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5 Best Corded Electric Shavers In 2023

Are you the kind of guy who constantly forgets to charge his electronics? Maybe you’re looking for implements that’ll keep working even once their battery dies? If so, these reviews of the best corded electric shavers will help you choose the model that’s right for your needs. 

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Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver (Our Top Pick)

When looking for the best corded electric shavers, you can’t go wrong with a Braun electric razor. This series 7 is my top pick for offering some remarkable premium features that contribute to a very close shave. 

A lot of close-cutting shavers have to be used on a near-daily basis or they start pulling on the hair, but this model bucks the trend. It’s designed with a central trimmer that does an excellent job dealing even with slightly longer growth, as well as with curly hair. 

The shaving head has a bit of flexibility and movement, so you can get away with applying a bit of pressure as you shave without having to worry about irritating your skin. It has 5 shaving modes, including a sensitive skin mode that’ll also help if you’re prone to irritation. For cleaning up the sideburns, there’s also a convenient little pop-up trimmer. 

Another great feature is the clean and charge station. It’s a premium add-on that takes care of all shaver maintenance, including cleaning, charging, and lubricating it. If you want to use it unplugged, you can expect a full charge to last for up to 50 minutes. 

It’s a little pricier than other models on this list, but I think the fantastic design and cleaning station justify it. 


  • Unique foil design offers a very close shave. 
  • Fitted with a central trimmer that deals with longer hairs without pulling. 
  • Can handle curly or oddly lying hairs with ease.
  • Has a sensitive skin cutting mode and flexible head to help protect the skin.  
  • Comes with a premium cleaning and charging station. 


  • A little pricey.

Braun Series 3 Electric Razor

If you’re on a budget, the Series 3 has the best corded electric shavers to consider next. It’s not quite as powerful as the Series 7, but it still provides a pleasant shave that’s gentle on the skin. 

Like the Series 7, this razor is also built with a central cutting implement. However, it’s not quite as advanced, so you may still want to shave on a daily or near-daily basis. 

The final result is not an ultra-close shave, but it’s still perfectly acceptable. You may notice a 5 o’clock shadow a little sooner than you would with a more high-end razor. If your beard is very coarse, though, you’ll be better off shelling out for a slightly more expensive corded shaver. 

It reaches full charge in an hour, which will allow for 45 minutes of cordless use. Even though it’s designed only for dry shaving, the head can still be rinsed under the tap when you want to clean it out. 


  • This razor gives a gentle, pleasant shave that’ll be great for sensitive skin. 
  • Features a less-advanced cutting implement that still helps with slightly longer hair. 
  • Excellent budget alternative to the Braun Series 7. 


  • The motor can be a little weak when dealing with coarse hair. 

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300

Rotary shavers are fantastic for men who like to shave quickly without too much fuss. It’s pretty hard to find a model that’ll work when plugged in, so the Philips Norelco 2300 really stands out.  

Since it’s a rotary design, it’s made with three round cutting implements covered with foils. As the blades spin, they also cut the hair. It’s excellent for men whose hair grows in a few different directions since the blades will cut no matter what. It also means you don’t have to think about the direction in which you move the shaver, which isn’t true for foil shavers

The actual shave this razor provides is quite mild and gentle. It glides easily over uneven or sensitive skin, with a bit of flexibility in the heads. The shave it gives isn’t the closest, but it’s not too likely to irritate your skin. 

As for cordless use, you can expect 40 minutes of runtime after an overnight charge. In other words, leaving it plugged in will probably be the easiest course of action. 


  • Rotary shaver is much more simple and easy to use. 
  • Deals well with hair that grows in different directions thanks to spinning blades. 
  • Smooth foils guarantee a mild, gentle shave. 


  • Doesn’t provide a very close shave. 
  • Best left plugged in since it needs a full night to charge. 

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

This is easily one of the best corded electric shavers, especially for men with a coarser beard. It’s a simple, affordable design with excellent blades but a slightly more protective foil. 

It’s quite comparable to the Braun Series 3 shaver, meaning that it offers a smooth but not overly close shave. That said, it’s not quite as smooth gliding as Braun shavers. It manages to surpass the Series 3 when it comes to dealing with coarse beard textures, thanks to very sharp, well-made blades. 

It’s also fitted with a central trimmer, so it can handle slightly longer hair than your average foil shaver, and it has a pop-up trimmer for hard-to-reach spots. 

If you find yourself wanting to use it cordless, it has the most impressive battery life on this list, since it can run for a full hour following a two-hour charge. 


  • Sharp blades deal with coarse beards easily. 
  • The pop-up trimmer handles sideburns and hard-to-reach spots. 
  • Central trimmer helps with slightly longer growth. 
  • Impressive battery life. 


  • Not as smooth as Braun shavers. 
  • Doesn’t provide a very close shave. 

Braun Series 5 5030s

The Series 5 is a final great option from Braun. Its blades are incredibly similar to the Series 7, so it’s a solid choice for all beard and skin types, especially if you want a closer shave. 

The only difference is the motor, which is a touch less powerful. It may struggle against coarse beard types. Even with a medium or fine beard, you may find yourself spending a little more time shaving, but it’s negligible. 

That said, the foils and blade themselves are of equal quality, so the shave you’ll get is excellent. Just like the Series 7, it fairs quite well against two or three-day growth, thanks to that fantastic central cutter. 

If you do decide to use it cordlessly, you can expect a 50-minute battery life. It doesn’t come with a cleaning station, and unlike other “solo” Braun models, it won’t work with any station that you purchase separately. If you prefer a low-maintenance tool, that will be pretty disappointing. 


  • Similar foils to the Braun Series 7 provide a very close, comfortable shave. 
  • Central cutter deals with a few days’ worth of stubble. 
  • Relatively affordable. 


  • The slightly weaker motor may struggle against coarse hair. 
  • Will not work with a cleaning station, even if purchased separately. 

Can You Use An Electric Razor Plugged In?

There are a lot of electric razors that you can use plugged in – namely, all of the electric razors I recommended above. 

The only models that don’t usually work when plugged in are ones designed for both dry and wet shaving. It’s very difficult to engineer an electric razor that will be safe to use for wet shaving while it’s plugged in, so it’s a safety measure taken by most electric razor companies. 

So if you want one of the best corded electric shavers for your beard that will also work when plugged in, look for a model designed for dry use only. 

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