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5 Best Pomades For Thick Hair In 2023

Think your hair is too thick to style? Well, think again. I’ve got a list of the five best pomades for thick hair. These bad boys will give you some of the healthiest, best-looking hairstyles you can imagine.

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Layrite Superhold Pomade (Our Top Pick)

Thick hair is thick (duh!). This means you can’t use “regular strength” pomades. You need something “extra strength”. Enter the Layrite Superhold Pomade. This bad boy has been featured on sites such as Ask Men, Gear Patrol, and Bustle. In other words, this isn’t a “joe schmo” pomade. It’s one of the best hair pomades for thick hair, period.

Thick hair requires pomades with strong holds. Luckily, the “superhold” isn’t just hyperbole. Based on hundreds of real reviews from paying customers, anyone who uses The Layrite Superhold Pomade is going to experience one of the strongest holds they’ve ever tried.

Here’s the kicker… it’s water-based.

This means this pomade will hold your hair like wax, but wash out like gel. It will help you stay away from the oily, greasy alternatives you see from other big box brands, which do nothing but destroy your hair in the long run. The Layrite Superhold Pomade was formulated to get it right.

It’s also drenched in essential oils like Coconut Oil and Castor Oil––oils that work wonders for your hair by nourishing it and keeping it hydrated. That’s the key to keeping your hair healthy and growing. It’s also how you get it into the style and shape you want without having to fight or hassle too much. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your hair moisturized. Especially if you have thick hair.


  • The essential oils in this pomade are phenomenal. They keep your hair moisturized and hydrated––the key to having a great head of hair.
  • Its hold is outstanding. If you’re one of the guys with thick hair, you need a pomade that’ll be strong enough to keep your hair held and prevent any frizz. This one is definitely a 10.
  • Doesn’t dry your hair out by the end of the day. With this pomade, whatever hairstyle you choose to rock will look fresh hours after you’ve used it.


  • The product can be a little messy and sticky when applying it. Make sure you have some good soap handy to use afterwards.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all hair types. If you have fine, straight hair you might find it challenging using this pomade. It’s not the best at holding that texture.

American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 

The American Crew brand is a staple in hair care for a reason. They’ve been hailed as one of the best hair care brands since 1994 ––back when Uncle Snoop rapped about his Gin & Juice. Their pomades have been recommended by sites like GQ, Men’s Health, Gear Patrol, Byrdie, The Strategist, Fashion Beans, and Esquire. The American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade continue’s American Crew’s search for excellence.

Like all good pomades, it’s water-based. Then add in their heavy hold and high shine formulation. The result? The perfect pomade for creating sleek, smooth styles. With this pomade, you can sculpt and style your hair in ways that demand attention. Best of all, it’s super easy to apply, lasts all day, and it’s really easy to remove whenever you’re ready.

In other words, get ready to finally get true command over your thick, unruly hair and finally look like your inner supermodel.

Here’s the craziest part. The amazing thing about this pomade is its ingredients that American Crew claims reverses the damage done to your hair from other products. They do use superb ingredients like Castor Oil and Fiber which does indeed nourish your hair all the way down to its roots.

If you’ve got thick hair, you want to be sure to use this pomade when it’s dry. Because it’s packed with all those amazing essential oils, applying it to wet hair will only weaken the hold and have your hair looking overly processed or even worse––greasy. And nobody wants that.


  • Created with stellar ingredients like Castor Oil and Fiber that’s awesome for your hair, especially if it’s been damaged by those big-box brand products.
  • I love the versatility. If you’ve got straight, curly, or even coarse hair, this is a great pomade for you.


  • The hold could be a lot stronger in my opinion. It’s not as heavy as I’d like, and you can end up using too much product trying to get the perfect hold.
  • I’m always down for a good, masculine scent but this one is very strong.

Redken Brews Maximum Control Pomade

What do you get when you take one of the most trusted men’s grooming brands and have them formulate a pomade with the strongest control pomade? You get the Redken Brews Maximum Control Pomade. It’s one of the best pomades for thick hair because of its ability to give you maximum control over any style you choose. Hence the name!

They’ve used Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Castor Oil (my favorite essential oil) to create their formula. These are really awesome ingredients that’ll take your hair to the next level by hydrating and nourishing it then giving it a smooth finish.

But with this pomade you don’t have to worry about your hair looking too overly processed or like you’ve slabbed a jarful of pomade onto your head. Nah. Redken Brews Cream Pomade delivers a natural look that’ll tame thick hair while being super-healthy, too.


  • My favorite aspect of this pomade is obviously the ingredients. I have a super soft spot for natural and healthy ingredients and this pomade is packed with them.
  • I really love the smooth finish. There’s nothing worse than walking around with hair that looks overly processed. It’s just not a good look.
  • It’s great at taming unruly, frizzy hair. It’s one of the best pomades for that in-between stage when you’re trying to grow a little length and have your hair lay just right.


  • If you’ve got really thick hair, the hold might not be as strong. You may need to use more product to get your hair in the perfect style you’re going for.

Mitch Reformer Hair Putty

You’ve probably never heard of Mitch, but you should. It’s actually Paul Mitchell’s men’s hair care line. And considering Paul Mitchell is legendary for their salon-quality products, you can imagine how good the Mitch Reformer Hair Putty is for thick hair. In fact, this pomade won the Beauty Launchpad 2021 Reader’s Choice Award for Men’s hair. You can’t get better than a legit award winner.

Best of all, you can literally see Paul Mitchell’s hair care knowledge and experience in this product. The wrong pomade can actually make your thick hair look thin. Nobody wants that. Instead, the Mitch Reformer Hair Putty contains ingredients that will proactively make your hair look fuller, deeper, and healthy. Hence why it’s on this list of best pomades for thick hair.

The fragrance is also top notch too. It comes in a pine and fresh lavender, which is going to attract girls like bees are too pollen. And unlike gels and mousses, which can sometimes leave your hair hard and brittle, this pomade will leave let your girl comb your hair with her hand without a hitch. You’re welcome.

Of yea, it’s vegan, too. Not to mention paraben and gluten free. Talk about a healthy head of hair.


  • A great pomade with a boatload of essential oils that gives your waves a clean and healthy shine.
  • Gives a sleek finish. Thanks to its matte finish, you’re not leaving the house looking crazy when you use this pomade. Your hair will look natural, and you should expect a lot of heads to turn.
  • I love that it’s vegan. No worrying about harmful chemicals that damage your hair.


  • Because of all the oils infused in the formula, using too much can have your hair looking too oily.
  • The hold is great, but it doesn’t last. It would be nice if they tweaked the formula, so it lasts longer.

Hair Craft Gel Pomade

Hair Craft Pomade is one of my favorites, too. It’s one of the best pomades for thick hair because it is oil based. But it’s also great on fine and coarse hair, too. And that’s one of the aspects the guys over at Hair Craft worked hard on––creating products that work for all different hair types.

Because this pomade contains beeswax, which is one of the strongest waxes, to give your hair its shape and hold, and is in a gel form, it is some of the best hold I’ve seen. But not only that, there’s Argan Oil and Vitamin E in this pomade, too, which are outstanding ingredients that keep your hair healthy, nice, and shiny.

But you don’t have to worry about it looking too shiny or fake. Hair Craft Pomade gives you a semi-matte, more natural look. And that’s great because there’s nothing worse than greasy hair, trust me.

There’s a bonus, too: It smells great. It gives me the scent of being on the beach in Fiji.  


  • Has some outstanding ingredients for your hair like Argan Oil and Vitamin E. These are phenomenal at keeping your hair moisturized and healthy.
  • It doesn’t leave your hair looking fake or too shiny which is another great aspect. Even though it’s in gel form, once it dries, it looks incredible.
  • The scent is awesome. Your girl will probably be sniffing you every chance she gets.
  • My absolute favorite aspect: it washes out easily.


  • Because it’s in gel form, using too much can make your hair look crunchy and dry.  
  • Too much can also cause flakes which will have you walking around looking like you have a bad case of dandruff.

How Do I Choose A Pomade For My Hair?

Choosing a pomade for your hair is relatively easy. As you know I’m a stickler for natural products and that’s how I go about choosing my own pomade. You want to be sure you’re looking for one that has healthy ingredients.

I can’t stress that enough.

Pomades with essential oils and natural ingredients are the best for your hair because they nourish and protect your hair. They also won’t have your hair looking dry or brittle. That’s the best way to choose your pomade. Check for the ones that are best for your hair texture and then be sure to read the ingredients and choose one that’s as natural and healthy as possible, such as the ones on this list of best pomades for thick hair.

Is Pomade Bad For Your Hair?

Pomades aren’t bad for your hair. Like all products there are good ones and bad ones. That’s why I stress the importance of finding a pomade with healthy ingredients rather than one of those big-box brands that throws whatever they can find into a jar and calls it pomade. Choosing one of those is the sure-fire way to destroy your hair.

Basically, just kiss your hair goodbye.

But good pomades (like the ones on this list) do the exact opposite. They are healthy and they nourish and protect your hair rather than destroying it.

How Do You Use Pomade On Thick Hair?

It’s always best to check the label to see if you should apply the pomade when your hair is wet or dry. Once you figure that out, all you need to do is slick a finger’s length into the palm of your hand and then rub them together vigorously.

Then you want to run your hands over your hair, making sure you’re covering your entire head. After that, you want to let your hair air dry for a couple minutes so the pomade’s hold can set and give your hair its shape for the day.

Just remember, depending on how thick your hair is, you may need to use more product. You can judge it by checking the mirror to see how your waves look while you’re applying the pomade.

Just be sure not to overdo it.

Does Pomade Make Your Hair Thicker?

A lot of pomades (the good ones) have ingredients in their formula that are great for making your hair thicker. Of course, you want a pomade that has essential oils like Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Fennel Oil and Coconut Oil.

Those are the best for thickening and bulking your hair because the oils work themselves into your scalp and feed your hair from its root. That’s how they thicken and bulk up your hair.  

So, yes. Pomades can make your hair thicker. You just have to make sure you choose the right one.

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