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5 Best Shampoo For Folliculitis In 2023: Top Picks For Men

Those irritated red dots on your scalp might not be acne. Chances are you’re suffering from folliculitis, but don’t worry. The greatest at-home remedy is simply using one of the best shampoo for folliculitis.

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CLn Shampoo (Our Top Pick)

CLn shampoo is great for fast results. You’ll immediately notice less scalp irritation, and within a few uses, your folliculitis should clear up. It works best for men with average to oily hair, prone to dandruff and flakiness alongside your folliculitis. It’ll even cure recurring and chronic folliculitis, no matter how severe.

Because it’s so effective, the tradeoff is that the shampoo has a faint bleach smell, and it uses lots of synthetics to help treat your scalp. Though, CLn does use a few organic compounds, like glycerin and coconut oil. It does have medicinal vibes.

The bottle will last a while – you only need to use it 1-3 times per week, so you can tag team it with a nicer smelling shampoo and conditioner.


• Best shampoo for curing folliculitis fast.

• Great for oily hair with flaky dandruff.

• Long-lasting bottle.


• Medicinal bleach smell. Use a nice conditioner.

• Lots of synthetic ingredients…but that’s the trade-off for efficiency.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Tea tree oil is a cure-all ingredient in shampoo. It washes away the bacteria and hair product build-up that cause lots of itchy scalp conditions, including folliculitis. And few brands know how to harness it as effectively as Tea Tree Special by Paul Mitchell.

Their shampoo is great for oily, dry, or combination scalp. It has that tea tree smell and tingly feeling, perfect to pair with a cool cologne. It’ll leave your hair nice and soft once you rinse it out, and you can safely use it as much or as little as you like. Say goodbye to oily roots, flaky scalp, and irritating folliculitis.


• Powerful tea tree oil cures folliculitis and other scalp conditions.

• Paul Mitchell has decades of experience in hair care.

• Great tea tree smell and tingle.

• Sold in recycled plastic bottle.


• The pump on the bottle is flimsy and doesn’t give you much control over how much comes out.

Brickell Men’s Shampoo

Brickell Men’s shampoo is better known for curing dandruff, but don’t count it out. The tea tree oil and mint gives it a sharp manly smell, while treating the bacteria on your scalp to help with irritation and redness.

Better yet, it’s one of the few men’s shampoos that you can use to treat folliculitis. Lots of men’s hygiene brands focus on luxury and scent – and they do smell and feel great! But they miss the mark on functionality. You can feel (and smell) like a man, while saving your scalp with Brickell Men’s.

Some older guys even swear it helps with receding hair. But I wouldn’t place bets on that. Stick with it for itchy and dry scalp.


• Best folliculitis shampoo for itchy and dry scalp.

• Awesome minty smell. 

• Treat your folliculitis with a genuine men’s shampoo.

• Luxury brand with a great texture and lather.


• Not specifically formulated for folliculitis.

Soley Iceland Shampoo

Soley Iceland shampoo is quite literally harvested in Iceland. The brand uses native herbs and essential oils to pack each bottle with scalp-loving natural ingredients. It’s gentle, it’s all-natural, and it’s a taste of Iceland.

Their Graedir shampoo is best for dry scalp. It restores softness to your hair, and soothes irritation. Do patch test it before you use it – the natural ingredients may reveal an allergy you didn’t know you have, and that won’t exactly improve your folliculitis.

The scent is freshly herbal. I’d say it’s gender neutral, but if you really only consume products with a definitively manly scent, this might not be the one.


• All-natural herbs and essential oils harvested in Iceland.

• Good for dry scalp. Helps with hair softness.

• Fresh herbal scent.


• Patch test first to make sure you’re not allergic.

• Not the manliest shampoo on the market.

Pure Zero Tea Tree & Matcha Shampoo

Pure Zero is for the guy who likes lots of natural ingredients in their hygiene products. The tea tree oil, matcha, and vitamins in this bottle are okay at improving folliculitis, but the real sales pitch is how gentle the shampoo is.

The Today Show recently gave the brand a glowing review, pointing out how well their shampoos improve hair shininess and strength, so I’m not alone in saying it’s a gentle product that packs a powerful punch. If you suffer from hair damage, it’s a great choice for de-frizzing and detangling.


• Lots of gentle natural ingredients. Good for sensitive skin that responds well to plant-based ingredients (check for allergies).

• Comes in a set, so you can get the shampoo and conditioner together to treat your scalp.

• Unscented.


• Not actually all-natural, just mostly natural.

Why Do I Keep Getting Folliculitis On My Scalp?

Anything you do that irritates your scalp can cause folliculitis. Lots of guys wear hats or helmets, tug at their hair, shave their heads, or use hair products that leave irritating residue – all of those bad habits can cause it.

But the good news is that home remedies cure most cases of folliculitis. To treat the irritation, you can apply a warm washcloth to the infected area. Use one of the shampoos on this list as a long-term solution that will (hopefully) put your folliculitis into remission. Dandruff shampoos sometimes work on folliculitis too, if you want to solve two problems at once. Be sure to wash your hair often.

Other home remedies include antibacterial soaps and cortisone cream, both of which you can buy over the counter. 

If your folliculitis persists, you may need to see a dermatologist for help. But most guys with good hygiene can treat folliculitis at home.

Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Folliculitis?

Essential oils have antimicrobial properties that make them great for folliculitis. Tea tree is especially popular for dandruff and folliculitis because it’s not only effective, but it smells manly too. Lots of guys like the way it makes your scalp tingle while you use it.

It even works wonders for smelly scalp and tangled hair. Tea tree oil is a shampoo power ingredient that lots of brands like to fall back on.

If you’re cringing at the idea of using essential oils, don’t worry. Guys think essential oils have a girly reputation, but they’re actually the plants that scent some of our favorite colognes, men’s shampoos, and more. 

They’ll restore your hair and scalp to its natural sexiness.

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