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5 Best Charcoal Shampoo For Men In 2023

Shampoo has two big jobs: cleansing your scalp and taking the grease out of your hair. That makes the best charcoal shampoo some of the best shampoos on the market. There’s no ingredient that can match charcoal’s cleansing and degreasing finesse. 

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Every Man Jack Shampoo (Our Top Pick)

Every Man Jack makes all-natural hygiene products for the guy who just wants something better and manlier than other shampoos on the market. Their charcoal line is among some of their best selling products, and it’s obvious why.

This shampoo is a master at dissolving the uncomfortable oils on your scalp and scrubbing away dandruff. You can even use it safely on your beard, especially if it tends to catch your dead skin. And, to top it all off nicely, the essential oils and charcoal combine to give the shampoo a fresh outdoors scent that pairs nicely with any cologne.

One thing to know before you buy: while the bottle looks hefty online, it’s actually a pretty standard size. It’ll last just as long as any other bottle of shampoo. Just don’t be surprised that you’re not getting a full gallon of product.


• Best charcoal shampoo for oily hair.

• All-natural, gentle ingredients. Safe for your beard and the skin on your face.

• Crisp, planty scent. Can stand on its own or layer well with other scented products.

• Uses 50% recycled plastic in the bottle. Points for being eco-friendly.


• Bottle design makes it look bigger than it actually is (kind of a catfish). Standard size.

Soapbox Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Not only is Soapbox’s active charcoal shampoo awesome for your greasy hair, but their brand’s mission is one that you can feel awesome supporting. For every product purchased, they partner with nonprofits to donate a bar of soap to communities in need of hygiene items. You can use the unique “Hope Code” on the shampoo bottle to track the impact of your purchase.

But aside from the feel-good ethical brownie points, you can also look forward to the moisturizing ingredients paired with the charcoal in this shampoo. Most charcoal shampoos focus on greasy hair needs, but that means charcoal shampoos are often bad for guys with thin and fine hair. Soapbox flips the script. The shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize your hair, making this perfect for guys with receding hairlines who still want the benefits of cleansing charcoal.


• Best charcoal shampoo for guys with thin, fine greasy hair.

• Subtle charcoal scent. Smells super clean.

• Every purchase supports a donation to communities in need of soap.


• Not all-natural. But safe for color-treated hair.

• Not exclusively a men’s brand (still great for men, though)

STMNT Shampoo

STMNT’s active charcoal shampoo is for the guy who wants the most effective, pure charcoal shampoo on the market. It’s for the guy with thick, greasy hair and dandruff, who knows that active charcoal is the best cure. 

There aren’t many ingredients besides charcoal in this shampoo, but STMNT seems to know what they’re doing. They’re an extremely modern brand, and they emphasize functionality and performance. All three founders come from the hair styling industry, so they like to say that they know what’s wrong with most shampoos. They were even featured in The Hype Magazine.

The shampoo has a citrus and lavender smell (some of the few ingredients in the bottle besides charcoal). I wouldn’t call it manly or womanly, just planty and gender-neutral. It’s not for everyone, but it’ll be a life saver for the guy who knows he needs more charcoal in his hair care routine.


• Best charcoal shampoo for thick, oily hair.

• Neutral lavender and citrus scent.

• Brand and product built by hair care specialists who know the industry.


• Hair won’t be soft after use. 

• I don’t recommend using it every day. No more than 1-2 times weekly.

Drybar On The Rocks Shampoo

Drybar specializes in one hair look: the blowout. If you’re aching for thicker-looking, sleek hair, then you’ll really enjoy how their charcoal shampoo gives your roots the lift and bounce you want. I recommend it wholeheartedly for guys with long hair.

Admittedly, Drybar caters to women more so than men. But they’ve been making hair care products since 2008 (an eternity in the hygiene world), and Entrepreneur Magazine and New York Magazine have featured them for their innovative hair care ideas.

Their charcoal line is the perfect product to use before your blowout. It cleanses the roots for maximum lift, and it has that delicious floral, vanilla, and wood-based scent that makes your hair smell warm and inviting.


• Best charcoal shampoo for the bouncy, fluffy hair look.

• Noir scent combines floral scents with deeper vanilla and wood scents. 

• Gives your hair a soft, silky texture.


• NOT meant to be used more than once a week. Even the bottle says so.

• Marketed for women, but still works great for men.

Theorie Sage Charcoal & Bamboo Shampoo

Theorie’s mission is to make every day a great hair day, and they use some top-notch shampoo ingredients to achieve that. Alongside the charcoal in this bottle, they include sage essential oil, an amino complex, bamboo extract, and citruses to create a woodsy, manly scent with the power to repair damaged hair.

I suppose my one complaint is that the charcoal feels watered-down between all the other ingredients, but that makes Theorie a great pick for guys who want to dabble in charcoal but are worried about drying out their hair. Some of us only need a little bit of charcoal in our lives.

But other reviewers disagree slightly with me. StyleCraze, Bintochan, and more have all ranked Theorie among their favorite charcoal shampoo dealers. I lean more toward calling this an awesome shampoo, but the charcoal feels like an afterthought.


• Great for guys who want to use charcoal in their shampoo, but don’t have the thick, oily hair that typically needs it most.

• Has an extremely manly scent, vanilla and cedar.

• Charcoal is paired with rich ingredients to repair damaged hair.


• Women’s shampoo.

• Charcoal does not feel like the star ingredient.

What Is Charcoal Shampoo Used For?

Charcoal is a double edged sword as an ingredient. It’s drying and cleansing, so it does an amazing job of curing irritated scalp and greasy hair. But for guys with dry, frizzy hair, charcoal shampoo can make your condition worse. Like any ingredient, you’ll want to use it with caution.

I recommend charcoal shampoo for the guy who wants to start going longer between showers. Even though you should shower daily, for those who just don’t have the time, charcoal shampoo can ensure that your hair stays soft and grease-free in between.

It’s also great for dandruff. If you’re bashful about trying an actual dandruff shampoo, charcoal is a good stand-in. Charcoal shampoo is gentle and cleansing enough to soothe the irritation that might be causing your flakes.

One IMPORTANT thing to know about charcoal shampoo: some brands of charcoal shampoo aren’t meant to be used more than once a week. You can read the bottle or figure it out as you use it, but charcoal shampoo cleans so deeply that it may dry out your scalp if you overuse it.

That’s partially why it’s a good ingredient to look for in dreadlock shampoos. It’s designed to help you go longer between washes, and it deep cleans your scalp. 

Is Charcoal Shampoo Good For Your Hair?

Charcoal shampoo is good for certain kinds of hair. Guys who are greasy, dandruff-y, or itchy will love how thoroughly it cleans your scalp. You’ll have that soft prince charming hair you’ve been wishing for.

But guys with dry and frizzy hair or sensitive scalp won’t enjoy it as much because it’s so drying. Some men with extreme scalp conditions report worsened breakouts. Those are the type of guys who probably want the opposite shampoo, with hydrating coconut oil.

Keep in mind, ultimately one ingredient isn’t going to make or break a shampoo. Charcoal is good at helping great shampoos do their job, but they can’t carry the team. Bad shampoo is bad shampoo, regardless of whether the manufacturer included charcoal.

That’s why you should stick with the best charcoal shampoo for men, as opposed to picking up the first bottle on the grocery store aisle that contains the word “charcoal” somewhere on the packaging. You’ll have much more success with a trustworthy brand.

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