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How To Care For A Bald Head

Going bald is easy (it comes naturally for some guys). Learning how to care for a bald head and look great without hair is the real struggle. 

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How To Care For A Bald Head

Your scalp is probably needier than you realize. Remember back when you had hair, and you used shampoo constantly? It wasn’t just for your hair. That was to keep your scalp from breaking out.

When you go bald, your scalp problems don’t instantly disappear. You still have to keep up with some basic scalp maintenance.

  1. Keep your scalp clean

Bald guys have to use shampoo??? Yup. I know, it sounds crazy. 

Shampoos that are made for bald guys are a cross between shampoo and face wash. The soap is specifically formulated to deal with your scalp, which has more pores than any other part of your skin, while still being one of the thickest parts of your skin. It’s a weird balancing act.

Using a bald shampoo will prevent scalp breakouts, like acne, itchiness, dryness, and flakes.

  1. Scrub away dead skin and dandruff

Some shampoos do double duty – they’ll clean and exfoliate your scalp. But others won’t. If you buy a shampoo in the second camp, you’ll need to exfoliate your head 2-3 times a week to scour away the stubborn dead skin and debris that shampoo won’t pick up.

You can use a washcloth, textured soap, mesh soap bag, sugar scrub, or any other abrasive product to exfoliate your head.

  1. Moisturize

You probably took it for granted when you had hair, but your hair traps a lot of moisture, keeping your scalp hydrated and happy. Without hair to protect your skin, you’ll need to use facial lotion more frequently, and put oil on top to trap the moisture against your skin.

  1. Use the most comfortable hair removal method

Most guys default to shaving, but that’s not the only way to keep your head bald. Instead of a razor, try hair removal cream, waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, or a crew cut with clippers.

You’ll probably find that there’s an option that’s easier on your skin and works better with your weekly/monthly hair removal routine.

  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Sunscreen is more important than ever when you go bald. Trust me, scalp sunburns hurt worse than normal sunburns.

If you don’t like how shiny sunscreen makes your head, then wear a hat or stay indoors. Your scalp faces the sun directly, so you’ll burn faster than normal.

Tan your bald head with tanning lotion instead of direct sun exposure or a tanning bed. The UV light increases your risk of skin cancer.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Bald Head?

Most guys exfoliate their bald heads 2-3 times a week.

If you have sensitive skin, you should probably exfoliate less and moisturize more. If you have oily skin, you can get away with exfoliating more often. (It’ll feel really good when it dissolves your grease and unclogs your pores.)

When you’re choosing an exfoliant, stick with something relatively gentle that won’t irritate your skin.

Is Vaseline Good For A Bald Head?

Vaseline is a double edged sword.

It doesn’t moisturize your head. Instead, it locks in the moisture you already have. So you need to use a lotion before you put on vaseline. If you don’t moisturize beforehand, vaseline will block your skin from absorbing moisture. So you can lather your head in vaseline and still feel dried out.

Vaseline won’t grow bacteria, so you don’t need to worry about it causing a scalp infection, and it’ll put the shine on your bald head if that’s your style.

Vaseline won’t help your hair grow back. That’s a myth.

Is Coconut Oil Good For A Bald Head?

Coconut oil and aloe vera are best for a fresh bald head, right after you’ve removed the hair.

The hair removal process can be harsh on your scalp and skin, no matter what method you use. Coconut oil and aloe vera work as soothing agents. I do recommend putting on some light lotion beforehand, then applying oil on top so that the oil doesn’t block your skin from absorbing other moisturizers.
A big part of looking good bald is learning how to take care of your bald head. Be nice to your skin, and it’ll return the favor.

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