades for thin hair. Because if you’ve got thin hair like I do, but still want cool hair, these are the pomades that’ll get you there in no time.

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Layrite Superhold Pomade (Our Top Pick)

The Layrite Superhold Pomade is one of the best pomades for thin hair, period. Layrite specializes in making hair care products that other barbers rely on a daily basis to give their clients the best possible look. The end result? A pomade designed to hold like wax and wash out like gel.

Not only is it water based, which means it won’t dry up or have your hair looking flaky hours into your day, but it has some of the best essential oils every barber looks for in their pomade, too. Key ingredients such as coconut oil and castor oil seep deep into your scalp, nourishing your hair from the root so that your hair is looking sharp and healthy in no time.

Of course, we can’t talk about pomade without talking about hold. This is where the Layrite Superhold Pomade shines. The “superhold” formulation means you’ll be able to go about your day without worrying about your hair losing its shape. All while never having to worry about looking dry or stale either. So if the number one thing you look for in a pomade is an “extra strength” hold, this is the one you want.


  • Madertsquad-20some of the best essential oils that keeps your hair’s moisture locked in from the root. Your hair won’t look dry or crunchy by the end of the day.
  • The hold is legit. There’s no need to worry about your hair losing its shape.
  • You can expect a boatload of compliments on how fly your hair looks when using this pomade.


  • It does an outstanding job for most hair textures. But if you have straight hair, it won’t do much for you, which sucks.
  • Yes, the hold is awesome, but the product can be sticky. For some, it’s going to be annoying and time-consuming trying to get it their your hands.

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California is one of the most celebrated men’s grooming brands out there. In fact, Baxter’s clay pomade alone has been featured in some of the biggest men’s magazines in the world, including Esquire, Men’s Health, GQ, Robb Report, The Strategist, The Manual, and more. Suffice to say, it’s one of the most recommended pomades you can get your hands on.

What I really love about this pomade is that it’s super lightweight. Most guys who try will completely forget they’ve ever applied it to their hair. Best of all, since it’s createdrtsquad-20ingredients like beeswax and castor oil, it’ll keep your hair looking fresh and moisturized. Considering the key to healthy hair is hydration and conditioning, you can’t go wrongrtsquad-20Baxter.

With that said, don’t be fooled. This clay pomade works overtime when it comes to the hold and finish. You’re going to experience a “medium” hold, which is perfect for thin hair. Combinedrtsquad-20the finish it gives you, you’ll get natural look that won’t be too hard or stiff. With features like these, it’s no wonder so many guys can’t stop recommended it.

You can use this pomade on either wet or dry hair depending on the look you’re going for. If you want your hair to look sleek and wet, just slick a fingernail amount into the palm of your hands, rub them together and then run it through your hair.  If you want your hair to look natural and you haven’t used any product, apply it to dry hair.


  • I love that this pomade is lightweight. There’s nothing worse than walking around all day feeling like your hair is heavy and matted together. With this pomade you don’t have to worry about any of that.
  • I’m a sucker for some good essential oils and this pomade has a lot of amazing ones. Castor Seed Oil, Fennel Oil and Sage Oil are all some of the best oils for hydrating your hair and keeping it looking healthy.
  • Of course, I love that it has natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are always the best option for healthy hair in my opinion.


  • Does an amazing job on short hair but isn’t as great once you grow some length. I don’t like that the hold isn’t as strong on longer hair. Who wants their hair getting out of control just because it’s got a little length?
  • The scent can be overwhelming if you have a strong sense of smell. If you find yourself randomly sneezing throughout the day, don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Mitch Reformer Hair Putty

Paul Mitchell, the creator of the Mitch Reformer Hair Putty, is the gold standard of hair products. They’ve been making top-tier, high-quality products since 1980. I like to think of them as the Jaguar of hair––trusted, classic, and luxurious. The same goes for their entire Mitch line of hair products, which is Paul Mitchell’s hair line exclusively formulated for men.

And on the real: I love their Mitch Reformer Hair Putty. It’s one of the best pomades for thin hair because unlike most other pomades that claim to be amazing for thin hair, the Mitch Reformer Hair Putty was formulated to stuff as many hair growth ingredients you can fit in case. For example, it’s loadedrtsquad-20ingredients like Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil and Hydrogenated Castor Oil, which will nourish your hair follicles at the root to help bulk up and thicken your hair––giving it a much fuller look.

Mitch Reformer Hair Putty is vegan, too, which I love. It’s also Paraben and Gluten free. And you can breathe easy knowing that while it’s thickening and bulking up your hair, it’s also keeping it healthy. This pomade won’t destroy your hair, nor make it look dry and brittle like some of those other brands.


  • Mitch Reformer Hair Putty is one of the best pomades for thin hair because it bulks up and thickens your hair. No lie. They’ve included some really awesome ingredients that’ll have your hair looking and feeling healthy and fuller.
  • I love the matte finish. It’s great because you’re not walking around looking like you’ve doused your hair in way too much product.


  • Depending on your hair’s texture, it can feel too oily.
  • I wish the hold lasted longer.
  • It’s gritty and the more product you use, the more the grit and flecks show up in your hair.

American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade

I love American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade because not only is it one of the best pomades for thin hair, but it’s also createdrtsquad-20ingredients that fight damage caused by other products. When is the last time you ever heard of a pomade that “reversed” the damage caused by other products? The answer is never.

The formula American Crew uses––Beeswax, Castor Oil and Fiber–­–seep into your hair follicles and into your scalp to reverse any damage. But they also nourish and feed your hair, which is absolutely critically if you have thin hair and wish you could look a bit fuller.

On top of that, you’ll be happy to know this pomade won’t make you walk aroundrtsquad-20hair that is too shiny or too hard. It’s got the perfect amount of hold. This also happens to be important if you have thin hair. You don’t want to overdo itrtsquad-20product because too much of certain ingredients in some products can eat your hair and cause it to thin out even more. In other words, The American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade is 100% thin hair friendly.

Make sure to use it on dry hair. All you need is a small amount fingered into your palm and you can run it through your hair as is or if it’s been washed, through your hair after it’s been towel-dried.


  • I love how well-suited this pomade is for all different hair types. If you have thin, coarse, or even curly hair, it’ll work for your waves.
  • It’s infusedrtsquad-20specific ingredients like Castor Oil and Fiber that helps fix damaged hair.
  • The scent smells uber masculine. 


  • Even though the hold is great for guysrtsquad-20thin hair, I do wish it was a little stronger.
  • The scent is uber masculine but very strong. It can be overbearing.

Redken Brews Cream Pomade

Redken Brews Cream Pomade is one of the best pomades for thin hair because of its volumizing effects. I know, I know… that’s music to your ears. Best of all, you can be confident these guys deliver. This pomade has been recommended by huge outlets such as Today, The Trend Spotter, and Esquire. That’s a really hard track record to beat.

The Redken Brews Cream Pomade is water-based, which means it’s not overly oily. If you’ve been wondering whether this pomade can damage your hair or just add another unnecessary issue to your everyday life, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s also infusedrtsquad-20some awesome ingredients. When you’ve got Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein all in the same product, you can bet your next check that it’s going to do you right.

I also really dig the smooth finish it gives. There’s no heavy, over product-y look when you use this pomade. It’s intended to make your hair look and feel as natural as possible. And that’s great for dudesrtsquad-20thinning hair because you don’t want to use products that’ll matte together and draw attention to the thinness of your hair.


  • I love the ingredients. Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Wheat Protein are phenomenal ingredients that will nourish your hair and prevent damage.
  • A little goes a long wayrtsquad-20this pomade which means there is no need for overdoing it. All you need is a small dab and you’re set.
  • Love the smooth, all-natural look this pomade gives. Nothing worse than having hair that looks smothered in way too much product.


  • It’s super sticky. It can be a chore trying to get it washed off your hands after you use it.
  • The hold isn’t as strong as some people may like.

Is Pomade Good for Thin Hair?

Pomade is a great product to use if you’ve got thin hair. A lot of them are formulatedrtsquad-20ingredients that’ll nourish your hair from its roots and give it an amazing healthy shine. But pomades also volumize your hair, making it thicker and bulkier.

That’s definitely a must-have if you’re one of the guys whose hair is thinning.

As one of those guys myself, I share the pain. And I use a pomade regularly for those reasons but also because gels and mousse often have chemicals that damage your hair or make it even thinner.

Pomades won’t do that and that’s why they’re so great to use if you want a really dope style but have thin hair.

Does Pomade Make Your Hair Thicker?

Absolutely! Pomades––good pomades––are infusedrtsquad-20ingredients that’ll feed your folliclesrtsquad-20the nutrients they need to grow and thicken.

Pomades hold your hair in place and keep it tight and right, but they also volumize your hair to look a lot thicker.

 And because they’re madertsquad-20different ingredients than say a gel or mousse, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your hair in the long run.

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