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5 Best Men’s Deodorant For Sensitive Skin In 2023

If you’re languishing in the (arm) pits of despair, then you’re in desperate need of the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin.

Lots of us are all-too-familiar with that sticky, uncomfortable, “is this really working?” deodorant feeling – been there, done that. So, after careful comparison and research, and some Amazon review reading to back up our findings, we’re happy to bring you a guide to all the right deodorants that’ll keep your pits happy and fresh.

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Native Deodorant (Our Top Pick)

If you’ve never tried an all-natural deodorant before, you need to know upfront that it’s going to look and feel different from “normal” deodorants. Native Deodorant is at the top of our list of best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin for a few reasons, but one big one is that it does a great job of imitating that “normal” deodorant feeling, so it’s a safe way to introduce your armpits to natural products.

Besides that, it has a lasts-all-day neutral scent and contains none of the top synthetic ingredients that might be bothering your pits. I like to think of it as a restorative baseline for your armpits. If they still feel itchy or weird with this deodorant, then you might actually be allergic to a natural ingredient or fragrance.

Plus, Natural Deodorant pulls in five stars at a 75% success rate on Amazon. That’s kind of astonishing, considering how picky people are about deodorants – especially sensitive skin folks using all-natural products.

It’s so good, we’ve also ranked Native Deodorant as one of the best sports deodorant for men AND one of the best unscented deodorant for men too!


• A good bar to transition into natural deodorants. Has the “normal” deodorant look and feel.

• Scent lasts all day and wicks away sweat.

• It really is all-natural, so the chances that you’ll breakout are drastically lower.


• It’s textured, so you’ll have to get used to the way it feels when you rub it in. Might seem weird at first.

Each & Every Unscented & Fragrance Free

Each & Every is a bonafide, authentic natural deodorant experience. It’s going to feel thick, creamy, and maybe even a little bit strange on your armpits if you’ve never used a natural deodorant before.

What’s especially great about this bar is how effectively it fights sweat and unpleasant scents. Seriously, it might even be better than the commercial deodorant you have on your shelf right now, which is often a tough standard to beat, considering store-bought deodorants use chemical mixtures to block your sweat glands.

Better yet, Each & Every has literally built their brand on their promise to protect sensitive skin. They reference the Environmental Working Group’s database to research all of their natural ingredients, and only use the lowest-risk natural products.


• This is the sweat-fighter 3000. Your pits are going to stay fresh and moisture-free all day.

• It’s truly all-natural, AND uses only the gentlest of ingredients.

• Rivals even commercial deodorants in how effectively it goes on and stays on.

• This one is possibly the best men’s natural deodorant for sensitive skin.


• It’s oil-based, so if you overuse it, it’s going to stain your clothes. Be sparing.

• Not a particularly manly scent. Neutral and pleasant, but invisible.

Baxter of California Deodorant

Baxter products always manage to impress me. They’re made for men by men, so they really get it when it comes to scent, all-day performance, and skin-friendliness.

This stick in particular lives up to it’s “citrus and herbal musk” label. You’ll smell clean and almost outdoorsy. The downfall is that you have to be careful what cologne you pair it with, but the subsequent upside is that…you don’t really need to wear a cologne if you’re wearing this deodorant.

Now, if you want it to be fully effective, you’ll have to apply it right after you get out of the shower. It’ll apply smoothly and feel nice, but you’ll need to get it on in that time frame or it won’t last as well as you want it to.

Very few Amazon reviewers posted any breakout stories (probably because it’s one of the best alcohol free deodorants for men), and the stick has 72% five-star reviews. A solid success rate!


• It’s a scent made for guys. You won’t need any cologne.

• Has a pleasant, more normal-feeling texture.

• Apply it right after you shower, and it’ll last all day.


• Won’t fight sweat. You’ll smell good, but you’ll sweat. Might need to re-apply.

Malin + Goetz Deodorant

Malin + Goetz like to say that since their names are on their bottles, so are their values. They’ve had skin in the game since 2004 (which is LONG in the world of luxury skincare), and their deodorant lives up to it’s natural, gentle name.

This stick has no color, and it goes on clear. I’m sure some of you, like me, have agonized over deodorants that mark up black shirts or stain clothing. This stick is just as clothing-friendly as it is skin-friendly.

If you apply it right after you shower, the scent will last just about all day. Otherwise, think 8-10 hours. The stick itself should last about 4 months, which tends to be the perfect time frame for a natural deodorant. Long enough that it’s worth the investment, short enough that it’s an honest-to-god natural product.

My only complaint? It’s bland. The herby scent is there, but not prominent, and it leaves something to be desired.


• Incredibly standard deodorant experience, which will be a relief if you’re having poor luck with natural deodorants.

• Clear stick that applies without any color (won’t cause armpit discoloration or hyperpigmentation).


• It’s bland. Basic scent and feel, not much to get excited about.


If you’re in desperate need of an armpit detox, Underarmed is a solid option for giving your pits room to breathe without smelling like a caveman.

Plus, it’s long-lasting compared to lots of natural deodorants. Use it sparingly (you don’t need that much anyway), and you’ll get a solid few months out of one container. The scent rivals commercial deodorant scents, while still using all-natural ingredients. 

The catch? You have to go a week or two without using any deodorant before you switch to Underarmed. If you use it right away, you’re likely to have an allergic reaction while your body gets used to the idea of non-synthetic ingredients.


• Long-lasting tube, especially compared to other natural products.

• The scent is gender-neutral, but strong and holds its own against sweat.

• You can apply it right after you shave


• A small fraction of users reported stained, discolored pits. 

• You have to skip on deodorant for a week or two before you use Underarmed.

• Takes a few days to really see strong results.

Why Does My Armpit Burn When I Put On Deodorant?

You’re probably allergic to something in your deodorant – or your pits are just fed up with all the synthetic ingredients permanently coating them.

If you’re getting that tingly burning sensation (be it with natural or unnatural deodorants), it might be time for a detox. Nobody likes going without deodorant, but it’s in the name of your health, so it’s a good excuse. While you’re in detox mode, you can also take the opportunity to try out some strong natural soaps.

That period of going without deodorant is the best way to make the most out of your natural deodorant products. It gives your pits time to recover, and natural products will feel better and work more effectively against your skin.

Whatever you do, don’t keep using the deodorant causing the burning! Even if it’s an all-natural product, your skin is telling you that it doesn’t like one or several of the ingredients.

What Ingredient In Deodorant Causes Irritation?

Aluminum. If you’re breaking out, feeling itchy and irritated, or just have uncomfy armpits in general, 99.9% of the time, it’s the aluminum compound in your deodorant.

Unless you’re using an all-natural deodorant and still breaking out – then it could be a number of natural additives that your body simply doesn’t like. The exact ingredient will be harder to pin down in that case.

But what is it about aluminum that makes it a horrible, rash-inducing deodorant ingredient? Well, aluminum is actually that key ingredient that blocks your sweat glands. So it’s great at keeping moisture and questionable smells out of your pits, but it’s also really good at causing blockages that irritate your skin.

It’s one of those tradeoffs that everyone has to decide for themselves. A natural deodorant that you’ll sweat through but are more likely to be comfortable with? Or a sweat-blocker that’ll last all day but leave you itchy or rashy? There’s no right answer there. It’s a matter of figuring out what works best for your daily routine.

I recommend trying out both to see what works for you. You might keep one of each on hand, so that you can rotate them out and keep your skin as happy as possible. If you’d like, you can even invite a special friend you’d like to get sweaty with to do some product testing.

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