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5 Best Beard Trimmer For Black Men In 2023

Whether you like a clean-shaven look or you prefer to rock a lined-up beard, you’re going to need the best beard trimmer for Black men you can get. 

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Andis Professional Beard Trimmer (Our Top Pick)

This high-powered beard trimmer offers professional-level performance, which is why it wins my top spot. It’s a powerful, durable trimmer that has been used in barbershops for decades. You can’t go wrongwiththis old faithful. 

This tool is what’s called a T-outliner. That means that it’s constructed primarily to help you line up your beard and hairline (i.e. get a neat, crisp outline along the neck, cheeks, and temples). It arriveswiththe blade set to cut extremely closely, but you can adjust it to zero-gap if you want the closest shave possible. The T-shaped blade extends a little past the body, which makes it easier to get into nooks and crannies to do detail work.   

As for specs: It’s a corded trimmer and it has a powerful magnetic motor. Corded trimmers are great to use at home or in professional settings since you just plug ‘em in and go to town without having to wait for a charge, or worrying about the battery malfunctioning. The 8-foot cord is long enough to reach most outlets, but if you don’t like getting tangled or you need something very portable, it might be an issue. 

At 11.2 oz, it’s not too heavy, and the trimmer is powerful enough even for all-over dry shaving (although keep in mind the magnetic motor isn’t suitable for water or wet shaving). As a bonus, it workswitha few of Andis’ clip-on attachments, in case you want to adjust the hair length. All of this makes it an easy choice as one of the best beard trimmer for Black men.


  • Durable and reliable. 
  • Used by professional barbers. 
  • Excellent for detailed work and lining up a beard.  
  • Works immediately when plugged in, no need to wait to charge. 
  • Powerful but not heavy.
  • Attachments available. 


  • Not wireless so less portable.

Wahl Professional Detailer 

This cordless detailer is the best beard trimmer for Black men who want a crisper beard. Like the trimmer from Andis, it’s a T-shaped trimmer designed specifically for detail work, albeit in a more modern style. 

It’s a little more high-end, and the aesthetic definitely reflects that,witha sleek metal body and red decorative panel. At 6.6 oz, it’s light and easy to maneuver. It’s also versatile,withan adjustable blade that can be set to zero gap (i.e. a tight, ultra-close shave), as well as guides for longer trimming. Even though it’s possible to shavewithit, this small tool is definitely developed primarily for detail work.

Even though the blade on this trimmer is incredibly fine, it’s also sharp and powerful. It does an excellent job of cutting through coarse or curly hair and creating sharp edges. Despite being battery-powered, the motor is powerful. The downside of that is that it can be loud. 

It holds a charge for up to 1000 minutes, which is more than adequate for weeks of shaving, or a full day of shaving if you work in a barbershop.  


  • Sleek, high-end aesthetic. 
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Adjustable for trimming longer lengths.  
  • Very sharp, precise blade that’s great for detail work. 
  • Holds a long charge. 


  • Not as versatile as other trimmers.
  • A little loud. 

Beard Trimmer by Bevel

Now, this is a true high-end trimmer from a Black-founded and run shaving brand. Bevel was founded by Tristan Walker in 2013 to serve the needs of people of color. In other words, this is a beard trimmer engineered specifically for Black men by Black men. 

Compared to other trimmers on this list, it’s a larger design,witha long blade that’ll work well for larger detail work and for all-over dry shaving. At 25.6 oz, it’s quite heavy, but as a result, it’s also very durable and powerful. 

Uniquely, this is one of the only trimmers on the market that works just as comfortably for all-over shaving as it does for precision trimming. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 trimmer and shaver, this is it. Adjusting it is very easy thanks to a simple, built-in dial. You can change the length of the blade without any effort while you’re shaving. 

It holds a charge for 480 minutes, so you will need to charge it a little more frequently than my pick from Wahl, but it’s still enough for multiple shaves. As a bonus, it works while plugged in, so you don’t need to wait for it to fully charge before using it. 


  • From a Black-founded brand. 
  • Works both for all-over shaving and detail-work. 
  • Very durable and powerful.
  • Easy-to-adjust blade length. 
  • Can be used while charging. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Heavy. 

Panasonic Beard Trimmer

Panasonic delivers a convenient, quality product designedwiththe average man in mind. It’s made for simple all-over trimming, when you need to get the job done. Just picture Idris Elba’s stylish beard, as opposed to that super detailed Flo Rida look.

The blade is adjustable and also comeswitha comb attachment, so all-in-all, it has 19 potential length settings. You can use the smallest setting to line up your beard or hairline, although the old-school square shape isn’t quite as comfortable for the job as the T-shape on my picks from Wahl and Andis. 

It can be used wet, which is great if you like to quickly shave right after a shower (although be careful not to submerge it). It’s also easy to clean since you can just rinse the blade under the tap. It’s the lightest beard trimmer on this list, weighing only 2.2 oz., so you definitely won’t get tired of controlling it. Despite being so light, the motor is strong enough to do quick work. 

It’s a cordless trimmer but it can also be used when plugged in, which is another point in its favor. A full charge only lasts for 60 minutes, however, so it’s definitely not as portable as some of the other trimmers on the list. 


  • Ideal for all-over trimming and beard grooming. 
  • Adjustablewith19 length settings. 
  • Can be used on damp hair. 
  • Very light and comfortable.
  • Can be used plugged in or charged. 


  • Not as comfortable for “lining up” a beard. 
  • Full charge only lasts for 1 hour. 

Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit

If you’re on a tight budget, this is the most affordable beard trimmer I recommend,withdecent functionality for home use.

This trimmer comeswithan incredible number of attachments. There are 5 trimmer heads available for the beard, head hair, and body. You can use it for the most precise and close line-up or just to trim your beard or hair into an even length. 

On top of that, there are also adjustable plastic comb guards that fit the larger trimmer heads. Finally, it also comeswitha cleaning brush, carrying bag, storage stand, and charger.    

The LED display lets you know when it’s time to charge (via USB). It only has a 1-hour runtime when fully charged, and it cannot be used when plugged in. The body is waterproof, for wet shaving or easy cleaning. 

This trimmer’s main drawbacks are inconsistent quality control and some awkwardness when replacing combs. The different guards are not always easy to attach and remove, and occasional quality control issues mean that sometimes they don’t fit at all. The battery also isn’t quite as powerful as those of other trimmers I’ve reviewed, so getting the results you want may take a little longer. 

However, considering the low price, the extra effort it requires may be a small price to pay. This trimmer is functional, versatile, and it offers an incredible bang for your buck. 


  • Very budget-friendly.
  • Comeswithan incredible amount of accessories. 
  • Can be used on beard, hair, and body for any type of grooming. 
  • Waterproof for wet shaving or easy cleaning. 


  • Inconsistent quality control.
  • Combs don’t always attach comfortably. 
  • Not as powerful as other trimmers. 

What Is The Difference Between A Clipper And Trimmer?

The words “clipper” and “trimmer” are sometimes used interchangeably, but you’ll have an easier time choosing the best beard trimmer for you when you understand the difference. 

Beard trimmers are designed for precision work,withtight teeth and a slightly smaller head. They cut closer to the skin, and they’re primarily used to create crisp outlines around the beard and hairline. They can also be used for an all-over, smooth shave, although they’re not as good for the job as a dedicated electric shaver

Clippers are meant for cutting rather than shaving. The teeth are spaced more widely, which helps to blend the hair. They’re a better choice for cutting hair or for taking some bulk off of a full beard, but they won’t give a close shave. They usually comewithattachments that adjust how short they cut the hair, and the levels are quite standardized.  

How To Trim A Black Man’s Beard

Before starting, get yourself a trimmer from this list of best beard trimmer for Black men.

Now, if it’s your first time trimming your own beard, make sure to approach your beard like a sculptor examining a raw stone. Consider what kind of shape you want for it: A tight, neat beard? A full, natural beard? An elongated beardwithshort sides? You’ll also want to think about your outline, and whether you prefer a more faded look or really crisp edges. 

Once you have an idea, you can get started. Most trimmers work best when your beard is dry. You might want to comb itwitha wide-tooth comb if the hair is a little tangled

Now, you can start! Create a rough outline by trimming the hair along your cheeks and temples. You can startwithyour trimmer on a slightly longer setting and then gradually shorten it as you create a fade. If you want a very crisp outline, opt for the shortest setting and use the edge of the blade for maximum control as you carve it out. 

For the rest of your beard, it’s best to add a comb guard to your trimmer in order to adjust it so it will act more like a clipper. This will allow you to shape your beard without risking cutting it too closely. Startwiththe sides of your beard, and take your time. Look in the mirror as you shape your beard, so you can have a good idea of the overall effect and the symmetry. 

Don’t be discouraged if your beard doesn’t turn out exactly as you wanted it. The more often you trim your own beard, the better you’ll get at it. Before you know it, your beard will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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