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5 Best Dead Sea Mud Soap For Men In 2023

If you’re ready to muddy up your skin for the sake of clearing your complexion, then you’ll want one of the best dead sea mud soap for men.

Dead sea mud soaps are one of the few bar soaps out there with a rough texture that’s still gentle on sensitive skin – but only if it’s made right. So, to spare you the trouble of painful experimentation, we’ve researched and compared some of the most highly rated dead sea mud soaps out there, to see which ones have the “right stuff” for your skin.

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Aspen Kay Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal (Our Top Pick)

Have I mentioned how good dead sea mud is for acne? Aspen Kay really lives up to that promise with their dead sea mud and charcoal bar. It’s obvious from the all-natural, gentle ingredient list that this bar is going to feel really good on damaged skin, but if you don’t believe me, just look at all the before and after pictures on Amazon. 

I will say, dead sea mud and charcoal are a bold combo, since both ingredients are drying against skin, but what won me over was Aspen Kay’s credibility when it comes to ingredient mixing. They specialize in just a few bar soap variations, so they don’t have too much on their plate to handle some charcoal. And they were founded less than a decade ago, after a housewife’s soap making skills really took off. I love humble beginnings – they usually build a great natural soap maker.


• I’m in love with the ingredient list. All-natural, dead sea mud genuinely harvested in Israel, sustainable and skin-friendly oils. All top-notch.

• You’ll notice immediate skin improvements, especially when it comes to breakout reduction.

• It’s a gentle soap with a firm touch. Great for oily but sensitive skin.


• I really can’t come up with any. It’s pricey? But the value is overly obvious.

One With Nature Dead Sea Salt Mud

This is the dead sea mud soap for those of you who aren’t sure you can handle a dead sea mud soap. With an 89% four-star and up review rate, One With Nature is always an audience-pleaser, and a safe bet for getting your toes wet with new ingredients.

Plus, best of all, it’s a therapeutic soap, which those four- and five-star Amazon reviewers attest to. It’s one bar that can handle those tricky skincare cases – scarrage? Beard itchiness? Razor burn? One With Nature has your back.

So if you’re curious about dead sea soap, but hesitant to make the financial investment, here’s your godsend.


• Super safe bet, as far as dead sea mud soaps go. No chance of wasting your money on this one.

• Surprisingly gentle, with a pleasant texture and mild scent (good for smelling outdoorsy, without smelling muddy).

• Great value pack right here, super good deal.


• Some don’t like the subtle scent. I’m a fan of unobtrusive smells, but if you’re a smells guy, you might not feel like you’re getting your “money’s worth.”

Southern Natural Dead Sea Mud & Charcoal

Dead sea mud is known for being healing, but I swear, Southern Natural is doing something magical with their soap. Psoriasis and eczema? Gone. Scarring? Gone. UV damage? Disappeared.

I think it has something to do with the goat’s milk. Southern Natural has built their brand on all-natural soaps….and goat’s milk. While it’s never been a favorite ingredient of mine, soap makers who know what they’re doing with goat’s milk can make broken glass feel soft. (Not that anyone actually does that. No need to worry about broken-glass-soap. Just making a point.)

The drawback there? While this soap is amazing for damaged skin, it’s not going to feel like a dead sea mud soap “experience.” You’ll definitely smell the charcoal and feel the goat’s milk, but the dead sea mud? It’s just there for its minerals and vitamins.


• If Southern Natural told me their soap could heal bullet wounds, I’d probably believe it.

• No, seriously, some people use Southern Natural dead sea mud and charcoal soap instead of taking medicine. I can’t emphasize that part enough.

• The charcoal scent comes through really nicely, which is a feat. You’ll have soft baby skin, but a manly smell.


• The “Dead Sea Mud” part of the soap gets lost between the charcoal and goat’s milk.

O Naturals Dead Sea Mud & Clay Soap

O Naturals gets relatively positive reviews as a brand, but it’s always a mixed bag. I like throwing them on my lists once in a while because they’re highly affordable if you’re just looking to experiment with natural soaps. Their dead sea mud and clay soap is a good option if you want a standard dead sea mud soap experience without too big of a financial commitment.

When I say “standard” experience, I mean oily skinned people will appreciate how quickly it cures french fry face. My acne-ridden friends will see a quick reduction in redness and scarring. Dry skinned folks probably won’t enjoy its scratchiness.

You can read our benefits of dead sea mud soap article, and that’ll give you a really accurate picture of what this soap is going to look, feel, and smell like. The downside? I just find it so….boring. O Naturals didn’t bother getting creative here.


• It’s a highly standard dead sea mud soap. If you’re reading articles online about what dead sea mud is supposed to do (and it’s side-effects), this is the bar that embodies that.

• Good for dry, irritated, and acne-prone skin. Very few reports of dryness.


• Their ingredient list is “minerals.” So I can’t verify whether this is all-natural. (Can’t always trust the brand name to keep their promises.)

• If you’re a natural soap connoisseur, you’re going to find this bland. At least, I sure did.

iHeart Nature Dead Sea Charcoal Soap

Here’s your wild card soap. With just three ratings, iHeart’s dead sea charcoal soap has 100% five-star feedback. They’re not a wildly popular brand, but all of their products are formulated by doctors, so they’re masters of health-conscious soap making.

Beyond that, the soap itself has a brave ingredient list. I don’t usually trust non-established soap makers with charcoal, since it’s such a picky ingredient. And add that to dead sea mud…I really hope iHeart knows what they’re doing with both ingredients. If you have dry skin, beware. I’m not sure that even the healing minerals, shea butter, and essential oils in this soap can protect you from the rub-down this bar promises.

But on the flip side, I’d say it’s worth a shot if you have oily skin and like to get adventurous with your bathroom products. And I love to give underdogs a chance.


• It’s made by doctors, so it’s health-conscious.

• If you have incredibly oily skin, this could be your out-of-left-field savior

• You’ll get to go on a little soapy adventure. I love trying new, and possibly up-and-coming products. Leave an Amazon review so that I have more audience feedback to reference!


• Nobody is bragging about their iHeart Nature soap. They score low with audience popularity.

• Wrong skin type for dead sea and charcoal, and this soap will f*ck you up. (Looking at you, dry skinned friends. Be warned.)

• I’m concerned that they’re calling it “Dead Sea” rather than “Dead Sea Mud.” That’s a red flag for me. Some marketers like to get tricky with their wording to brand themselves deceitfully.

How Do You Use Dead Sea Mud Soap?

You can use your dead sea mud soap just like any other soap.

If you need a refresher, check out how to use bar soap in the shower. As a rule of thumb, lather it up, then use your hands or a loofah to rub the lather into your skin.

One misconception some people carry is that dead sea mud soap will clog their drains. It lathers and scrubs just like any other soap, so you don’t need to worry about keeping the suds out of your drain. Do be careful of some brands that might stain your tub. The mud is just so dark, if you don’t wash it off your body and the floor completely, it’s bound to build up (in the same way that any soap does, just with darker soap scum).

For my hard water users, you’ll probably want to check out these bar soaps for hard water.

What Does Dead Sea Mud Do?

Dead sea mud is known as an exfoliator, meaning it’s technically useful for all skin types, but especially good with oily skin. My dry skinned friends: beware. You won’t want to use any of these bars more than once a week.

Dead sea mud is really good for acne. The minerals and vitamins in the soap repair skin damage, while dissolving acne-causing oils. As an alternative, you can also check out this list of best charcoal bar soap, which is great for oily skin and acne.

Don’t try to use it as a shaving soap, but if you’re looking for a pre-shave soap, it’s not a bad option. Dead sea mud will wash away dead skin cells, keeping your skin smooth enough for the blade to glide across.

Is Mud From The Dead Sea Good For Skin?

Yes! Now is a great time to mention that you shouldn’t rub just any old mud on your face. Dead sea mud is mineral-rich, which makes it skin-friendly and nourishing.

Each mineral packs its own set of benefits. Sodium and calcium moisturize your skin, while magnesium, zinc, and sulfur repair skin damage and inflammation. Both of those are important qualities in an exfoliating soap. Without those extra benefits, more users would suffer from skin irritation.

For my sensitive skin folks, check out this list of best bar soaps for sensitive skin.

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