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5 Best Body Washes For Body Odor In 2023

Listen fellas, body odor is awful. Imagine being *this* close to hooking up with the girl of your dreams and she stops because of your B.O. (just the thought makes me shiver). How dreadful and embarrassing is that? But don’t trip, I’ve got your back! I’m going to hit you with a list of the best body washes for body odor you can find. I don’t just want you looking your best, I want you feeling, and smelling your best, too. 

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Brickell Men’s Body Wash (Our Top Pick)

Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash smells amazing, lasts all day and provides top-notch cleaning. Not to mention it’s all-natural, too. But that’s no surprise to us. Brickell’s known for that. They’ve been praised by everyone from DETAILS, Men’s Health, and Men’s Fitness to The Today Show, ESQUIRE, and GQ because of their commitment to making some of the best all-natural, certified organic products for men.

Unlike other bland body wash products like Nivea and other big-box brands, this body wash does exactly what the name says––invigorates! And it won’t leave your skin dried out either. There’s a boatload of natural ingredients that are not only phenomenal for your skin, but they demolish body odor. Hydrolyzed Protein, Silk Protein Amino Acids, and Jojoba Oil are just a couple. These bad boys deep clean your skin like no other! Imagine Mr. Clean but for your skin. The oil, dirt and grime that causes body odor don’t stand a chance. 

But there’s also some kick-ass stuff like Aloe Vera and  Pro-Vitamin B5 that gives your skin the moisture it needs. Aloe Vera is one of the world’s most magnificent natural properties for the skin. The stuff even heals cuts and bruises. I’m a sucker for all-natural products because nothing’s better than healthy ingredients for your skin. This body wash is stuffed with them. I love that there’s no second guessing about what chemicals you’re putting in your body. 

But did I mention how amazing Brickell Men’s Body Wash smells? A blend of Lavender and Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil thrown into the mix, allows the confidence in your scent to skyrocket!  What’s better than knowing you’ll towel off with smooth skin that not only looks great, but more importantly, smells good, too. Who doesn’t want to rid themselves of body odor and get an invigorating pep in their step first thing in the morning?


  • Doesn’t use any chemicals, dyes or silicones. This makes it a great body wash for the fellas with sensitive skin.
  • Ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera and jojoba oil hydrates and gives your skin the vitamins it needs while eliminating body odor. If that’s not a confidence booster, I don’t know what is. 
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed with a clean minty scent that’ll make your girlfriend take notice.


  • The scent is hit or miss. It’s a strong one so it could be irritating if you have a sensitive nose.
  • I wish the scent lasted longer. Nobody wants to be fighting B.O. by lunchtime.

Black Wolf Nation Body Wash

No list of the best body washes for body odor is legit without including Black Wolf Nation Body Wash. When it comes to putting body odor in a chokehold, there’s those cookie cutter guys and then there’s Black Wolf Nation. The LA Times and almost 3,000 Amazon customers agree. 

This body wash has all the ingredients we love like Salicylic Acid and Activated Charcoal. Both of these are great for getting to the root cause of body odor. They dig deep into your pores to eliminate all the bacteria and oil buildup that causes bad skin and odor. But there’s also a special one-of-a-kind cucumber formula that soothes and refreshes your skin at the same time. It’s like having a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade in the middle of a scorching August day at noon––you’ll thank yourself.

Black Wolf Nation Body Wash is by far one of the better options if you’re looking for all-natural body washes. Not just because of the all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, but it’s Blue Sage and Citrus is one of the best scents out of all the body washes we’ve tried. If you want to eliminate body odor for good, you HAVE TO TRY THIS BODY WASH!


  • The Blue Sage & Citrus scent is AMAZING! It’ll leave you smelling fresh and clean but masculine and outdoorsy too.
  • Some killer all-natural ingredients that’ll have your skin glowing––but in a manly way!
  • Top tier ingredients like Salicylic Acid and Activated Charcoal form a bond that travels deep into your pores to get all that gunk out, so you have healthy and clear skin.


  • Some of the all-natural ingredients may be too harsh for guys with super-sensitive skin.
  • TBH, Blue Sage & Citrus is a scent that some ladies may not enjoy as much as other scents. Hey, I like to be up front with you when it comes to the ladies.
  • Product pours out a little too thin which can cause you to go through each bottle faster than we’d like. Keep that in mind so you’re getting more bang for your hard-earned buck!

Jack Black All-Over Body Wash

Who doesn’t love convenience? That’s where Jack Black All-Over Body Wash comes in. Not only does it give your skin a tune up with every use, but it deals a death blow to B.O.If you’ve got those issues whether after your workouts or just by the time lunch rolls around, Jack Black has all the right ingredients to nip that problem in the butt. 

Jack black uses Ingredients like Sea Kelp, Jojoba Protein and Shea Butter will kick the ass of even the most stubborn body odor. How? It unclogs your pores, getting rid of the dirt and oil that can cling to skin cells and hair follicles. It’s those dead skin cells, oil and dirt is what leads to body odor. 

And here’s a pro tip: you can use this body wash on your face, too! The activated charcoal and salicylic acid is known to reduce acne breakouts. So, not only is it one of the best body washes for body odor, it’s also great for your skin.


  • Full of confidence booster ingredients like Sea Kelp, Eucalyptus and Shea Butter. They’ll  have your skin looking amazing and smelling even better.
  • It’s a multipurpose wash that you can use on your face, body and hair, too. It’s the kind of convenience we love! 


  • It might be too harsh if you have overly sensitive skin.
  • The scent can be too strong for some people, too. 
  • I wish it lathered a lot more. Having to use extra product to get a good lather is one of your pet peeves. I want you getting your money’s worth!

Man Made 3-In-1 Body Wash

Man Made 3-in-1 Body Wash is for the busy fellas who are on the go and want to save time with their cleaning routine. And I love Man Made because not only do they celebrate manhood and masculinity, but their products kick ass, too. They’ve been praised in places like Men’s Health and BUSTLE, and even O Magazine because women love buying Man Made products for the men they love. Suffice to say that it’s easily one of the best body washes for body odor.

There’s a lot to love about this body wash. It’s created with ingredients like Glycerin, Jojoba Esters, and even Quinoa that gives your skin a strong scrub to get you squeaky clean. How else do you expect to get rid of smelly armpits? You gotta scrub them with a body wash like this one.  The blend of French Vanilla, Coconut, and Ginger gives its scent that Spicy Vanilla kick that so many people rave about in their reviews. It’ll have everything––from your trunk to your junk––feeling fresh and smelling amazing.

Pro tip: You can use this body wash as a shampoo and conditioner, too. It’ll give your hair a healthy sheen and lock in the moisture it needs. 


  • Perfect blend of French Vanilla, Ginger and Exotic Wood gives you a distinct, manly scent that’ll have you feeling like the man when you walk into the office.
  • I love that the ingredients aren’t too harsh for sensitive skin so it can also be used to wash your face.
  • Like a conditioner for your beard! A good beard can get you through life! 


  • The scent is tricky. It’s really strong and will eliminate B.O. but it could also overpower your cologne.

Molton Brown Recharge Body Wash

Molton Brown London has been around since before Michael Jackson dropped Thriller. When it comes to skincare, they’ve seen it all and done it all, and their Recharge Body Wash is just as iconic as the brand itself. This body wash will tear body odor to shreds and replace it with a manly, woodsy scent.

Black Pepper, Coriander, and Vetiver create one of the spiciest, manliest scents on the men’s grooming market. Just ask Dina, one of their happy customers who says in a review that she can’t take her hands off her man because of how great he smells every time he uses it. 

But it’s not just the scent. It’s the stuff like hydrogenated castor oil and pepper seed oil that hydrates even the roughest of skins.


  • The scent is distinct and super manly which women like Dina can’t get enough of. You’ll feel like the man after using it. 
  • Ingenious formula of ingredients like Pepper Seed Oil to draw out the toxins and Glycerin to moisturize at the same time. Your skin will thank you for taking care of it!


  • Because the scent is so strong, you can’t wear cologne with it. That sucks! 
  • I wouldn’t use this body wash year round. The strong peppery scent won’t be too appealing in the summer. 
  • They use sulfates which can irritate sensitive skin.

Does Body Wash Help Body Odor?

Yes, 100%! 

Of course, this is only true if your body wash contains ingredients that would make it worthy as one of the best body washes for body odor. This means anything with salicylic acid, charcoal, or even a nice smelling scent would do. 

Anything less is a waste of time. We pick up bacteria everywhere on a daily basis and when it mixes with sweat, that’s what causes B.O. So, you need a body wash that will get deep into your pores, rid your skin of all that junk and have you smelling so fresh and so clean.

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