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5 Best Antifungal Shampoo For Men In 2023

Lots of guys don’t realize that their dandruff may actually be the result of a fungus living on their scalp. If you suffer from dryness, flakes, irritation, or marks that look like acne, you should try the best antifungal shampoo for men, especially when dandruff shampoos just aren’t cutting it.

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Viking Revolution Tea Tree Shampoo (Our Top Pick)

Sometimes the hardest part of dealing with a gross scalp condition is how unmanly it makes you feel. What better way to get your game back than with a Viking Revolution? Their tea tree oil shampoo dissolves flakes and washes away fungi and bacteria, perfect for getting your scalp clean as a whistle.

You can use both their shampoo and conditioner on your hair and beard. It has a minty smell and thick texture, so the bottle is long-lasting. To top it all off, if it wasn’t obvious, Viking Revolution is a men’s brand. It’s made for male hair, and you’ll notice it in the scent and product vibes. It’s the perfect way to get your mojo back.


• Nice minty smell. Thick, satisfying texture.

• Softens hair and helps with fungal-related itchiness.

• Long-lasting bottle.

• MANLY brand! Hard to find a fungal shampoo that caters to guys.


• Some guys wish the smell was stronger. It’s subtle.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo 

Tea Tree Special by Paul Mitchell is perhaps the most acclaimed tea tree shampoo on the market. It’s gentle, minty, and has that tingly tea tree sensation. You’ll feel it working at your roots as you lather it into your scalp.

We’ve also named them among our top antibacterial shampoos for men – it’s antifungal too! And that’s not uncommon. You’ll notice that many of the shampoos here fight all sorts of harmful microbes using natural, gentle essential oils.

It’s not a men’s shampoo, but if you’re looking for a “normal” and good-smelling shampoo that will help fight scalp fungal infections, it’s a safe bet. No need to smell like the doctor’s office!


• Relaxing tingly sensation from the tea tree oil.

• Antifungal and antibacterial. Will help with all sorts of scalp conditions.

• Smells awesome.


• Not a men’s shampoo. Gender-neutral scent, but more often used by women.

Kick Men’s Shampoo

Kick has a unique sales pitch. All of their shampoos are designed for athletes. So if you have a long, active day and need a shampoo that can keep up with you and your sweat, Kick may be your best option.

It has tea tree and peppermint (both are antibacterial, and tea tree oil is antimicrobial, so they’ll clear up fungal infections). The scent is subtle, and it doesn’t have the tingle, so I’d recommend Kick for the guy who prefers a gentle and unobtrusive shampoo that pairs easily with other scents.

You’ll want to use it with a conditioner so that it doesn’t tangle your hair, but other than that, Kick is a solid, scalp-loving choice.


• Great for thin hair that suffers from dryness.

• Designed for athletes, can withstand a long, active day.

• Subtle scent with less of a tea tree tingle. Good for guys who prefer mild shampoos.


• Use it with a conditioner to keep hair from tangling.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

Maple Holistics was founded in 2001 with the goal to bring more plant-based hair and skin care products to the market. Based on its ingredient list, their tea tree oil shampoo lives up to the company name, but better yet, it’s perfect for flaky hair, and you can use it daily.

What really sets them apart from other natural shampoos is the rich texture. It’s hard to find a plant-based product that gets creamy, foamy, and bubbly as you lather it into your hair, but Maple Holistics does just that. It even strengthens hair, so you’ll see wispy ends growing stronger and longer.

They say that their tea tree oil is best for oily hair…but I disagree. The moisturizing ingredients hydrate your scalp and dissolve dead skin, so it’s more of a flaky scalp cure.


• Rich lather with an awesome texture.

• Helps with hair growth.

• Works on dandruff, fungal infections, and folliculitis.

• Great shampoo for smelly scalp too.


• Not the best shampoo for oily hair, as advertised.

Rocky Mountain Shampoo

Rocky Mountain Barber company was founded in 2015, so they’re new to the hair game (compared to other companies), but they do know their way around men’s care – and they know their audience. They offer a free razor blade with every purchase.

Their shampoo follows a winning formula. Tea tree oil, minty scents, eucalyptus, and other essential oils give it planty and outdoorsy vibes while still having antifungal benefits. What really stands out is how fresh the ingredients are. The bottle is small because Rocky Mountain only makes their product in small batches for quality control.

The Discover Beauty Spotlight at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas featured them as one of 40 up-and-coming brands. I’d say they’re still getting there. Their shampoo isn’t exactly unique, but it’s high-quality and crisp. And it has those made-for-men vibes.


• Incredibly fresh ingredients.

• Made for men, and offers a free razor blade with every purchase.

• Named up-and-coming brand by Cosmoprof at the Discover Beauty Spotlight.


• Not exactly a unique shampoo.

What Kills Fungus On Scalp?

There are lots of natural ingredients that kill fungus on your scalp. The trick is buying hair products that contain those natural ingredients.

Look for:

Tea Tree Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coconut Oil (try a coconut oil shampoo for men)
Honey (we even have suggestions for the best honey shampoos for men!)
Salicylic acid
Selenium Sulfide

You can also go straight to the medicinal antifungal shampoo that’s labeled antifungal, but we avoided those options on this list because they tend to smell and feel weird, and there are plenty of alternatives with the same ingredients.

Does Antifungal Shampoo Work?

For most men, an antifungal shampoo will clear up flakes, dryness, scalp irritation, and other fungal symptoms. Use a gentle conditioner with it, and your hair will look top-notch in no time.

Antifungal shampoo takes about 2-4 weeks to kick in. If you don’t see any results within a month to a month and a half, you might need to try a different cocktail of natural antifungal ingredients. In extreme cases, you may need to see a dermatologist for an antifungal pill. 

Or, maybe you’ve misdiagnosed yourself. It could be that you need a shampoo to treat folliculitis.

Be patient, watch for side effects and worsening symptoms, and you’ll find the treatment that works best for your scalp.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair With Antifungal Shampoo?

Always read the shampoo bottle for specific instructions. Lots of the shampoos on our list are good for everyday use, but if you opt for a ketoconazole antifungal shampoo, you shouldn’t use it more often than every 3 days.

Also check the bottle’s instructions for what to do once your scalp clears up. Some suggest only spot treating as needed, while others require consistent weekly use to keep your fungal condition from returning.

Lastly, don’t stress! You know your body better than anyone else, and you’ll know when you’ve found the right shampoo to save your scalp.

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