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5 Best Salicylic Acid Body Washes For Men In 2023

Body acne isn’t just a buzzkill. It screws with your confidence, complicates your sex life, and even makes you think twice about taking your shirt off at the beach. The solution? Grabbing yourself one of the best salicylic acid body washes below.

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Proactiv Body Wash (Our Top Pick)

Proactiv is one of those tried-and-true brands you can count on. They’ve been clearing up acne (and its scars) of over 20 million people for more than two decades. (Don’t act like you don’t remember their commercials coming on every five minutes!) It’s why Proactiv Body Wash is one of the best salicylic acid body washes for men––because this stuff really works! Everyone from Men’s Journal to to the board-certified doctors at Very Well Health rave about the results. And as if that’s not enough, check the almost 4,000 Amazon customers and their before and after pictures. They’re so dramatic you’d think there’s magic in every drop of this stuff. 

Bacteria is everywhere. You can’t avoid it. But it’s when it builds up on your skin that it wreaks havoc in your pores. I’ve told you before about the importance of exfoliating, right? Well, every bottle of Proactiv Body Wash contains Salicylic Acid. And that’s what you need if you want amazing skin. But It does more than exfoliate. It softens dry and scaly skin, unclogs pores to shrink acne bumps and it also reduces the inflammation and redness that comes with body acne. There’s also Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes your body while the Salicylic Acid does its job.

And listen, I get it. There’re tons of different body wash products on the shelf when you walk into the store, but what we love about Proactiv Body Wash is that it’s a brand you can count on. It’s not just great for stubborn body acne, it works on almost any type of skin condition. 


  • Body wash made from a legit, trusted brand that’s been dishing out great skin to over 20 million happy customers around the world. They’re a brand you can depend on.
  • It treats all kinds of skin problems from mild to wild and everything in between. 
  • Salicylic Acid is a main ingredient that can be used daily to eliminate your acne cycle.


  • Can cause skin irritation and excess dryness if used with other acne medication at the same time.
  • Can take a while to see results which can be discouraging. We want you to have amazing skin ASAP. 
  • Takes two or three extra squeezes to get a good amount of foam going. We hate that because it feels wasteful. 

Black Wolf Nation Body Wash

Black Wolf Nation’s goal is to change the game for men’s skincare. Their products have been spotlighted in the LA Times, who recently made it their top pick for best salicylic acid body washes for men because of its ability to rid you of agonizing skin acne. Think of them as The Avengers of men’s grooming.

Want to step out of the shower feeling like Denzel, Brad, or Will without the fancy Hollywood lights and makeup? Well, that’s what happens when you use a body wash that blends ingredients like salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, and activated charcoal. The results will give you the air and confidence of an A-List celebrity.

Salicylic Acid is one of those heavy hitter ingredients that gives your skin the deep clean it needs to trap and kill body acne. But it’s also great for more seasoned fellas because it reduces signs of aging. 

And here’s a pro tip for you: this body wash is great for your face, too. Exfoliate your face with it before shaving and it’ll give you a closer shave and reduce the skin irritation that comes with shaving.


  • The combination of salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and activated charcoal deep cleans, fighting the inflammation under the skin that causes body acne
  • Every ingredient is paraben free. You can relax knowing there’s no fluff ingredients those corporate companies use as fillers in their products.
  • A body wash formula great for all skin types. It’s made to prevent dry and brittle skin whether you work in an office under stale air or fighting the elements outside at a construction site. 


  • The scent of blue sage and citrus smell great but doesn’t last long.
  • Not enough size options. Every bottle comes in one 10 oz. bottle.

Every Man Jack Body Wash

It’s important to be mindful of what’s in a bottle of body wash. If it were up to us, all skincare products, especially body wash, would be made from all-natural ingredients. Not those harmful chemicals that can irritate your skin. And that’s why Every Man Jack Body Wash is one of the best salicylic acid body washes for men––because it comes through with the Hail Mary pass to literally save your ass, but naturally. They’re also recognized as a game changer by magazines like Esquire and Men’s Health. Even Oprah has taken notice of their products. You know there’s something special here if even the ladies are jumping on board.

If you want amazing skin, (who doesn’t?) the ingredients in Every Man Jack Body Wash are by far some of the best around. There’s aloe vera that super-hydrates your skin for all day goodness, activated charcoal to unclog and clean nasty grime and harmful bacteria from deep down in your pores, and salicylic acid that exfoliates––getting rid of layers of dead skin that trap toxins. Glycerin oil, coconut oil and shea butter create a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture and that’s essential. Want clear skin and your confidence back, get the body wash from Every Man Jack.


  • Made with all-natural plant-based ingredients that nourish and heal the skin, not harmful chemicals, and dyes that irritate and can cause flare ups and those unsightly blotches.
  • Packs an extra punch with exfoliating beads to deep clean your skin, quickly releasing toxins hiding deep inside your pores to get the healing process going.
  • The natural outdoorsy scent will have you stepping out the shower smelling like the man!  


  • You have to wash off thoroughly to remove the product from your body. It can be a hassle trying to make sure you’ve gotten all those small exfoliating beads out of every skinfold.
  • Liquid comes out of the bottle pretty thin. You’ll need a good amount to work up a nice, soapy lather. 

Vichy Homme Body Wash

Vichy Laboratories has been around since the Empire State Building first opened its doors. Not only is that a long time and a BFD nowadays, it’s a level of expertise and know-how you can’t really put into words. After ninety years of commitment to making 100% all-natural products loaded with vitamins and minerals, it’s no wonder they’re the #1 anti-aging brand in pharmacies throughout Europe.

What more cutting-edge ingredients like Volcanic Antioxidant Water, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid do you need for healthy and clear skin? It doesn’t get any better than that! The volcanic antioxidant water and salicylic acid used in the Vichy Homme Body Wash alone makes it one of the best salicylic acid body washes for men because it packs a hell of a one-two punch. While the salicylic acid is exfoliating your skin, the volcanic antioxidant water is rehydrating and protecting it, deep down where it counts. It’s like your body acne stepping into the wrestling ring against Triple H and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

If you’ve got stubborn body acne, dry skin, or skin so sensitive you have to be overly careful about what products you use, Vichy Homme Body Wash is the way to go.


  • Body wash made with 100% all-natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals irritating your skin even more.
  • It’s tested on real people with sensitive skin. Not animals in a lab somewhere. Animal cruelty is so 1997.
  •  Women really dig this body wash. Karen on Amazon says, “My husband really likes this product. It has a nice fragrance in the shower, and he really smells good after using it.”


  • While the scent is masculine, it’s a little too overbearing for some people. Bad news if you or your girl has a sensitive nose.
  • Doesn’t contain actual soap. Some people might doubt its strength.

Touch Body Wash

Want smooth skin but struggling with Keratosis Pilaris? We know you may think you’re on your own trying to find a solution, but come on, would I ever leave you hanging like that? Of course, I got you! Both Town & Country and USA Today named Touch Body Wash one of the best salicylic acid body washes for men because it can handle skin problems like KP that need a little more attention and care.

Made with Glycolic Acid to exfoliate the bumps on your skin’s surface, Salicylic Acid to deep clean your pores and hair follicles, and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and calm irritation, this product is a must have if you really want to get your skin right. In 2022 who doesn’t want smooth skin?

One of my favorite things about Touch Body Wash is its non-drying formula. If you already have dry, sensitive skin, you wouldn’t want a body wash that’s going to dry you out even more, right? No, Touch Body Wash does the exact opposite, packing a powerful punch that’ll have your skin looking right just in time for that 4th of July BBQ on the beach.


  • You can breathe easily knowing their all-natural, clean, and plant-based ingredients won’t irritate your skin.
  • You only need a small amount to get a good lather going which makes it last longer.
  • Formulated with the perfect amount of pH balance your skin needs.


  • You’ll have to be patient with seeing results. It can take more than a few weeks before you notice any improvement which can be discouraging and drive you up the wall if you’re as impatient as us.
  • The scent can smell like medicine and that’s a huge turnoff.

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