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5 Best Antibacterial Shampoo For Men In 2023

Dandruff, smelly hair, irritation, acne, folliculitis – lots of common scalp conditions are worsened by bacteria build-up. Luckily, the best antibacterial shampoo for men has some powerful ingredients to keep you smelling fine and your scalp looking clean.

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Tea Tree Special Shampoo (Our Top Pick)

There’s one ingredient that you’ve probably noticed lots of antibacterial shampoos have in common: tea tree oil. It’s a powerful essential oil that has a crisp, minty scent and protects you from harmful microbes, like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Tea tree Special is widely regarded as the best tea tree oil shampoo on the market. Other shampoos like to say they’re similar to Tea Tree Special (but only a small handful make the cut). The difference is in how concentrated their formula is. You won’t need another bottle for a long, long time because just a small squirt delivers a powerful pack of natural ingredients directly to your scalp.


• Known as the best tea tree oil shampoo.

• Incredibly concentrated. Powerful scent, and powerful natural ingredients.

• Great for tangles, dandruff, eczema, grease, and more. Cure-all shampoo.


• The pump on the bottle is flimsy. Can’t manhandle it.

Rocky Mountain Shampoo

Rocky Mountain Barber Company takes all-natural shampoos to the next level. They make all of their products in small batches to ensure quality and ingredient freshness. You’re not only getting tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus and more in this bottle – you’re getting the freshest essential oils on the market.

Better yet, the scent is long-lasting. It’s light and minty, and it’ll stay in your hair all day. The small catch is that it does leave a light residue in your hair. Many guys like the way it protects their hair, but other guys can’t stand the texture.


• All-day minty tea tree scent.

• Freshest ingredients you can get in a shampoo.

• Eucalyptus is great if you need help clearing your sinuses.


• Leaves a little bit of light residue.

Brickell Daily Strengthening Shampoo 

Brickell Men’s takes full advantage of the manliness and cleansing power of tea tree oil. Their daily strengthening shampoo smells like peppermint (easy to pair with a cool cologne). It’s formulated to repair hair damage and soothe irritated scalp with vitamin E, amino acids, and peppermint, on top of the tea tree oil.

They’ve been in the men’s skin and hair care business since 2014. Brickell Men’s may sound young compared to other brands, but they’ve quickly built a name for themselves down the luxury hair care aisle. 

• Contains antibacterial tea tree oil, gentle and effective.

• Extra ingredients repair hair damage.

• Known for being one of the best smelling shampoos for men.


• Some guys don’t like using Brickell Men’s every day. Might need to rotate it out with another shampoo.

Every Man Jack Tea Tree Shampoo

Every Man Jack has the best antibacterial shampoo if you’re looking for soft, silky hair with that glossy appearance. They lean on tea tree oil for its antimicrobial properties, but add in coconut and aloe to improve hair texture.

It’s especially good for guys with dry and frizzy-prone hair. Coconut oil and aloe help enhance curls and promote healthier hair growth. Lots of guys rave about how their wives want to run their fingers through their hair after using Every Man Jack.

They also make an awesome charcoal shampoo for greasier hair. It has its own mixture of antibacterial ingredients, like lemon and cypress.


• Best softening antibacterial shampoo.

• Improves hair texture and shininess.

• Shampoo and conditioner in one bottle.


• Bottle design looks larger than it actually is. 

Kick Men’s Shampoo

If you’re ready to kick your shampoo game into high gear, Kick men’s shampoo is great for fast results. In just a few washes, you’ll notice less grease and dandruff, and hair that has more volume.

It’s another remix of tea tree and peppermint, but what really sets Kick apart is the brand specialty. They formed in 2018 to create shampoos that could withstand the sweat and grime of an athlete’s daily routine. You’ll still want to rinse off after working out, but your hair should feel a lot nicer than it usually would after a trip to the gym, court, or field.


• Great for thinning hair. Adds volume.

• Fast results – soothes irritated scalp and helps with dandruff.

• Keeps your hair fresh as you work out.


• It’s extremely similar to Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Special – Paul Mitchell has decades of experience over Kick.

What Kills Bacteria On Scalp?

Using a daily antimicrobial shampoo is the easiest way to kill bacteria on your scalp. Antimicrobial shampoos wash away bacteria, mildew, algae, viruses, and more.

Finding antimicrobial shampoos is pretty easy, too. Many men’s products contain essential oils for scent, and they’re awesome bacteria-fighters. Tea tree, peppermint, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon oil are all common antibacterial essential oils.

But for hair that needs extra care, you can add some home remedies to your routine. Rinse with apple cider vinegar or pick up an over-the-counter ointment.

If you continue to experience bacterial-related symptoms (smelly scalp, dandruff, irritation, etc…), see a dermatologist for treatment options.

Is Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Antibacterial?

Tea tree oil is antimicrobial, which is even better than antibacterial. Not only does it fight bacteria, but it also deters mold, algae, viruses, and more. 

Lots of guys with thick and curly hair appreciate how it gets down into your roots to deep clean. You’ll even feel the classic “tea tree tingle,” a cool sensation that lets you know it’s working. It’s great for detangling your hair.

For most guys, it’s a no brainer. Tea tree oil shampoos are always a safe choice.

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