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How To Tame A Frizzy Beard

Nothing is more masculine or sexy to a woman than a fly ass beard. That’s why learning how to tame a frizzy beard is important––especially if you’re like me and weren’t born with silky, smooth facial hair that lays perfectly.

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Why Is My Beard So Wiry and Rough?

If you’re one of the millions of us guys who have rough, dry, and wiry facial hair, you may be wondering why it’s like that in the first place. And the answer is simple.

Your beard is wiry and rough because it’s dehydrated.

When you’re not moisturizing your face and beard, it causes rough, wiry, and brittle facial hair. But there’s good news. All of that can be avoided by simply using a really good beard oil and skin moisturizer.

It’s hella important to keep your face hydrated so that you grow a healthy beard from fully moisturized pores. 

If you’re not keeping the skin underneath your beard hydrated, that’s when you’re going to run into problems with your beard.

How To Tame A Frizzy Beard

Learning how to tame a frizzy beard isn’t as difficult as you may think. Follow the steps below to get that thick, luscious beard that all of us fellas want.

Step 1. Oil It Up

Keeping your beard oiled and moisturized is the very first step to taming beard frizz. If your beard is dry, wiry, and brittle, the key to taming it and whipping it into shape is to use a really great beard oil or beard balm.

It’s best to find a beard oil/balm with natural ingredients that’ll soothe the irritation that comes from a dry, wiry, frizzy beard and will provide the moisture and hydration it needs to get and stay healthy.

I would also recommend finding one with essential oils like Olive Oil or Sunflower Seed Oil which is awesome for giving your beard hydration and will keep it moisturized in the long-term.

Step 2. Take Care of Your Skin

You have to establish a great skincare routine and be diligent about it if you want to learn how to tame a frizzy beard.

An awesome skincare routine is paramount to keeping your beard looking amazing and being healthy, too.

Sometimes we forget to look after the skin underneath our beards, too, and that’s one of the biggest mistakes some of us make.  

If you’re trying to grow or maintain a full, thick, healthy beard, you’ve gotta make sure you have a skincare routine that’s going to nourish, moisturize and protect your beard and the skin underneath.

The ultimate goal is keeping your beard and the skin underneath clean and moisturized and always hydrated.

Step 3. Don’t Dry It Out

Think of this as the cardinal rule when learning how to tame a frizzy beard. A dry beard equals a frizzy, wiry, rough beard.

And that’s no bueno. A dry beard is one of the main factors that leads to a frizzy, scraggly, brittle-looking beard. And that’s why I always advocate for having a great beard oil in your grooming arsenal.

 It’s that small jar or bottle of beard oil (or a bomb ass beard balm) that’ll prevent your beard from drying out.

Not drying your beard out also means not over washing it. And that’s really important to remember.

When you over wash your beard, you’re stripping away all the natural oils your skin produces and needs to keep your beard moist.

Step 4. Trim Trim Trim

Keeping your beard trimmed is vital to taming a frizzy beard. Want a healthy and great looking beard? Trim it.  

When you keep your beard trimmed, you’re not only making sure it stays looking good, but you’re also training it to grow and lay properly. This helps to keep your beard hair growing downward and in the proper direction rather than growing in different directions and getting frizzy and hard to maintain.

How To Tame A Short Beard

If you want to have an amazing looking short beard, it’s gotta be sharp and tame. These are the steps to follow when you want to learn how to tame a short beard.  

Step 1. Grow It Out

Growing out your beard and giving it some length is the first step in taming a short beard.

I know. It may sound silly, but when you have some length to your beard it’s easier to keep it tamed and taken care of. That means that you’re able to trim it, and like I mentioned above, trimming your beard is important to keeping it tame whether it’s short or frizzy.

You can always shorten your beard to the length you want, but to keep it tamed, you’ll need to have some length. Trust me, it works.

Step 2. Shape It

Trimming your beard and lining it up in the best shape to frame your face is the second step to taming a short beard.

You want to make sure your beard is shaped properly so it not only frames your face but also learns the right direction it should grow. This comes with trimming and shaping and brushing your beard consistently.

Step 4. Trim Trim Trim

Just like taming a frizzy beard requires frequent trimming, so does a short beard. After you’ve shaped it up and have it lined and your face is framed perfectly, it’s time to trim the stray hairs.  

Keeping your beard trimmed prevents it from getting snarled and growing scraggly and knotted. It also keeps out those unruly kinks that can be a headache for guys with coarser, curlier hair.

Step 5. Keep It Moisturized

I know I beat you over the head with this but it’s uber important for you to keep your beard hydrated and moisturized.

Full stop.

It’s the key ingredient for keeping your beard and the skin underneath healthy. It’s also one of the most important ways to keep a short beard tamed.

How To Tame A Curly Beard

For the fellas out there struggling with a curly beard, here are the steps to learn how to keep it tamed.

Step 1. Brush It Out

Getting a really good beard comb or beard brush and using it consistently is the first step to taming your curly beard.

When you keep your beard brushed and combed will make sure your beard stays detangled, which will prevent split ends and other kinds of damage.

It’ll also keep your curls from getting too kinky.

Step 2. Keep It Trimmed

Make sure you are trimming your beard, so the shape works for your face, but also so your beard knows which direction to grow. Trimming your beard will also keep your curls intact and prevent them from tangling or knotting together.

Step 3. Moisturize

Yup, you’ve guessed it. The third step to tame a curly beard is to make sure you’re keeping it moisturized and hydrated.

If you want to make sure your curls aren’t drying out and looking wiry and rough, moisturize with a really good beard oil. This will keep your curly beard tame and the skin underneath it healthy.

Why Won’t My Beard Lay Down?

There are a bunch of different reasons why your beard won’t lay down. But the main culprit is that it’s time for a trim.

Whenever your beard sticks up and strands are flying all over the place, it’s a good sign that it’s time for you to hit the barbershop. Trimming your beard will get it looking neat and make it lay down.  

And doing it regularly keeps its shape. It’ll keep your facial hair laying down and growing in the proper direction.

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