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5 Best Cologne For College Guys In 2023

When you go back to school, don’t you want to be wearing the best cologne for college guys? Of course you do. So keep reading, because we’ve got all the details you’ll need to know to find the right cologne for your style.

Whether you’re just starting off in college or almost ready to graduate, upgrading to a real cologne or choosing your first one, this guide is for you. We’ll be reviewing our top five favorite picks for the best colognes for college guys, complete with notes on how they smell and why we think they’re great. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll know just which colognes to try and buy.

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5 Best Cologne For College Guys In 2022

The options for best cologne for college guys are nearly unlimited — so how did we decide on the five listed below? Well, we chose based on their popularity, classic styling that you can grow into, and affordability. And we’re confident that the colognes that follow are the best colognes any college guy could wear.

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc (Our Top Pick)

Made in the super-classic woody aromatic style, Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc is undoubtedly the best cologne for college guys. It’s decidedly masculine without being overwhelming, and perfect for wearing any time of day or night. Its fresh and vibrant composition will leave ladies wanting another smell, too.

Grapefruit peels are the primary top note in this fragrance , backed up by herbal rosemary and cardamom for an interesting kick. Two floral fragrances make up the heart notes, with exotic ylang ylang taking the lead and tuberose playing a supporting role. It’s the base where this Lacoste cologne gets its masculinity, though, with suede and cedar as well as leather and vetiver.

With a moderate longevity and moderate intensity, L.12.12 Blanc, like many of Lacoste’s best colognes, is a perfectly balanced cologne that always comes across as interesting without being overwhelming. If you’re looking for a cologne for everyday wear to classes, this is definitely the best cologne for school.


  • Top notes of grapefruit, rosemary, and cardamom
  • Middle notes of ylang ylang and tuberose
  • Base notes of suede, cedar, leather, and vetiver

Best For: 

  • Year-round wear
  • All day wear
  • Making your new go-to cologne

Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue

Though they’re better known for high-class fashion, Versace’s colognes and perfumes and surprisingly affordable for how well they deliver on performance and longevity. In the case of Dylan Blue, an aromatic fougere, this excellent longevity is complemented nicely by a complex and interesting composition.

There’s a fresh aquatic note in this fragrance’s opening that is joined by citrus peels and fig leafs, giving a zesty introduction. In the heart notes, patchouli and crushed black pepper are offset by violets, though none is more prominent than the others. Burning incense is the signature base note, supported by animalic musk, sweet and spicy tonka bean, and exotic saffron.

Long lasting with a balanced intensity Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue is an excellent upgrade from the more casual colognes that most guys will wear in high school. Apply it with restraint, as it’s quite prominent and can easily be overdone if sprayed on too heavily.


  • Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, running water, and fig leaf
  • Middle notes of ambroxan, patchouli, black pepper, violet leaf, and papyrus
  • Base notes of incense, musk, tonka bean, and saffron

Best For: 

Coach For Men

A 2017 reformulation of the original, Coach for Men is a woody aromatic style cologne that’s dripping with sophistication and maturity. It’s a strongly modern cologne style, with juicy and fruity top notes that make it a real crowd pleaser but deeper masculine notes that make it great for date nights and parties.

Pear and kumquat are the dominant scents in Coach for Men’s top notes, with hints of bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender playing a secondary role. Spicy cardamom and coriander provide a center in the heart notes, with a small presence of geranium for added complexity. Built on a dense and sultry base of ambergris, suede, wood, and vetiver, it projects a strong masculinity.

Offering a moderate duration of 4 to 6 hours and a balanced intensity, Coach for Men is a great cologne to splash on before a day of classes. It’s slightly less stunning in the winter, but its performance in the spring and summer more than makes up for it.


  • Top notes of pear, kumquat, bergamot, grapefruit, and lavender
  • Middle notes of cardamom, geranium, and coriander
  • Base notes of ambergris, suede, amberwood, and vetiver

Best For: 

  • Anyone looking for a modern and sophisticated cologne
  • Spring, summer, and fall wear

Hawas For Him

Made in the less common aromatic aquatic style, Hawas for Him is a unique and unforgettable cologne that is absolutely perfect for wearing through the spring and summer. If you’re turned off by the deeper and spicier notes of more classic masculine fragrances, Hawas for Him is a great alternative. Plus, since it was only released five years ago, not many other guys are in on the secret of how good it is.

Cinnamon and apple is a classic flavor and aroma pairing that makes an appearance in this cologne’s top notes, accented by bergamot and lemon peels to keep it from smelling too much like a dessert. A fresh and clean aquatic note anchors the heart notes, with orange blossom, plum, and cardamom giving an exotic flair. The base notes for Hawas for Him aren’t a strong influence, instead giving support to the rest of the composition with ambergris, patchouli, and musk.

Hawas for Him is a long lasting cologne with a strong projection, meaning that it will make a bold impression wherever you wear it. It’s not the best wintertime cologne, but it’s a perfect choice for long summer days in a college town.


  • Top notes of bergamot, apple, cinnamon, and lemon
  • Middle notes of plum, running water, orange blossom, and cardamom
  • Base notes of ambergris, musk, driftwood, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Spring and summer wear
  • Daytime wear

Givenchy Gentlemen For Men

The most classically-inspired composition of all the colognes featured here, Givenchy Gentlemen for Men is a woody aromatic style fragrance that was released in 2017. It has a much gentler presence than many colognes for college aged guys, making it a great choice for wearing to classes and subtly inviting attention from your classmates and friends.

Pear and pineapple combine for a big, juicy introduction to this cologne, with a hint of spicy cardamom to keep it from coming across too sweet. The heart notes take an abrupt turn, focusing on a trio of iris, geranium, and lavender that develop slowly but never insistently. Founded on a base of dark tanned leather, sweet vanilla, and pungent patchouli, it’s a remarkably balanced cologne.

With a moderate longevity and moderate intensity, Givenchy Gentlemen for Men is ideally suited as an everyday cologne. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but if you have the budget to upgrade your cologne choice, it’s sure to leave an impression on anyone you meet.


  • Top notes of pear, cardamom, and pineapple
  • Middle notes of iris, lavender, and geranium
  • Base notes of leather, vanilla, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Wearing to school
  • Everyday wear

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