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5 Best Smelling Shampoo For Men In 2023

Most guys agree that smell is what really makes a shampoo great. Sure, if the bottle comes with other scalp and hair benefits, that’s awesome, but the best smelling shampoo for men will beat out competitors 100% of the time.

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Brickell Men’s Shampoo (Our Top Pick)

Here’s the tough thing about smell: everyone has a different nose. That’s why Brickell Men’s made the top of our list. Among thousands of guys, the vast majority agree that Brickell Men’s daily strengthening shampoo has the greatest smell (per their Amazon reviews).

It’s crisp and minty, with some cooler tones from the tea tree oil that takes center stage in this shampoo. Better yet, the ingredients don’t just smell good, but they also make your hair look fuller and healthier.

Brickell Men’s even made our list of best shampoos for smelly scalp. Of course, what better way to get rid of smelly scalp than by using one of the best smelling shampoos for men?


• One of the highest rated men’s shampoos among Amazon buyers (smells good to most noses).

Tea tree oil and mint smell good, but they also promote hair growth and repair damage.

• All-natural ingredients.


• Won’t pair that well with “warm” scents, like patchouli or sandalwood.

Molton Brown Shampoo 

Molton Brown is a British brand that has all the stereotypical posh, upscale, luxurious vibes that you could ask for. Their nettle shampoo is for the guys who enjoy warmer, herbaceous scents. It’s a thin, clear shampoo that doesn’t look like much, but once you start lathering it into your hair, it thickens and takes on a creamier texture that matches the inviting scent.

I hate to call it high-quality, because every product we review here is high-quality, but Molton Brown stands out. There’s something about it that screams “well-to-do.” Maybe it’s the scent.


• Warm nettle scent with a herbaceous smell.

• High-quality luxury brand from Britain.

• Scent lingers in your hair.


• Need to be careful to match your cologne to the nettle scent, or else the two will compete and clash.

Floyd’s 99 Classic Shampoo

“Classic” is an understatement when it comes to Floyd’s shampoo. Picture everything nice you want in your hair care products, and pack it into one bottle. The shampoo smells neutral and clean (like shampoo), it has a soft lather, and it leaves you with soft, shiny hair.

Honestly, you’ll feel like you’re modeling for a shampoo commercial while you’re using it. Floyd’s is perfect for the guy who can’t scent-match to save his life. There’s no going wrong with their classic shampoo because it smells like nothing but clean. Plus, it’s gentle and great for dry scalp and hair.

Dare I say, my only complaint is that it’s almost bland if you’re looking for a best smelling shampoo for men that really catches the senses. It’s better suited to be a men’s dandruff shampoo.


• Plays nicely with other scents. Very clean, neutral smell.

• Great for dry scalp and hair.

• Gives you soft, shiny hair.

• Large, long-lasting bottle.


• Slightly generic.

Oribe Signature Shampoo

Oribe is a luxury brand for guys who want to feel like they have a whole new head of hair. The scent is great – lemon, orange, and coconut, all super fresh – but the real WOW factor that Oribe brings to the table is how dramatically it can change the texture and shape of your hair.

It adds that silky softness that so many guys struggle to achieve, and it creates volume where your hair used to be flat. High-end brands like Nordstrom and Sephora have picked up the product, and the brand has gotten rave reviews from Allure, Business Insider, and Byrdie.

It’s founder, Oribe Canales, was a hair stylist who led the looks of the 90s and built the careers of many supermodels.


• Luxury brand, luxury smell, luxury hair.

• Carried in high-end beauty stores.

• Founder built a product line for supermodels.


• Not the right vibes for the average guy who wants a manly scent.

Dr. Squatch Cypress Coast Shampoo

Dr. Squatch is one of the most popular brands on this list, but their scents are received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Fans describe their cypress coast shampoo smell on a scale from rubbery and medicinal to relaxing ocean breeze.

If you’re willing to take the gamble, it’s one that usually pays off well. Youtuber “That Bearded Soap Guy” had an insightful comment in his review of the shampoo. He said that it’s one he wasn’t a fan of at first, but he began to enjoy it the more he used it. It’s one that grows on you over time, and has lots of long-term benefits.

Besides behind one of the best smelling shampoo for men, we’ve also given Dr. Squatch a shoutout on our list of best detangling shampoos. Their gentle, hydrating, and all-natural ingredients help soften hair.


• All-natural ingredients promote healthier hair over time.

• Big name men’s brand with lots of devout fans.

• Most guys enjoy the ocean breeze vibes of the cypress scent.


• Smell is hit-or-miss. Some think it’s rubbery and medicinal.

• Gel-like texture takes time to get used to.

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