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Himalayan Salt Scrub Benefits For Men

For those of you looking to spice up your salt scrub game rather than sugar scrubs, you’ll appreciate all the Himalayan salt scrub benefits for men. It’s like any other salt scrub, but extra. Extra skin-friendly, extra mineral-right, and extra relaxing.

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What Is Himalayan Salt Scrub?

Himalayan salt scrub has all the same benefits of a normal salt scrub and more. Lots of guys appreciate how gentle but firm it feels against the skin. Plus, the smell really can’t be beat: ocean vibes, with more minerals and texture. 

Himalayan salt is often considered purer than other salts. It’s mined near…you guessed it…the Himalayan mountains. That’s partially why Himalayan salt has a luxury product reputation, but don’t be scared off by that. Most scrubs range from affordable to paying-more-for-high-quality, just like any other skincare product.

Himalayan salts come in pink or creamy white, so automatically they’re marketed toward women. But that means guys are missing out on all those skin and body benefits!

Himalayan Salt Scrubs Softens Your Skin

Really any salt scrub will soften your skin, but Himalayan salt is great for quick results. It’s known for helping with acne bumps and dark spots, evening out your complexion.

Essentially, Himalayan salt makes you incredibly kiss-able.

Its grains are larger than other salt scrubs, so if you don’t feel like your salt scrub is working hard enough for your skin, switching over to Himalayan salt is a good option for you. It’ll give you that extra abrasive oomph to smooth out the rough patches.

If you’re looking for something less intense, you may want to just stick to body wash instead of body scrubs instead.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs Make For Great Muscle Soaks

Combine that rich ocean scent with the anti-inflammatory properties of salt, and you’ve got a killer muscle soak with Himalayan salt scrubs.

All you need to do is lather up your body with the scrub, really enjoying the texture. You can do this in the shower, or invite it into the bathtub with you for a more languid experience.

Now, don’t try to use a salt scrub (himalayan or otherwise) against sunburns or wounds. Really, you shouldn’t be rubbing anything with a ton of texture against damaged skin. The only exception is if you’ve gotten over the worst of a sunburn and just need a way to get rid of the peely skin.

Otherwise, rub and soak away ;)

Replace Your Pre Shave With A Himalayan Salt Scrub

Because Himalayan salt scrubs are so effective at smoothing your skin, they create the perfect surface for your razor blade to glide across nicely. Plus, Himalayan salt smells amazing. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly before you shave. You don’t want the blade catching on one of the salt grains.

Himalayan Salt Scrubs Cure Scaly Feet

Maybe it’s happened to you: you’re spending the night with your new hottie. Things are going great. And then you realize…your feet are so rough they’re catching on the sheets. Your new squeeze is going to think you’re a blanket hog!

Himalayan salt scrubs are great for the pre first-night-together shower. Make sure to hit your feet, knees, and elbows to soften the skin there. You’ll be smooth in two ways.

Is Himalayan Salt Scrub Good For Face?

You can use Himalayan salt scrubs on your face. You’ll just want to make sure that it’s marketed as a facial product.

Salt scrubs are abrasive enough to cause redness and even rashes. So, when scrub-makers include them in facial products, they add moisturizing ingredients to calm the skin and allow the salt to work its exfoliating magic without hurting the delicate cells on your face.

Himalayan salt facial scrubs have all the same skincare benefits, they’re just slightly more gentle, and you’ll want to be extra careful to lotion up afterwards.

How Do You Use Himalayan Salt Scrub 

You can use a himalayan salt scrub just like any other salt scrub. Wet your skin (in the shower or over the sink), apply the scrub, and take your time rubbing it in. That’s my favorite part – you really get to bask in the texture. When you’re done, rinse it off completely and apply a moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t get dry.

Himalayan salt is best for those rough skin patches on your feet, knees, and elbows, but you can also find variations that you can use on your face and body. Always be sure to test the product somewhere on your skin before you apply it everywhere. That can save you from a full-body skin breakout, if your body responds poorly to the scrub.

Looking for a salt product to scrub your skin with, but not sure if you’re ready to go all in with Himalayan salt? Ease in with the benefits of a salt soap instead.

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