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5 Best Body Wash For Hard Water In 2023: Top Picks For Men

Why do you need a body wash for hard water? Normal body wash combines with heavy minerals in hard water and leaves a film on your skin called “soap scum”. Using them is like hitting a nail with a screwdriver, it might work eventually but why bother? You need something specially formulated, with exfoliation and hydration in mind, to be your hammer. So I did the dirty work and found you the best body wash(s) for hard water. 

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Puracy Natural Body Wash (Our Top Pick)

Puracy is dedicated to producing the very best vegan and eco-friendly cleansing products on the market, and in my opinion, they succeed spectacularly. Just as an example, they offer a 64oz refill bottle for their body wash which cuts down on plastic waste while also saving you a few bucks. They believe in their products too. Puracy offers a no questions asked, no return, refund policy.

Puracy’s natural body wash uses Himalayan salt to break up soap scum, and essential oils to leave your skin moisturized. This is important because soap scum can really dry out your skin. I usually have to put lotion on after taking a hot shower or else I get super itchy. After showering with this stuff, my lotion now collects dust. 

The body wash is available in two scents: citrus & sea salt or bergamot & sandalwood. Bergamot & sandalwood is more masculine, while citrus & sea salt is considered uni-sex. If you and your lady like to save water, if you catch my drift, then pick yourself up some citrus & sea salt. She might fancy sharing.


  • Breaking up the soap scum is key, and the Himalayan salt does the trick.
  • The uni-sex scent smells so good, your ol’lady might be joining you in the shower more often, and that’s a good problem to have.
  • Pretty situational but, if you camp in RVs, this stuff is safe to use in greywater systems. No more showering at the bathhouse like a peasant.


  • A bit pricey, but you pay for the quality.

Every Man Jack Body Wash

Every Man Jack is the quintessential men’s body wash brand. If you like smelling like a particular species of tree, Every Man Jack has you covered. I poke fun, but I have a bottle of the Sandalwood scented body wash in my shower right now. Not only do they smell great but they boast plant-based ingredients and no dyes. Every Man Jack even uses recycled materials for their packaging and their products are cruelty-free.

Every Man Jack has a decent number of body washes to choose from, all formulated a little differently for different needs. To deal with hard water, I have to recommend the citrus version. It contains jojoba beads, which exfoliate and prevent soap scum from building up on your skin. 

The only problem I have with all of Every Man Jack’s body wash is the shape of the bottle. It is awkward to open with one hand, especially when wet.


  • Powerful scent. After showering, you’ll notice the scent on your skin for hours. So be aware, this stuff may affect how your cologne smells.
  • Jojoba beads are a nice addition. They bring a gritty texture to this body wash, which is what you want when dealing with hard water.


  • Awkward bottle design. I’m really not sure what they were going for here, but it’s a no from me.

Dead Sea Collection Body Wash

Dead Sea Collection gets its name from, well, the Dead Sea. Their products contain actual minerals, sediment and mud from the Dead Sea itself. The lake is known as the world’s first spa because, since ancient times, people have soaked in its waters believing it has healing properties. 

Our ancestors might have been onto something. The natural chloride and bromide work pretty well at removing sweat and grime, while also leaving skin hydrated. Chloride removes toxins, especially from body hair, and the bromide provides long lasting protection. They use actual sandalwood oil in here too, which not only hydrates and refreshes skin but also gives a subtle, natural scent. 

The scent is very subtle yet pleasant. It will fade rather quickly after your shower though, so don’t expect it to replace your deodorant. The bottle is enormous too and should last for a very long time under normal use. 


  • The price/fluid oz makes this the cheapest product on the list. You get a massive bottle that will last a long time.
  • I love me a pump bottle design. They put function over form. No need to pick the bottle up and flip a cap, just put your hand under and squish.
  • Subtle scent won’t interfere with any cologne, deodorant, or scented lotion you may use.


  • Advertised as a 3-in-1, but I wouldn’t recommend putting body wash in your hair

The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash

The Seaweed Bath Co. is another company I’m happy to give my hard-earned dollar. They go above and beyond in regards to sustainability. Their bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and their products are made with hand-harvested seaweed from Maine. 

This body wash is unique on this list because it contains mint. I recommend you try a mint body wash if you haven’t before, they are quite the experience. The rosemary scent isn’t the most masculine, but the level of hydration you get here is almost unmatched. 

The Seaweed Bath Co. uses green clay in this wash which helps lift the dirt and prevent soap scum from forming. To leave the skin hydrated, they’ve included coconut oil and, of all things, coffee beans. This makes sense actually, coffee is high in antioxidants which help keep skin healthy.


  • Such a unique mix of ingredients in this one. They all serve a purpose and that’s to get you clean, come h*ll or hard water.
  • I love the inclusion of mint. It leaves you with a full-body tingle that’s surprisingly refreshing.


  • Rosemary isn’t a very masculine scent, but it isn’t necessarily feminine either. It lies somewhere in the middle.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter

Last but certainly not least, Shea Moisture. The company carries on the legacy of the co-founder’s grandmother, who sold her own shea butter in Africa in 1912. Her recipe is what inspires the products to this day. Shea Moisture is typically marketed to women but, fellas, body wash is serious business. Strike me down if I let a little marketing get in the way of putting a good product on my body.

Looking at most body washes the first ingredient you see is water, not so with Shea Moisture Raw. Aloe leaf juice is the main ingredient which, if you’re unaware, is used to sooth sunburn and other skin irritation. So piling 4 different seed oils and grandma’s shea butter on top of it, gives this body wash out-of-this-world hydration. 

There is a nice lather to this product, however none of the ingredients add an additional level to breaking up soap scum. Depending on how hard your water is you may need something a bit stronger. 


  • If your water isn’t super hard, this is a product worth checking out. The hydration makes up for the exfoliation it lacks.
  • I would consider the scent uni-sex. There is a hint of woodiness coming from the frankincense and can actually pair nicely with an “outdoors” inspired cologne.


  • Expensive(but justifiably so). It’s always a good sign when the first ingredient isn’t water.

What is Hard Water?

When water seeps into the ground it picks up minerals along the way. Water gets graded on a hardness scale depending on the amount of these minerals it contains. When the water dries, it leaves behind the minerals, which start to build up over time. This is known as soap scum. The harder your water the more problems you’ll have with soap scum. 

So how do you spot soap scum?  

  • A hard, white, crusty buildup, on your showerhead 
  • If your shower isn’t white, you’ll notice a white haze on surfaces. If your shower is white, rub your hand along the wall and feel for a gritty texture. 
  • If you have a glass shower door, it will start to look foggy. 

It’s recommended to clean your shower regularly if you have hard water. Otherwise the many layers of soap scum will require a lot of scrubbing, even with special cleaners. So if you can, get yourself a water softener and be done with it.  Water softeners filter out most of the minerals, so you may never have to deal with soap scum again.

Is Hard Water Good For Bathing?

No. Soap scum doesn’t just find its way onto your walls, it also builds up on your skin. Actually regular body wash makes the problem worse by combining with the minerals and creating a film on skin that’s difficult to remove. 

Bathing in hard water with normal soap could require multiple scrub downs to get a solid clean. It’s important to get all the soap scum off your skin. Not only does it dry your skin out, but bacteria can thrive under soap scum and cause skin irritation. Skin isn’t the only victim. Soap scum will build up in your hair making it frizzy and difficult to manage.

I would not recommend using hard water when bathing. I put this list together to help those that have no option, but if you have the means to soften your water please do. 

Is Body Wash Good For Hard Water?

No. Body wash will react with hard water to cause soap scum. Certain body washes are better at getting around this by using hydrating oils and ingredients that help break up soap scum. I would also recommend using a loofa if you don’t already; the more you can exfoliate the better. 

At the end of the day, hard water is the problem and even though certain body washes are better for it, they can only go so far. Depending on how hard your water is, even the best body wash for hard water may only provide some relief.

Jeromy Kawecki has been using men’s grooming products since he sprouted his first…um, chest hair. It was around that time he was introduced to AXE body spray, and the rest is history. Now he shares his expert knowledge with whoever will listen, and has a good time doing so.