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Can You Get Waves If You’re White, Asian Or Latino?

Black guys with textured hair and curls make waves look awesome. But can you get waves if you’re white, asian, or latino? The truth is that it has less to do with your race, and more to do with your hair type.

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Can You Get Waves If You’re White, Asian, Or Latino?

Waves have more to do with the texture and curl of your hair than your race. It just so happens that Black guys tend to have natural curls more so than white, asian, or latino guys.

So you can get waves if you’re white, asian or latino, but only if you have some curl and texture to start with.

You’ll probably need more product and time, too. There are lots of hair products, like pomade, mousse, and hair gel, that can help enhance your curls when used correctly. And you’ll need some extra elbow grease to get the waves to stay.

There’s also the issue of whether your hair is long enough. It’s incredibly difficult to curl hair that’s under an inch long. The longer your hair, the higher the chance that you can use a natural or artificial method to give your hair waves.

You should also be realistic – if your hair is stick straight, getting waves is going to be challenging, and getting those waves to stay for more than a few hours will be equally difficult.

How To Get Waves If You’re White, Asian, Or Latino

You’ll have to try a few different angles when you’re trying to get straighter hair to wave. Some or all of these steps might work for you:

  1. Start with a haircut that actually waves

Super short straight hair won’t wave. There’s just not enough length to get it to curl at all. So when you go to the barber, let him know that you want waves. He’ll make sure that he doesn’t cut your hair too short. (Have him leave at least an inch, if not more.)

The longer you’re willing to grow out your hair, the easier it’ll be to figure out some way to get it to wave.

  1. Use a wave brush

Wave brushes are medium-bristle brushes with lots of texture. They enhance your natural curl, helping create waves. If you don’t have any natural curl or texture to begin with, it’s unlikely that a wave brush will work for you.

But if you think that you can coax out some waves, set aside 5-6 times every day where you can spend a few minutes brushing your hair with a wave brush. Brush in the direction that you want your waves to fall. (We outline all sorts of brushing patterns in How To Get 180 Waves.) Consistency is key.

  1. Try a curling hair product

Lots of hair products are made to add texture to your hair, which can help create waves. Try one of the best pomades for waves, or a sea salt spray, to add enough texture to your hair to get it to curl and wave.

While you’re applying the product, scrunch your hair. And if you do manage to get some waves, use hair spray fast so that they stay.

  1. Try a curling method

Guys with longer hair (about shoulder length) can try using a hair style, curling iron, or hair curlers to wave their hair. The trick is to use a lot of hair product before and after. Some options:

• Apply hair gel while your hair is still wet, then braid your hair or twist it into little buns on top of your head. Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to dry your hair completely, unwind your hairdo, then use hair spray to secure your waves.

• Apply mousse to your hair and blow dry it. Use a curling iron or heated hair curlers to curl your dry hair. Then brush it out so that you get waves instead of curls. Use hair spray to secure the style.

  1. Cover and protect your waves

If you do manage to get waves, cover them up at night so that they don’t fall flat. Wear a wave cap or durag to keep the style.

Can I Get Waves With Straight Hair?

If your hair is truly straight, it’s going to be very difficult to get waves. 

But lots of guys keep their hair short enough that they go their whole lives without realizing that they do have some curl. There’s a good chance that you’re in that position. You’ll never really know whether or not you can get waves until you grow out your hair a little bit and try to curl it.

Sir Cruse on YouTube has video evidence that plenty of white guys can get waves by changing up their hair styling routine to fit curly hair.

So don’t wait for waves to choose you. Start using products for curly hair, and style your hair to accommodate waves. You might notice a difference.

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