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5 Best Pomades For Asian Hair In 2023

Are you one of our Asian brothers looking for the best products that’ll have your hair looking, feeling, and smelling its best? Well, look no further because here’s a list of the best pomades for Asian hair.

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Layrite Superhold Pomade (Our Top Pick)

One of the best pomades for Asian hair is Layrite Superhold Pomade. I love this Layrite because they get it… well right. And that’s what I love about this brand. It’s created by former barbers who know what it takes to make products for the gentleman in all of us.

The ingredients used in this pomade’s formula are some of the best around. There are some super awesome essential oils like Coconut Oil and Castor Oil that are phenomenal. These oils not only smell amazing and have your hair looking sleek and shiny, but they’re also great for your hair’s health, too.

But it’s not just the natural ingredients (there’s nothing better than awesome natural ingredients), there’s the hold, too. Layrite Superhold Pomade gives your hair some of the strongest holds I’ve found. And that’s especially important for Asian hair.

To keep your hair looking tight and feeling right, you’ll need a pomade that gives you a strong hold and a sleek shine. Layrite does exactly that.

Pro Tip: It’s best to use this pomade on dry hair. So, applying this pomade to your hair right after you’ve stepped out of the shower isn’t the best time to use it. Towel dry your hair or let it air dry before using. The dryer the hair, the better the hold.  


  • This pomade is made with an amazing formula that has some of the best essential oils. They’ll have your hair looking and feeling bomb AF without the crunch or dullness that you get from some of the pomades made by other brands.
  • I love that it’s water based. That means there’s no need to worry about it drying your hair out too much.
  • The hold is great. Your hair won’t fall or lose its shape by the end of the day. That’s dope and super convenient if you ask me.   


  • It’s difficult to use on straighter hair. If you’ve got more of a curlier hair type, this will work better for you. I wish they’d tweak it some so that it’s great for all different hair types.
  • I hate how sticky this pomade is. It’s a nightmare trying to get it off of your hands once you’re done using it.

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of California Clay Pomade is another one I consider to be one of the best pomades for Asian hair. Its formula is created by some of the best former barbers in the industry, too. Their experience gives them the talent and know-how to create products that get you the hold and shine that only a good pomade gives.

My favorite aspect of this pomade is how lightweight it is. That’s especially good for Asian hair because you don’t want to use a pomade that’ll weigh your hair down or have it looking too processed or greasy. You don’t have to worry about that here.

There are also some great ingredients, too. There’s Beeswax and Castor Oil that keeps your hair looking moisturized on the surface but healthy as hell underneath, too. These natural ingredients are the key to keeping your hair healthy and giving it its glow.  

Pro Tip: For this pomade, you can use it on either wet or dry hair. The wetter your hair is, the sleeker it’ll come out. The dryer your hair, the more naturally styled it’ll look. It all depends on your mood and what you’re going for when you leave the house.


  • It’s super lightweight. I love that it won’t matte or weigh your hair down.
  • Castor Seed Oil, Fennel Oil and Sage Oil are some of the best essential oils around and this pomade is packed with it. They’re great for keeping your hair looking phenomenal while also being super healthy and moisturized.
  • Won’t leave your hair looking greasy. That’s one of the worst aspects of some of those other brands. They won’t have your hair looking its best. You don’t have to worry about that with this pomade.


  • It has a really strong aroma. Some people might find it way too strong, and it could clash with your cologne or body wash which sucks.
  • If your hair is on the longer side, this pomade might disappoint you. It works a lot better on shorter hair and that sucks, too if you’ve got longer hair and want the shine and hold that this pomade gives.

American Crew Pomade

American Crew Pomade is one of the best pomades for Asian hair because of its versatility. It’s a phenomenal option whether you’ve got straight, curly, kinky, or fine hair. But not only that, it repairs damage caused by other products, too. That’s a level of genius that not too many other brands reach.

One of my favorite aspects of this pomade is its fibers. They’re included in the ingredients––along with Beeswax and essential oils––to help repair your hair from its roots. They also work to thicken your hair, too, so it’s great if your hair is thinning or is just naturally finer.

American Crew Pomade is even one of top five best pomades for thin hair this year, too. So, if you’re one of those guys whose hair is on the thinner side, it’s worth it to also take a look at that list.

Pro Tip: You can use this pomade on dry hair. That’s when it works best. All you need is a finger length amount in the palm of your hand, then apply it evenly throughout your hair. It’s a super quick and easy process.


  • Made with some really outstanding essential oils. They’ll revitalize and nourish your hair while keeping it looking sleek and healthy with a really dope shine.
  • I really dig that this pomade is great for all different hair types. None of us have the exact same grain of hair so I love how versatile this pomade is.
  • The fibers in the formula are downright genius. It’s great for Asian hair because of how they work to thicken your hair and give it a fuller look and feel.  


  • The hold could be stronger. Asian hair needs a particularly strong hold because of its texture so I wish American Crew made this pomade’s hold a little stronger.
  • Just like I wish they made the hold stronger, I wish they made the scent lighter. It’s super strong and can overwhelm your body wash or colognes. I do love how masculine it smells, though.

Redken Brews Cream Pomade

If you want to add volume and some great texture to your hair, you can’t go wrong with Redken Brews Cream Pomade. Its formula was created and perfected by some of the best in the business over the last more than half a century. Their products have won a boatload of awards and are known around the world for their quality.

This is another awesome product that’s one of the best pomades for Asian hair you can find. It’s a water-based pomade that’ll give your hair an amazing shine, not a too greasy, uber product-y look.

And that’s what I love about water-based pomades. They get your hair looking just right without the overly processed look of an Axe or Old Spice pomade. If you want a pomade that’ll give your hair that sleek, smooth finish, this is one of the best to go with.

But there are also some killer ingredients, too. Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein are just a few that will nourish and protect your hair––keeping it healthy AF while also looking spectacular.


  • My favorite thing in products are their natural ingredients and this one is chalk full of them. The essential oils they use in their formula are great oils that nourish and protect your hair while also giving it that sleek shine everybody loves.
  • I love that it’s water based. This pomade won’t have your hair looking too greasy which is never a good look on anyone.
  • Only needing a small amount is great, too. Just a small dab works wonders not only for your hair but your wallet, too.


  • The hold could be much better. Asian hair texture needs a stronger hold and I wish this pomade provided that.
  • I hate how sticky it is. It can be hard as hell to get it off your hands after you’ve used it.

Hair Craft Pomade

What I love about Hair Craft Pomade and why it’s one of the best pomades for Asian hair is its formula which is great for all different hair textures. And that’s a big plus. If your hair is straight and fine or coarse and thick, this is the pomade that’ll get you right.

One of the best aspects of this pomade is the Beeswax they’ve included in the ingredients. Beeswax is known for its uber-strong hold and trust me; it doesn’t disappoint in this pomade.

But there are some other really great ingredients, too. There’s Argan Oil and Vitamin E that are great for nourishing and moisturizing your hair. Those are uber important ingredients because they keep your hair looking amazing while also healthy, too. Plus, they smell amazing.

You can’t beat that.  


  • The scent is wonderful. It’s a great masculine scent that’ll remind you of being on the beach enjoying a drink. I love that clean, fresh scent.
  • Thanks to its essential oils and the fact that it’s oil based, this pomade is great for making sure your hair doesn’t look too shiny or overly processed.
  • The Vitamin E and Argan Oil are great ingredients that will keep your hair healthy. You won’t have to worry about damage when you use this pomade.


  • Its hold is medium, which makes it not as strong as I’d like. You’ll need to use a bit more than usual to hold whatever style you’re going for.
  • Just remember not to use too much. Since this pomade is in gel form, it’ll get crunchy and hard if you use too much.
  • If you overuse this pomade, it’ll turn flaky when it dries. You want to avoid that so only a small two fingered amount in the palm of your hand should do.

How Do You Style Asian Hair with Pomade?

Styling Asian hair with pomade can be a challenge sometimes, but only if you let it. To get your hairstyle perfect and ready to hit the streets, follow these simple instructions below once you’ve bought any of the best pomades for asian hair above.

  • Wash your hair in the shower. Be sure to use a great shampoo and conditioner. And if you’ve got leftover pomade in your hair, I’d recommend reading how to remove pomade from your hair just to make sure you’re getting it right. You want to be sure you’re getting all the old product out of your hair fully.
  • After you’re done in the shower, you want to towel dry your hair. Remember that some pomades work better on damp hair so be sure to read the instructions, so you know if you need to dry your hair fully or leave a little dampness.
  • Grab your can of pomade and finger out the right amount (usually a finger length or two) into the palm of your hand and rub them together vigorously.
  • Once you’ve got the pomade on your hands and ready to go, you can now apply it to your hair.
  • Be sure you are distributing it evenly, making sure you are getting your entire head and all your hair. You don’t want the front of your hair looking amazing and the back falling flat.
  • Once you’ve applied the pomade and got your style ready, you can finish it off with some Sea Salt Spray because it’s great for adding texture and volume. If you’ve never heard of Sea Salt Spray or never used it before, How to Use Sea Salt Spray for Men is a great article to check out and get you going.

Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be happy with the results and ready to hit the streets. Just wait till you see the smile on your girl’s face when she takes one look at you and how great your hair looks.

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