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5 Best Smelling Pomades For Men In 2023

Pomades are the bomb. And it’s a big plus when they smell good, too. So, these are the best smelling pomades for men. Because they’re the go-to product when you want to give your hair a bomb ass hold with a super stylish shine. These pomades will keep your hair in shape and looking good, while smelling awesome, too.

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18.21 Man Made Hair Pomade (Our Top Pick)

I love 18.21 Man Made Hair Pomade. It’s one of my favorites on the list because it’s a top-quality product. And that’s what their brand is known for. In fact, they’ve just partnered with Beautopia, Australia’s biggest hair and grooming retail chain, to launch Down Under.

And here’s what I love about this pomade: it gives your hair a superb shine with a hold that’s not too strong. That means you won’t have to worry about crunchy waves, curls, or braids. And your low fade will shine without being hard and brittle when your girl touches your fresh cut.

There’s no flakiness either. By the afternoon, your hair is still intact, looking great and smelling even better. You can’t beat that, right?

But that scent though.

I’m not going to lie to you. I was a little skeptical about the Sweet Tobacco scent at first. Afterall, WTH does sweet tobacco even smell like? But I gotta be honest, it’s actually really good.

It’s a super-warm, masculine scent that makes me feel like I’m the CEO of a Fortune 500 company––bossed up but sweet.  And it blends really well with my different colognes, too.

And that’s one of the reasons why I love this pomade.

There’s nothing worse than having a product you have to tiptoe around with because you’re afraid it’ll clash with your cologne, body wash, or aftershave. But the oils that 18.21 Man Made uses in this pomade (saffron and dried fruits that’s mellow to hints of tonka bean, manuka honey, and dark-toned vanilla) are some of the best blends I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

I’m telling you, this pomade smells amazing, and you won’t regret trying it. Few other pomades deserve to be on this list of best smelling pomades for men as this one does.


  • Provides your hair with a killer shine that lasts all day. There’s no need to worry about your hair looking dull by lunchtime.
  • I love the medium hold. This pomade won’t dry your hair out, nor does it turn flaky within hours. A lot of those big box brand pomades like Suave or Axe don’t do the same and trust me, it’s a nightmare trying to get those horrendous flakes out of your hair at work.
  • Because the hold isn’t too strong, you can actually run your fingers through your hair or style it differently later in the day if you want to. That’s bomb, especially if you’re like me and can’t wait to hit Happy Hour after you clock out.
  • The Sweet Tobacco aroma is one of the best. It’s uber-masculine and strong and compliments a lot of different colognes.


  • The scent could be way too strong for some people. Yes, it smells good, but it can be overpowering if you use too much. Remember guys: sometimes less is more and goes a long way.
  • The corn and quinoa in the ingredients give off a little grit in the product. It’s annoying feeling it in your hair. Not to mention how it gets under your fingernails whenever you scratch your scalp. I wish they’d change that.
  • The hold may not be strong enough for the brothers with thicker or curlier hair. This pomade may not be the best option for you guys. And I get it. That’s super annoying.

Pro Tip: If you’re one of the dudes with thicker hair, we’ve got a list of the best pomades for thick hair that you definitely won’t go wrong with. Come on, you know I got your back.

Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade

Another one of the best smelling pomades for men is the Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade. Besides the incredible scent, there’s a boatload of reasons why I absolutely love this product.

First, it’s made by a group of stylists who were frustrated at not being able to find hair products to suit the needs of men everywhere. Some of the best ideas are borne out of frustration. There’s no reason a gentleman shouldn’t be able to find the perfect product, right?

This pomade gives your hair a great shine with a super sleek look, not that greasy Pauly D look. (No shade, Pauly! Sorry!)

The greaseball look is definitely not it, so if you want a super sleek slick back look, we’ve got some easy instructions on how to slick back hair without looking greasy.

But it’s not just the shine and super sleek look that I love about this pomade, it’s awesome because this thing washes out instantly. And that’s one of the best things about this pomade––how easily you can get it out. Who wants to be fighting forever with getting their product out of their hair? Not me. There’s nothing worse than those super sticky pomades that takes an hour to get out of your hair completely.

But with the Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade, there’s no need to shampoo your hair three, four, five times. Those headaches are for brands like Axe or Old Spice.

But I digress. Scent.

Dapper Dan Deluxe Fresh Pomade has an amazing aroma. It’s a perfect mix of Fresh Citrus and Vanilla. From the moment you crack the jar open, this carefully crafted blend of fragrance hits you over the head without it being too much. It’s a clean and fresh manly scent that you (and your girl) will love.

Pro Tip 1: Because this pomade is gel-like, you’ll only need a very little. Dab a small dime-sized amount into your palms, rub your hands together then slick them through your hair.

Pro Tip 2: It’s best to use this product on dry hair. It’ll give you a much more natural and refined look rather than a greasy, “OMG he’s used way too much product” look.  


  • It’s water based. That makes it very easy to wash out at the end of the day. There’s no need to shampoo several times.
  • Because it’s a medium hold, it’s super easy to recomb or restyle your hair without having to wash and apply more pomade. This one is super easy and convenient for you when you want to restyle your hair before hitting happy hour after work.
  • I love that it looks great on all different hair types. Doesn’t matter if you have thick, thin, or coarse hair, this pomade will have you looking fresh.


  • It could make certain hair types too hard or give it a crunchy feel if you use too much. Not a good look.
  • Because of its gel-like formula, it is very light. That can make you feel like you haven’t used enough and need to apply more, thus running out of it much quicker.
  • If you use too much, your hair will smell very chemical-y.

Redken Brews Pomade

I’m a big fan of Redken Brews Pomade. It’s made by a company known for creating some of the best award-winning hair products since 1960. That’s a super long time to perfect your formulas and products. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with their pomade. It’s created with an amazing formula that provides a smooth natural finish with a medium hold. 

This is a super easy to apply, water-based pomade that gives your hair a natural shine. It’s lightweight and provides great flexibility and won’t leave your hair looking way too slick or oily. And because it’s water-based and much softer than brands like Old Spice, it allows you to run your fingers through your hair without it feeling crunchy or like it’ll slice your finger in two.

And there’s some incredible ingredients, too.

Avocado, Beeswax, Castor Oil, and Fiber Minerals make this one of the best smelling pomades for men. They blend well to give your hair a masculine but natural aroma. One that smells clean but vibrant.

But these ingredients not only smell great, they’re also actually good for your hair, too. I love that about this pomade. It’ll have your hair looking sleek, and naturally shiny, while nourishing your hair and smelling amazing. It’s no surprise it’s on this list of best smelling pomades for men.

And if you’re one of the brothers with thinner hair, Redken Brews pomade is especially great for you. It’s even one of our top five best pomades for thin hair this year.


  • Medium hold won’t have your hair looking way too oily or feeling crunchy and tough. Trust me, no woman wants to run her fingers through her man’s crunchy hair.  
  • It smells fantastic. The Avocado, Beeswax, and Castor Oil blend well to create a fresh scent that lasts throughout the day.
  • I love that it’s water based. That makes it super easy to wash out in the shower and you don’t have to worry about shampooing over and over to get all the pomade out of your hair. 


  • I hate how sticky it is. It can be very annoying trying to get it off your hands.

Jovinno Pomade

Jovinno is another favorite of mine on the list because it’s all-natural. And if you don’t know already, I’m a big sucker for all natural products. They’re so much better for you and the health of your hair.

What I also love about this product is how lightweight it is and how its hold isn’t a strong one that’ll leave your hair stiff. No, this pomade has some of the best ingredients from France that’s sure to keep your hair healthy.

But it smells great, too.

Jovinno Pomade has a light, airy aroma that lingers well after you’ve applied it to your hair. But it’s not one of those overly, perfume-y, cologne-y aromas that’s way too heavy and overpowers your other scents, which is a big thing we look for before adding it in this list of best smelling pomades for men.

I love that. Nobody wants to walk around smelling like they’ve doused themselves in a bottle of Barbicide. I know I don’t. And I wouldn’t want you to either.

Pro Tip: Here’s the best way to use this pomade.

  • Wash and shampoo your hair.
  • Towel dry your hair but leave it just a little damp, so the pomade mixes well with the moisture in your hair.
  • Finger out a small dime-sized amount into the palm of your hand. Rub them together then apply the pomade evenly through your hair.
  • And if you need extra, you can go ahead and slide a little more through your hair until and then style it how you want.


  • Made with all-natural ingredients like Rosemary Extract, Marshmallow Root, and Hempseed Oil that are wonderful for keeping your hair healthy and shiny.
  • It smells great. I love the light and airy scent of this pomade. It’s not overbearing or too harsh and it won’t clash with your other scents.
  • Doesn’t contain any harsh parabens or other chemicals that can easily damage your hair.


  • It’s very thick which can make it a headache to get it applied evenly through your hair.
  • It can leave your hair and hands feeling super sticky. And it leaves residue behind that’s hard to get off.

Battle Born Original Pomade

Battle Born Original Pomade is a stellar pomade made with awesome ingredients. The guys over at Battle Born make all-natural, plant-based products that are great for your hair and smell amazing, too. And as former stylists, they know a thing or two about hair and what it takes to look good.

I love that this water-based pomade is perfect for almost every hair type you can think of. It’s even light enough that you can restyle your hair the next morning without having to wash the pomade out. But even though this pomade is light, it still packs a punch when it comes to the hold.

It’s a firm hold that lasts throughout the day and you don’t have to worry about it drying or flaking up hours after you’ve applied it.

Even if you’re a new pomade user, this is one of the easiest you’ll find. Just check out how to use pomade for men and you’ll be off to the races.

But there’s a wealth of some of the best top-of-the-line ingredients, too. Stuff like Avocado, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E Oil that not only keep your hair healthy and shiny, but they fight off damage.

And the smell? Well, let’s just say it’s easily one of the best smelling pomades for men.


  • All-natural ingredients like shea butter, avocado and castor oil that are amazing for your hair’s health. And they smell great, too.
  • Water based. It gives your hair a smooth finish that is super easy to wash out when you’re ready.
  • I love that the hold is firm but still allows you to restyle your hair without washing the pomade out.


  • The aroma is super strong. It can be overwhelming to some people and can clash with your cologne.
  • It’s hard to get off your hands. I hate that it takes several washes before your hands feel clean again.

Does Pomade Have a Smell?

Yes! Almost every grooming company is making scented pomades now. Even the cheapest brands have scents, if just a tad bit. They’ve got mint, tobacco, citrus, vanilla, the list goes on. They’re all meant to give your hair that extra kick of an amazing aroma.

And I’m not mad at it.

I think your grooming products should definitely have a great aroma. An amazing scent lingering from your grooming product adds to the total package you present to the world the moment you walk out of your front door.

Where some of these brands go wrong is by making their pomades way too scented. They douse them in all kinds of chemicals to bring out its fragrance but isn’t an actual good product.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for a good scent.  And those scents end up clashing with your cologne or body wash. That’s why it’s uber-important to pick a pomade that smells amazing but works well with your body wash, cologne, and natural scent.

And while you can find some pomades (mainly the cheap drugstore kinds) that claim to be unscented, I think it’s best to grab one that will have your hair smelling great.

There’s nothing better than having a great head of hair that looks terrific.

And it’s a big plus when your hair smells even better, hence why we’ve made this list of best smelling pomades for men.

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