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How To Look Good Bald

Balding sometimes feels like second puberty. You mean I grew all this weird hair, and now I’m losing the hair that I actually like? Learning how to look good bald is an uphill battle at first (just like those awkward teenage years), but with confidence, you can make it part of your personal style.

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Why You Should Go Bald

I had a friend in college who started balding by his sophomore year. Everyone in my friend group sympathized with him. One day, he decided he’d had enough, and he shaved his head. Something incredible happened – he looked so much younger. For the first time since I’d met him, he looked like a college guy.

Now, he was already a cool guy and a great friend. Don’t get me wrong here — going bald didn’t change anything about him as a person. It just made his confidence and swagger more apparent. His outward appearance finally matched the man we all knew he was.

That’s not the case for every balding guy. You might be reading this because you’re anxious about what might happen if you give up what little hair you have left.

You should go bald if you’ve been hiding your insecurities behind a comb-over. Nobody likes to be the one to say it, but clinging to those last few strands of hair is probably making you look older. Let your hair go, and embrace a new look with confidence.

How To Look Good Bald

There are lots of ways to look good bald, and you should definitely use your personal style to rock a bald head. Some ideas that lots of bald guys use to look (and feel) good:

  1. Take Care Of Your Scalp Properly

Lots of guys don’t realize that even bald men have to use shampoo. I know, it sounds silly, but your scalp needs attention and care, even without hair. It has more pores than any other part of your skin, so it’s more sensitive than you may realize. Without regular cleaning and moisturizing, your head can get dry and suffer from breakouts.

  1. Use Sunscreen

Not only will it save your newly exposed skin from burning, but sunscreen will also give you the shiny bald head look (if that’s your vibe). For guys who don’t like the shininess, apply some face powder to keep it matte.

  1. Dress To Impress

It’s easy to want to tuck your head down when you’re first getting used to baldness, but really you should do the opposite. Nice clothes and good hygiene will drastically improve your appearance. Put your best foot forward.

  1. Experiment With Facial Hair Or Accessories

You might miss having hair to style, so try styling your beard instead. If you don’t enjoy facial hair or can’t grow it, try out accessories like cool hats, sunglasses, and jewelry. Just because you’ve given up your hair doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal flair.

  1. Smell Good

If you’re trying to attract a lady friend, don’t underestimate the power of showers, good cologne, and toothpaste. Even if you look good, it’s good smells that will make people want to stay in your personal space.

How To Look Good Bald With A Beard

Don’t make the mistake of letting your beard run wild to compensate for a bald head. The bald guys who look best with a beard know how to take care of their facial hair.

Whether you prefer stubble or a full beard, invest in a beard trimmer to even out the shape. I had a bald professor once who came into class each week with a new facial hair style – goatees, full beards, mustaches, and more. It was unique and fun. He certainly knew how to keep a group of college students interested.

If you have a partner with strong opinions on facial hair, learn how to trim your mustache for kissing. It’ll be a more pleasant experience for both of you.

How To Look Good Bald Without A Beard

Maybe you don’t like beards. Or you can’t grow a beard. Or your partner hates facial hair. Whatever the case may be, you can look good bald without a beard.

The trick is to think about how you want to accessorize and compliment your head.

Without hair or a beard, your face probably looks rounder than it used to. For that reason, some guys like to wear sharper collars and vertical lines – both are slimming. If you like the round look, pair it with a buttoned-up collar and a bow tie.

To add some style centered around your face, try jewelry made for men, or a snazzy pair of sunglasses. Wear a shirt with a color that compliments your skin tone. Invest in some cool hats. (I have a balding coworker who sometimes wears a purple beret to work – it’s quite the fashion statement.) 

You can still look stylish even if you don’t have any hair to style.

How To Look Good Bald In Your 20’s

About one in five men start to lose their hair in their 20’s, so you’re not alone, and it’s not something you need to be ashamed of.

Half of looking good bald in your 20’s is confronting it head on. It’s easy to waste time with hats and comb-overs that’ll make you look old – don’t give in to that impulse.

YouTuber, comedian and Instagram star Darius Benson started going bald around 25. He said that it definitely didn’t feel good to bald so early in life, but he decided to be optimistic about it. Most men eventually go bald, so he considers himself “ahead of the curve.” He knows how to pair baldness with a top-notch personal style.

There’s also an advantage to going bald in your 20’s (albeit, a bittersweet advantage). You’re still young, and you probably still look young. It’s unlikely that someone’s going to mitake you for an older guy. You have the opportunity to learn how to make bald look good while you’re still youthful and fit.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re not optimistic about going bald: reversing hair loss is not realistic. Don’t waste your time and money on magical “hair loss cures,” especially when you’re still young and building your career. 

It’ll take time to get used to the idea of being bald, but once you’re ready, embrace it!

Is A Bald Head Attractive?

I’d argue it’s not your bald head itself that’s attractive, but the confidence it communicates. It takes a combination of bravery and self-esteem to really embrace baldness. 

Some guys like to call it the “alpha male” effect, and they say they pull more women when they go bald. But even if you don’t think of yourself as an alpha, there’s one thing women are for sure attracted to: guys who are authentic and embrace themselves. It’s cheesy but true.

And if you’re not totally ready to go fully bald, try some stubble first. I guarantee your partner and friends will want to rub your bristly head – all that affection might give you the confidence you need to rock a bare head.

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