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5 Best Beard Trimmers For Long Beards In 2023

Just because you’re sporting a long beard doesn’t mean you need to look like a caveman. With one of the best beard trimmers for long beards, it’s easy to shape things up for that modern style. 

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King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer (Our Top Pick)

Made by Braun for King C. Gillette, this is one of the best beard trimmers for long beards. It’s got a sleek all-black design, and the KCG logo looks like it belongs on a luxury bag. 

It’s a classic trimmer design that comes with 3 clip-on combs (2 of which are adjustable). You can adjust the length from 1 mm with the stubble comb up to 21 mm with the long comb. It’s enough to shape up a long beard, cut it down completely, and anything in between. The naked blade is a fantastic detailer. 

Despite the versatility, it’s reasonably priced and very lightweight. The size makes it easy and comfortable to hold, even if you’re doing careful shaping work. 

The main drawback with it is the battery, which only lasts for 50 minutes, but takes over 10 hours to reach a full charge and won’t work when plugged in. Otherwise, it performs beautifully with a lot of power, despite being so light. Operating it is incredibly easy, without the need to learn a complex system of buttons.  


  • Multiple combs make it easy to shape long beards in different ways. 
  • Has a sleek design that feels luxurious. 
  • Low weight makes it comfortable and easy to work with. 
  • Few buttons make it very easy to operate. 


  • Battery holds a charge for only 50 min, despite taking a long time to charge. 

Remington MB4045B Beard Trimmer

This is a more heavy-duty beard trimmer that works beautifully for very long beards. It could also work for cutting hair. 

It offers the greatest range of length options, with the largest comb adjustable up to 35 mm. It’s also great on the short end – without combs, the blade cuts closely, and there’s even a pop-up detailer for finessing your edges. The shorter combs are perfect for more controller shaping work, as well. 

Actually adjusting the trimmer with the different combs can be a bit of a learning process. The shorter comb has to be adjusted directly, while the two larger ones can be adjusted with the settings wheel at the base of the trimmer itself. If you pick this one up, spend a few minutes with the manual to make sure you understand what’s what. 

The lithium battery here is fantastic. It lasts for 2 hours of cordless use, and it can also be used while plugged in, which is a huge benefit for forgetful types. 

Aside from the combs, it also comes with a pair of scissors and a beard brush, which are nice add-ons if you don’t already have them on hand. 


  • Trimmer comes with guards that go up to 35 mm, which is great for very long beards. 
  • Blade and shorter combs work well for shaping and detail work. 
  • Fitted with a pop-up detailer for cleaning up outlines and hard-to-reach spots. 
  • Strong long-lasting battery can last for 2 hours of use. 
  • Works when plugged in if you forget to charge it. 


  • Figuring out how to adjust the different combs can be complicated. 

Braun MGK3220 Beard Trimmer

This trimmer from Braun is not too different from the top pick from King C. Gilette, which is not particularly surprising considering both are Braun creations. It’s also a multi-use, mid-range beard trimmer similar in design, shape, and size. It’s lightweight and fairly simple, which makes it easy to use, and it comes with exactly all the accessories needed to clean up a beard. 

The big difference is that this trimmer comes with 4 comb guards (two of which are adjustable) instead of 3, although the maximum length is also 21 mm. There are more options with a 0.5 mm comb on the shortest end, if you like creating very gradual fade-outs. It also comes with a nose/ear trimmer attachment, which can be very useful for ensuring a totally cleaned-up look. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work when plugged in, so you always need to plan ahead by a full night. It needs 10 hours to reach a full charge which then lasts for a whopping 50 minutes, much like the trimmer from Gillette.  

If you’re still trying to decide between the two, it mostly comes down to whether you do or don’t need the few added accessories in the Braun set. In either case, it’s still one of the best beard trimmers for long beards.


  • Easy to operate with simple interface and lightweight design.
  • Very short comb is great for creating gradual fade-outs. 
  • Ear/nose trimmer attachment adds further utility. 


  • Same battery issues as the King C. Gillette trimmer. 

Panasonic ER224S Beard Trimmer

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep his long beard neat but doesn’t go too far shaping it, this simple, easy-to-use trimmer is a great choice. 

Most of the best beard trimmers for long beards rely on comb attachments to adjust the length. If you don’t like fussing or keeping track of those added accessories, you’ll prefer this all-in-one beard trimmer. 

Its shortest setting is 1 mm, which is good enough for fading but won’t be enough if you like a very sharp outline. It goes up to 20 mm, which will allow you to shape or shorten your beard easily. 

This is also a totally waterproof tool, which can be useful if your bathroom gets very humid. I don’t usually recommend shaping a beard when it’s damp, but if that’s your preference, this trimmer will do the job beautifully. 

The battery takes a long time to reach a full charge, which only lasts for around 50 minutes, but at least it can be used while plugged in.


  • This simple trimmer is great for guys who don’t like to fuss too much with their beards. 
  • Trimmer can be adjusted without combs, for those who don’t like clutter. 
  • Waterproof design gives peace of mind for those with humid bathrooms or fans of shaving damp beard. 
  • Can be used when plugged in, which makes up for the short battery-life. 


  • Shortest setting isn’t low enough for crisp outlines. 
  • Short battery life. 

Philips Norelco Grooming Kit

From Phillips, this is a useful beard trimmer for those who like more precision options when shaping their beard. On the other hand, if all you usually do is just shape your beard quickly with a more natural outline, it might be overkill. 

This trimmer comes with various combs for adjusting the length up to 18 mm. This will probably be too short if you like to bring your beard down to an even medium-length but will work well for controlled shaping.  

For totally changing things up, there are a few attachments: a mini foil shaver, a detailer, and a nose trimmer. You can use the long combs first, to shape up your beard, and then use the foil or detailer attachments to really clean up the neck or cheeks, and to create a very precise outline.

Changing the attachments isn’t the easiest process, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to take his time to create a very defined look you probably won’t mind. There is also a turbo power option, which can be useful with very coarse beards. 

It’s a little heavier than many of the other trimmers on this list, but that correlates with a better battery. It only takes an hour to reach full charge, which itself lasts for a full hour. There is also a 5-minute quick charge option, not to mention you can use it corded.  


  • Foil shaver and detailer attachments allow for really clean outlines and precision work. 
  • Long attachments suffice for controlled shaping work. 
  • Turbo power option useful for coarse beards. 
  • Powerful battery despite the short charging time.
  • Can be used when plugged in if you forget to charge.  


  • Longest comb setting (18 mm) can be too short for quick grooming. 
  • Attachments aren’t easy to change. 

How Do You Trim A Long Beard?

Once you pick up one of the best beard trimmers for long beards, it’s time to actually trim and shape your beard

Before you start, take a few moments to consider what you want to do with it. Do you just want to tidy it up? Do you want to give it a precise shape? If so, what shape do you want? 

Based on that, examine your beard in the mirror, and identify the areas where you need to remove more hair vs where you need to leave it alone. 

  1. The best time to trim your beard is when it’s dry but relatively clean. If your beard hair is wet at all, it’ll hang down a little straighter. You won’t know how your beard will look once it’s dry.
  1. With a wide-tooth comb, comb your beard to make sure it’s smooth and tangle-free. 
  1. Now you can start trimming. Set your trimmer to one of its shorter settings (3-7 mm), and start by carefully trimming the sides of your beard into the shape you want. You can hold the trimmer right against your cheeks and pull downwards. 
  1. Once you reach the end of your jawline, you’ll have to start thinking like a sculptor. If you’re nervous, switch to a higher setting, and start slowly taking off bulk from the side of your beard where it hangs past your face. Look in the mirror as you work, to make sure what you’re creating is symmetrical. In most cases, one or two strokes are enough per side, unless you’re aiming for a long, thin beard. 
  1. Next, shape the bottom of your beard. If you’re taking off some length, you can just run the trimmer straight across the bottom of your beard – the shorter the setting, the more control you’ll have but the more careful you’ll need to be. 
  1. Then, use the trimmer to carefully refine that bottom outline. The less you remove, the more natural your beard will look, but you can go for a neat, sculpted shape. 
  1. If you’re happy with the shape and symmetry of your beard, use your detailer or your trimmer blade with its shortest guard (or no guard at all) to tidy up your cheeks and neck and to ensure the outline of your beard is a nice natural fade or a crisp line. 

What Length Should I Set My Beard Trimmer If I Have A Long Beard?

It all depends on the style you’re aiming for, but as a rule, you want to use a shorter comb along the cheeks, and then graduate to a longer comb when shaping your beard where you want it to retain its length (obviously, make sure to use a beard trimmer from this list of best beard trimmers for long beards to get the most out of these directions).  

  • If you’re making a big chop and aiming for a stubble beard, it’s best to work gradually. First, cut your beard down to a medium setting with the trimmer or with scissors. Then go over it a second time with a short 3-7 mm comb to create that stubble beard without overexerting your trimmer.
  • To create a short, tight beard, set your trimmer to around 9-16 mm. 
  • For a short-medium beard, set your trimmer to 17-21 mm. 
  • For medium and long beards, you’ll have to set your trimmer to a higher setting. If you have a trimmer like the Remington MB4045B, going above 21 mm is no problem. With most trimmers, you’ll want to set your trimmer to its highest setting, and then carefully use it only on the ends, working inwards to take off bulk where necessary.

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