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5 Best Mousses For Braids In 2023

Braids and cornrows are back and I’m excited about it. Once upon a time I had braids and cornrows myself and there was nothing worse than the frizz that comes with them. So, here are the best mousses for braids because all it takes is a great mousse to keep your braids tamed and looking their best.

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Mizani Foam Mousse (Our Top Pick)

Mizani Foam Mousse is one of my favorites on this list not only because it’s an amazing product, but because Mizani is a company that’s been creating some killer hair care products since way back when Anita Hill had the country glued to our TVs during Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing.

Yeah, they’ve been at this for a very long time.

But I love several things about their foam mousse. First, it’s super lightweight. That means it won’t hold your hair down or have your braids feeling too greasy or matted. I also love that it doesn’t flake when it dries. There’s nothing worse than walking around looking like you have a bad case of dandruff when it’s really a bad mousse that’s just not good.

You don’t have to worry about that with Mizani.

But it’s also one of the best mousses for braids because of its ingredients. Yes, I’m a snob when it comes to the ingredients in grooming products, and this mousse doesn’t disappoint.

There are some outstanding ingredients like Shea Butter, which is an amazing ingredient that repairs dryness and provides your hair with some serious moisture. There’s Monoi Oil that fights frizz (everyone hates frizzy braids), and ceramides that strengthens your hair and prevents breakage.

Trust me, you can’t beat a lineup like that.


  • Has amazing ingredients that strengthen your hair and prevents damage.
  • It’s lightweight. Won’t matt your hair down or have your braids feeling sticky and unclean.
  • Gives your braids a bomb ass shine. Imagine how dope your braids will look when you’re on the court playing ball and that summer sun hits them.


  • Using too much can make your hair hard. It’s important to remember to use just a squirt or two so you don’t overdo it and have crunchy looking braids.
  • The scent is really strong and can overwhelm your other products. Again, use a small quarter-sized amount.

Maui Foam Mousse

Maui Foam Mousse is another great product if you want your braids looking tight and right. They’ve been featured in places like People, NYLON, and Reader’s Digest for their outstanding products.

I like this mousse because it’s especially great for dudes with wavy hair and even the dudes with tight curls. Using this mousse will leave your braids looking healthy and glowing without the crunch that comes with a lot of other mousses you find in grocery store aisles.

This product is vegan. So, you know it comes with some stellar ingredients, too. There’s Aloe Vera that soothes and nourishes your hair while giving it the moisture it needs to be healthy. There’s creamy coconut milk, guava oil and mango butter––all phenomenal ingredients that will give your braids shine and health.

There aren’t any harmful parabens or any other chemicals that do long-term damage to your hair, which is always a plus for me. Damaged hair is not a good look.

But my favorite part about this foam mousse and why it’s definitely one of the best mousses for your braids is that it’s pH balanced. And using pH balanced products is vital to your health. I even gave you the benefits of pH balanced products and a list of the best pH balanced body washes for men in 2022 because it’s important that all my guys have not only healthy and vibrant hair, but skin, too.


  • It has a ton of healthy vegan ingredients that leave your braids glowing and intact.
  • This mousse moisturizes. I love that it de-frizzes your braids and won’t leave them feeling crunchy.
  • Because of the natural ingredients that are some of the best for your hair, you can use it daily and not have to worry about long-term damage.


  • Applying too much can dry your hair out. It’s important to only use a small amount on your braids so they don’t end up looking dried and fried.
  • It’s super sticky. Make sure you have some good hand soap nearby to use after you’ve covered your braids with this mousse.  

Professional Sebastian Mousse

Sebastian has been making world-renowned hair care products since the way back in the 70s when cats were rocking fros and bellbottoms. And their products have only improved over the half century they’ve been around.

It’s no wonder theirs is one of the best mousses for braids––they’ve been perfecting their products for years.

What I love about this mousse in particular is its strong AF hold. You don’t have to worry about your braids slipping out of pattern or any kind of terrible frizz when you take your hat off because this mousse has a special anti-frizz effect.

The people at Sebastian came up with a really dope formula that fights frizz while also keeping your hair soft, too. There aren’t many products that can do both. But this one does exactly that, and so of course it had to be one of my picks of the best mousse for braids.

Pro Tip: It’s best to use this mousse on damp hair. So, what you can do is while checking yourself out in the mirror before you leave the house, catch some warm water in your hands then run it over your braids just to make them slightly damp.

Do this before applying the mousse to your hair so that its chemicals can activate and really set. Just remember you don’t need to douse your head in water. Just a small amount to dampen your hair is good enough.


  • The hold is strong AF which I love. That means you don’t have to worry about your braids looking frizzy or out of place, even when you take your hat off.
  • I love the formula. It’s great for providing a strong hold but it also leaves your hair soft. And that’s important because hard, crunchy hair is not the business.


  • I don’t love some of the chemicals. It’s a bummer but this mousse does have parabens which are harmful to your hair in the long run.
  • I wish the hold lasted longer. Yes, it’s strong AF but by the end of the day, you’re going to have to throw some more in if you want your braids to keep their hold.
  • I wish it could be used on dry hair, too. I get that damp hair takes better, but it can be a headache having to put water in your hair every time you want to use this product. A little tweak to the formula could be a good idea.

Kenra Professional Mousse

Kenra has been around since the roaring 20s and for almost an entire century they’ve been creating outstanding haircare products. That’s knowledge and experience that you can’t beat. It’s almost a century later and their Professional Mousse is one of the best mousses for braids.

This mousse is one of my favorites for many reasons but one reason that I absolutely love is that it’s super lightweight and airy. Think of a feather and how it glides through the air.

That’s how soft and lightweight this mousse is. That means you don’t have to worry about your braids being heavy and weighed down, a great thing especially in those hot summer months. I also love how it doesn’t dry out or turn flaky in your hair. There are a lot of mousses out there, especially those big box brands, that, 45 minutes after using it, your hair is a head of flakes.

Not this one. This mousse is the opposite. It’s created with ingredients like Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that’s great for keeping your hair moisturized and your braids intact. And just like you don’t have to worry about flakes, you won’t need to worry about frizz, either.

I call that a win-win.

Pro Tip: This is another mousse that’s best used on damp hair. So, be sure to get some water on your braids before using it. No need for a lot of water, just enough to dampen your braids will be fine. Just make sure you are using this mousse evenly on your braids for the best shine and hold.


  • I love the lightweight formula. There’s no heaviness or chemicals that make your braids crunchy or stiff.
  • It’s not sticky. That’s a huge plus. So many mousses, especially ones like Suave or Herbal Essence are sticky and don’t even work that well.
  • Doesn’t flake up. This is another huge plus. There’s nothing worse than walking around looking like you’ve got a bad case of dandruff when it’s really just the mousse you’ve used. And that’s no good.


  • The hold doesn’t last as long as I’d like. By lunchtime your braids will need another dose of this mousse.
  • I hate some of the ingredients. They have silicone in them and that’s not something to put in your hair long term.  

Design Essentials Mousse

Back when MC Hammer was dancing around in those baggy ass pants, Design Essentials was getting started. Thirty-two years later and they’ve still at the center of creating hair care products that are not only great for their purpose, but also healthy AF, too.

That’s what I love about this mousse and why it’s definitely one of the best mousses for braids you can find. It’s packed with so much goodness, it’s like stumbling upon liquid gold in a bottle. That’s how much I love these ingredients.

There’re oils like Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Mineral and Olive Oil that are all outstanding essential oils, perfect for giving you the healthiest and best-looking braids on the block. They’re also great for providing the moisture and nourishment your hair needs to be healthy.

Your braids aren’t going to look good if your hair isn’t healthy. And that’s why this mousse is one of the best mousses for braids you can find.

I also love how it’s lightweight and isn’t greasy. That’s a pet-peeve. Healthy hair should be shiny and moist, not greasy and brittle.


  • It’s a lightweight and non-greasy mousse that’s great at keeping your braids looking fresh and neat. It won’t dry out your hair or turn crunchy throughout the day.
  • Packed with so many amazing essential oils. These oils like Avocado, Olive and Almond Oil all give your hair the nourishment it needs to grow and be healthy. You can’t beat a product packed with healthy ingredients.
  • I love that it dries quickly, too. That’s definitely a plus for those mornings that you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to carefully style your braids.


  • The hold isn’t strong enough. By the end of the day, your braids could be frizzy or looking out of shape because of its medium hold.
  • The ingredients could be problematic for dudes allergic to wheat or gluten.

Is Mousse Good for Braids?

Absolutely! Mousse is an amazing product to use on your braids for a ton of reasons. They give your hair some amazing shine and a polished finish that’ll have your braids looking sleek and nice AF.

But mousse is also good for your braids because they conceal any of the loops in your braids that are missed or come undone with time. And mousse is a phenomenal product to use for controlling frizz. Nobody likes to have frizzy braids when you take your hat off. Mousse helps to control that.

The trick is to buy any one of the best mousses for braids on this list.

Can You Use Any Mousse for Braids?

Yes, technically you can use any mousse for your braids, but I wouldn’t suggest it. Definitely don’t just go grabbing the first bottle you see all willy nilly.

I’m a big believer in healthy, natural products that’ll make your hair healthy and grow and so it’s important that you find a mousse that’ll look great on your braids but be healthy, too.

You don’t want one that’ll dry your hair out or turn crunchy or flaky. That’s what those big generic brands like Suave or Herbal Essentials do.

How Often Should You Use Mousse on Braids?

You can use mousse on your braids as often as you want. Leaving the house for work? No problem. Heading to happy hour? Works then, too. You’re about to hit the club with your boys? 

I’m sure you get my point.

The only thing I’d advise is being sure to use a mousse that is non-drying and non-flaking, like the ones on this list. Some mousses dry out and flake with time and the more you use them, the more it builds up in your hair and looks a dry and flaky mess.

If you’re going to mousse your hair regularly to keep your braids looking tight and fresh, be sure it’s a mousse with essential oil ingredients so you don’t end up drying out and damaging your hair.  

How Do You Use Mousse for Braids?

Using mousse for your braids is super easy.

  • After you’ve showered be sure to get some water in your hair so that it’s damp. Most mousses work better on damp hair so if you want your braids to look fly, a little water won’t hurt.
  • Grab the bottle and squirt a quarter-sized amount into your palms.
  • Rub your hands together vigorously, being sure that all the product is primed.
  • Then apply the mousse to your braids. Make sure you are applying it evenly and from the roots all the way to the ends. It’s important that it’s evenly distributed so that when it dries, it keeps away and fly away stands or frizz from happening.
  • Wash your hands.

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