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5 Best Body Wash For Hyperpigmentation In 2023: Top Picks For Men

Hyperpigmentation is an uneven skin tone, where dark patches of skin will appear on various parts of the body. Treatments can be extreme, such as chemical peels and laser therapy. But hold up! Before heading down that road, first try to find a medicated cream and pair it with our best body wash for hyperpigmentation, and use them regularly.

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Cremo Exfoliating Body Wash (Our Top Pick)

I’ve seen Cremo in just about every store, and for good reason. They make high-quality products at an affordable price. The bottle looks like something an adult man should have in his shower, and the scents are pleasant and unique. 

Cremo’s exfoliating body wash uses pumice as their exfoliator. In case you don’t know, pumice is volcanic rock crushed into a fine powder. It’s so effective as an exfoliator you don’t even need to use a loofah. It gets the job done on its own. 

Another interesting ingredient in this body wash is butylene glycol. Acne is a major cause of hyperpigmentation and butylene glycol is an alcohol that helps clear pores and lighten up acne. So, if you believe acne is the cause of your hyperpigmentation, I suggest picking this up.


  • Exfoliation is very important when treating hyperpigmentation, and the pumice in this body wash does an excellent job.
  • Treating acne is an added bonus to this wash. Getting rid of acne is a great way of preventing new hyperpigmentation.
  • Unlike a lot of other body washes, the bottle doesn’t look like it belongs in a high school boy’s locker room.


  • Minor con: the scents are pretty unique, so they might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Black Wolf Body Wash

Black Wolf is a luxury men’s grooming brand with a whole suite of products designed to work together, dedicated to making you look your best. Just to give you an idea, they have five different products for just your face. The design of the products is sleek and elegant; no one will complain if you leave them on your countertop. 

Charcoal and salicylic acid are Black Wolf’s weapons of choice against hyperpigmentation. Charcoal is coarse and works well as an exfoliator. It also gives the body wash an awesome jet black color, which is pretty neat in my opinion. Salicylic acid is a common ingredient in dedicated acne treatments. If you deal with acne and notice dark patches of skin around your breakouts, what do you have to lose? Try this stuff out.


  • Charcoal not only exfoliates well, but it gives the body wash an incredible color.
  • Great to see salicylic acid here. This is the best body wash for hyperpigmentation caused by acne, hands down.
  • The design of the products is so good, it almost feels wrong to store them in a cabinet.


  • Pricey, but you can save a bit by buying the twin pack.

The Seaweed Bath Body Scrub

The Seaweed Bath Co. goes above and beyond in regards to sustainability. Their bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and their products are made with hand-harvested seaweed from Maine. If your priority is sustainability and organic ingredients, look no further.

As a testament to their sustainability goals, get this, they use crushed walnut shells as an exfoliator. Why? Because walnuts are replenished by nature, they literally grow on trees. From what I can tell there isn’t a tradeoff in exfoliation either. This is a good thing because when you’re fighting hyperpigmentation, great exfoliation is important.

This is a great body wash if you don’t battle acne, and your hyperpigmentation is due to sun damage or aging. On top of the exfoliation, you get a lot of nutrients from the seaweed and french clay in here. Keeping skin hydrated and nourished helps fight damage, which causes hyperpigmentation. 


  • Great exfoliation from an unlikely source. I was not expecting walnut shells to work as well as they do.
  • If you don’t have to worry about acne, the exfoliation and nutrients will do your skin justice.
  • The company’s commitment to sustainability and organic ingredients is admirable.


  • The most expensive product on this list, but for good reason.

Bevel Body Wash

Bevel’s goal is to build a community around their products. They strive to create high-quality products that people love and stick with for years. As a black-owned company, they formulate their products to tackle the issues black men deal with most.

No matter your skin color, melanin can go haywire and cause hyperpigmentation. Bevel’s body wash uses charcoal to exfoliate skin and argan oil to protect it. Argan oil contains antioxidants that help prevent sun damage and contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps your skin retain moisture.

Some research shows argan oil is effective at treating acne, but the jury is still out. As for sun damage, argan oil is proven to help. So try this body wash out if you deal with hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.


  • Argan oil is great at protecting from sun damage, a leading cause of hyperpigmentation
  • Charcoal exfoliates skin so other ingredients can work their magic.
  • The scent is pleasant and masculine, but not overpowering


  • The scent smells nice, but it’s a little generic.

Marlowe Body Scrub & Wash

Marlowe focuses on body wash with no frills, just effective cleansing. They guarantee you’ll love their products with the Marlowe Promise, “Try it – if you don’t love it, we’ll make it right – no questions asked!” On top of that, with every purchase Marlowe distributes soap to people vulnerable to hygiene-related illness.

When fighting hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or aging, it’s important to exfoliate and hydrate. Marlowe uses an interesting combination of exfoliants, pumice and apricot seed powder. Pumice, if you don’t know, is powdered volcanic rock, and it works great at buffing off dead skin and grime.

Marlowe’s in-house blend of extracts provide antioxidants and vitamin C. These hydrate skin and repair damage caused by the environment, such as sun damage. Exfoliating allows hydrating ingredients to get deeper into skin for more effective treatment of hyperpigmentation.


  • If you need a good exfoliator, pumice has you covered.
  • A potent blend of nourishing ingredients to protect skin from the outside world.
  • The company isn’t flashy about its products. They let the product speak for itself.


  • The woody scent smells great, but it may interfere with other scented products you have in your arsenal.

How Can I Even Out My Skin Tone And Hyperpigmentation?

It’s important to exfoliate skin during the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Exfoliating cleans out pores and removes dead skin so medicated creams can penetrate deeper and help even out skin tone.

I would recommend finding a medicated cream from either your doctor or over the counter. Use that cream regularly with one of the body washes for hyperpigmentation for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference. If not, try a different medicated cream for another couple of weeks. If you don’t notice a difference after a few different products, you may need more extreme treatment, such as a chemical peel or laser therapy. 

Ultimately, hyperpigmentation is usually harmless. You’ll need to decide for yourself if a painful procedure is worth it to remove dark spots.

Jeromy Kawecki has been using men’s grooming products since he sprouted his first…um, chest hair. It was around that time he was introduced to AXE body spray, and the rest is history. Now he shares his expert knowledge with whoever will listen, and has a good time doing so.