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5 Best Cologne To Get Laid In 2023

If you want to improve your odds on every date, you’re going to need a bottle or two of the best cologne to get laid! We’re huge fans of the sensual aspects of perfuming, and are happy to bring you this guide to the finest fragrances for getting freaky.

While just about anything that makes you smell better or look sharper might help get you laid, there’s a certain magic to colognes that are made specifically to get someone in bed with you. Actually, the roots of fragrance making were primarily concerned with doing just that — so let’s get into which colognes can be used as powerful aphrodisiacs.

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Versace Eros (Our Top Pick)

What more could you want out of a cologne to get you laid than this? Inspired by the Greek god of love and lust, Versace Eros is an intensely heady and intoxicating aromatic fougere style cologne that debuted in 2012. While it may not have the long history of many other fragrances, user testimonials make it clear that Eros is aptly named.

Versace Eros starts off easy, approachable, and welcoming, with mint and green apple accented by fresh and zesty lemon. Immediately after this fades, however, you’ll move into the rich and sensual heart notes of tonka beans, ambroxan, and geranium. Sniff a little closer to the skin, and rich vanilla mingles with masculine cedar, vetiver, and oakmoss to continue inviting someone in for smell after smell.

A long lasting and intense cologne, Versace Eros is unabashed in its approach to seduction. From its inviting top notes, it moves insistently into deeper and deeper layers of intrigue, exerting an almost magical pull that’s great for first dates and late nights any time of year.


  • Top notes of mint, green apple, and lemon
  • Middle notes of tonka bean, ambroxan, and geranium
  • Base notes of vanilla, cedar, vetiver, and oakmoss

Best For: 

  • Guys of all ages
  • Gettin’ some tail any time of year

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo

The original Acqua Di Gio has a reputation as being a real compliment-grabber with the capability of starting conversations for you. Imagine, then, the effect that this more intense and alluring version will have! An aromatic aquatic style cologne that debuted in 2015, it’s simultaneously elegant and profound — an excellent combination for guys who want to project a classy image.

The top notes of Acqua Di Gio Profumo are unmistakable: A cool breeze off of the open sea, with zesty citrus hints of bergamot peels. Aphrodisiacal proportions of geranium and sage are joined by rosemary in the intense heart notes, while burning incense and patchouli give a foundation for all of the other aromatics to show their best qualities.

Long lasting, but with a moderate intensity, Acqua Di Gio Profumo is a much more understated fragrance than the rest of the colognes featured in this list. If you’re looking for quality over quantity in your sexual encounters, this should be the go-to bottle to add to your collection.


  • Top notes of bergamot and the open sea
  • Middle notes of rosemary, sage, and geranium
  • Base notes of incense and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Guys that want to keep it classy
  • Working your magic over multiple dates

Dolce & Gabbana The One

A woody spicy style cologne that debuted in 2008, Stefano Gabbana made The One as a classic Italian uomo style fragrance — strongly masculine and designed to attract women’s attention. Whether you’re looking for a date or looking to invite a woman into your home for the first time, The One is an excellent cologne choice.

Spicy and savory coriander is the primary top note in The One, where it is joined by basil and grapefruit for an approachable introduction. Large portions of orange blossom and ginger juice form the bulk of the heart notes, with crushed cardamom playing a supporting role. Resinous amber and cedar in the base help fix the other ingredients, giving them plenty of room to interact with a generous addition of tobacco that’s present through the entire composition.

Quite intense and very long lasting, Dolce & Gabbana’s The One is an ideal cologne to wear when you’re going about your daily business. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get compliments from women on this fragrance — and how easy it will be to turn those interactions into dates and more.


  • Top notes of grapefruit, coriander, and basil
  • Middle notes of ginger, cardamom, and orange blossom
  • Base notes of amber, tobacco, and cedar

Best For: 

  • Getting women’s attention
  • Wearing when you invite her to your bedroom

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Sauvage by Christian Dior is a modern re-imagining of the original Sauvage from 1966 — a cologne that’s been getting guys laid for decades. Made in the aromatic fougere style, its pulling power is exemplified by its celebrity spokesperson: Johnny Depp. If you’re looking to add mystery and intrigue, it’s a great addition to your cologne collection.

Classic top notes of bergamot and black peppercorns announce Sauvage quite insistently, but quickly fade away. The primary strength of this cologne lies in its complex heart, filled with peppercorns and lavender played against patchouli, geranium, and vetiver to great effect. Anchored by ambroxan, cedar, and labdanum, it’s an unabashedly masculine scent.

A long lasting and intense cologne, Sauvage by Christian Dior is great for use as a daily wear cologne and as a go-to for dates. Wear it when you want to smell as confident as you look. If you like it as much as I think you will, then pair the cologne with the aftershave or the Sauvage deodorant.


  • Top notes of bergamot and black peppercorns
  • Middle notes of szechuan peppercorns, lavender, pink peppercorns, vetiver, patchouli, geranium, and elemi
  • Base notes of ambroxan, cedar, and labdanum

Best For: 

  • Feeling like Johnny Depp
  • Late nights with new dates

Azzaro Wanted By Night

Modeled after the sights and sounds of the designer’s hedonistic lifestyle in the 70s, Azzaro Wanted By Night is as close as you can get to sex in a bottle. Made in the classic woody spicy style, it’s a fantastic scent that’s surprisingly affordable and so easy to wear every day.

Cinnamon and lavender in the top notes make it clear that Wanted By Night is not your typical woody cologne, while mandarin orange and lemon maintain a fresh and inviting appeal. Burning incense and red cedar further emphasize this iconoclastic style in the heart notes, where you’ll also find plenty of mixed fruits and cumin. Without the strong and lasting base of tobacco, vanilla, cedar, and leather, it might fall flat — but as it is, this cologne is perfect for getting laid.

Exceptionally long lasting, but with a balanced intensity that’s never overwhelming, Azzaro Wanted By Night deserves to be in every man’s cologne collection. Take our recommendation and buy a bottle; it’s easily one of the best cologne to get laid.


  • Top notes of cinnamon, mandarin orange, lavender, and lemon
  • Middle notes of mixed fruits, incense, red cedar, and cumin
  • Base notes of tobacco, vanilla, cedar, leather, benzoin, cypress, Iso E Super, and patchouli

Best For: 

  • Getting laid on a budget
  • Wearing every day and getting tons of compliments

Brian has been fascinated with fragrances since his 8th birthday, when his Dad gifted him a bottle of Acqua di Gio. Since then, he has become a men's grooming & style aficionado who teaches men how to look sharp. Backed by personal experience, Brian's articles are known for his no-holds-barred style where he holds nothing back. You will get his real opinions on the latest men's grooming products and best practices where he reveals the best (and worst) style advice every man should know.