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5 Best Electric Shavers For Coarse Hair In 2023

Shaving with a dull or low-powered electric razor can be pretty painful and irritating when your beard is coarse. I’ve put together a list of the best electric shavers for coarse hair, to guarantee a fast, efficient shave no matter how wiry or thick your facial hair happens to be. 

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Braun Series 9 Pro (Our Top Pick)

The Braun Series 9 has some of the world’s most advanced electric shavers. No surprise, then, that their Series 9 pro is one of the best electric shavers for coarse hair. 

The Pro is the most advanced Series 9 model, with a large, flexible head with 4 cutting implements. The two outer foils cut closely and smoothly, while the two inner implements deal swiftly with longer hairs or curly hair that grows in different directions. 

The result is a very close yet gentle shave on any hair type, including very dense or coarse growth. You can expect fantastic results even if you only shave once a week, which is a rare benefit in foil shavers. 

This model comes with a very sophisticated station that charges, cleans, lubricates, and dries your razor all at once, with minimal effort on your end. 

The razor itself has a 60-minute runtime, but since you just pop it into the station after every use, the chances of forgetting to charge it are slim to none. It can be used both wet and dry, so you can combine it with your favorite shaving cream for an even closer, more gentle shave. 

It’s as close to perfect a shaver as you can find, and it comes with a price to match – if you have a very coarse, curly beard and sensitive skin but you want a very close shave, I think it’s worth it.  


  • Advanced foil design that’s very comfortable and close-cutting. 
  • Inner cutting implements accommodate coarse curly hair that grows in different directions. 
  • Can handle up to a week’s growth. 
  • Comes with an excellent charging & cleaning station that takes care of all maintenance. 
  • Can be used both wet and dry, which is perfect if you like to soften coarse hair with water and shaving cream


  • Very expensive. 

Panasonic Arc5 Razor

The Panasonic Arc5 is a close competitor to the Braun Series 9, but at a more affordable price point… making it an easy pick for this list of best electric shavers for coarse hair.

The main feature that makes it so excellent for a coarse beard is its incredibly sharp 5-blade system. The Japanese-made cutting implements deal with hair growing at various lengths and directions, and their sharpness means they have no problem cutting through even the thickest or coarsest hair. You could get an excellent shave even when only using it twice a week. 

Compared to the Braun Series 9, it’s a very close-cutting but slightly less comfortable shaver that may struggle with long curly hair. It’s still gentle on sensitive skin, just not to the same extent as the series 9. That said, if you use it with shaving cream (which you absolutely can!), that’ll definitely make things milder. 

Finally, the battery holds up for 40 minutes of use, but there’s also a quick charge option for forgetful days. 


  • Has a very sharp 5-blade system to deal with coarse hair. 
  • Central cutting implements deal with hair that grows in different directions. 
  • Can handle up to 3 days’ growth. 
  • Affordable alternative to the Braun Series 9 Pro.


  • Not quite as comfortable as our top pick. 

Philips Norelco 9000 Shaver

If you’re looking for an effortless shave, this will be your best electric shaver for coarse hair. It’s a rotary shaver, which is the easiest kind of electric shaver to use. 

Unlike with foils, you won’t have to worry about the direction in which you move the head as you shave – the round foils will work in any direction and against hair growing every which way. 

This Prestige design from Philips is very robust, with a carefully-engineered head that deals with coarse hair exceptionally well. The round NanoTech blades do quick work of thick, coarse growth which cheaper rotary shavers may struggle with. The foils themselves are very smooth, but they’re fitted closely enough over the blades to allow for a very close, clean shave.  

Another feature I really like is the clip-on trimmer. It fits into the body of the shaver very securely and it’s a little larger than the average pop-up trimmer you’ll find on a foil shaver. Because of that, it’s more comfortable to use, and it’s especially helpful if you’ve missed more than a week of shaving – you can use it to cut down your beard, and then use the rotary head to finish the job and complete your shave.  

The only drawback to this shaver is the cost, which is up there, and the lack of bonus accessories that would normally justify a higher price tag. 


  • Rotary design is much easier to use thanks to round blades that shave hair in every direction. 
  • NanoTech blades handle coarse hair well. 
  • Provides a smooth, close shave thanks to the excellent foils. 
  • Robust clip-on trimmer helps with sideburns or longer growth. 


  • Very expensive. 
  • No bonus accessories. 

Panasonic Arc3 Shaver

It’s hard to find great budget-friendly shavers for coarse beards but the Arc3 stands out as an exception. Its fast, powerful motor rivals that of more expensive shavers, which is why it performs so well against coarse beards. 

The blades are nice and sharp, while the foils are relatively smooth and gentle (although not as gentle as most Braun models). The major difference between this shaver and pricier models is the lack of a central cutting implement. If you shave every day, it’s not an issue. If you like to skip days, however, this foil just won’t manage it. 

As with all other electric razors on this list, it can accommodate both dry and wet shaving. Because of that, it cannot be used while plugged in. A full battery will last for around 45 minutes of use, so remember to keep it charged. 


  • Powerful motor handles coarse hair well. 
  • Designed for both dry and wet shaving. 
  • Budget-friendly. 


  • Can’t handle more than a day’s growth. 
  • Mediocre battery. 

Philips Norelco OneBlade

As one of the best electric shavers for coarse hair, the OneBlade offers a unique way to shave. It’s somewhere between your typical electric trimmer and a cartridge razor. It has a small head that allows for more precision as you shave, and also makes for a very travel-friendly shaver.  

The unique, flexible design of the OneBlade provides a very close shave. You can use it both with and against the grain. It works best against short stubble, but may struggle with longer growth. 

Not only can the OneBlade accommodate a wet shave with shaving cream, but it truly excels at it and doesn’t get clogged. For some men with coarse beards, shaving cream makes a huge difference by helping to soften your whiskers, which contributes to a much smoother, more comfortable shave. Rinsing throughout your shave is easy to do, as well. 

Compared to any of the foil shavers on this list, however, it’s not quite as fast to use. Those shavers have larger heads that cover a lot of ground quickly, so they might be more convenient if you tend to shave in a rush. 

The actual blade requires more frequent replacing than the blades on the foils I’ve recommended, so you can expect to spend a little more money in the long term. I’d also expect the actual body and battery to fail a lot more quickly, since it’s a flimsier design than most other electric shavers on the market. 


  • Small head gives you more precision and control as you shave and enhances portability. 
  • Excels at shaving over shaving cream, which is excellent if you need the extra help pre-softening your beard. 
  • Provides a nice, close shave with both with and against the grain shaving. 


  • Smaller single blade demands a longer, more involved shaving process. 
  • Blade must be replaced more frequently than on a foil shaver so the long term cost is higher. 
  • Slightly flimsy body compared to other shavers, and may contribute to worse longevity.

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