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5 Best Face Wash For Men In 2023

Face washes may be unisex products, but there’s something so satisfying, classy, and downright manly about using the best face wash for men. Whether you’re looking for a nice cologne after-scent, or a unique texture, men’s face washes just have more to offer your skin care routine.

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Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash (Our Top Pick)

Men’s products are often bad at catering to guys with dry skin. You need something gentle, but it should still be manly! Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is just that. It’s gentle, cleansing, and anti-bacterial, but it has that manly smell and lather that really sells it as a product for guys.

The charcoal does the heavy cleansing for you, while gentler components like jojoba oil and aloe vera keep your skin hydrated. It’s a great wash to use before you shave. Cleansing, soothing, and pairs well with an aftershave. It’s as close to a face scrub as a face wash will get, which is great if you want to save some time..

Best of all, it’s a satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Brickell Men’s has all the confidence in the world that they can clear up your skin and leave you feeling like one smooth motherf*cker.

It also doubles as an amazing pre shave face wash!


• Charcoal is a deep cleanser, great for preventing skin infections and breakouts.

• Best face wash for guys with dry skin.

• Comes with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


• Whenever you use a charcoal product, you need to use a moisturizer afterwards, or there’s a chance it will dry you out more.

Rugged & Dapper Daily Power Scrub Face Cleanser

I like Rugged & Dapper because the name really says it all: their power scrub face cleanser has that gritty texture that feels so good after a long day. As a toner, exfoliant, cleanser, and face wash, it’s even a triple threat. You’ll get clear skin with a nice softness and elasticity.

This home-brewed company targets guys with “gritter” jobs, like founder Ryan Labaqui who worked construction. But I’d argue that it feels and works great for any guy, from the warehouse to the office desk. 

They’ve been featured in everything from GQ to Men’s Journal for how effective and manly their products are. My only note – be sure to use a moisturizer after you scrub.


• A MANLY brand for guys with gritty jobs. Or just guys who enjoy a relaxing, gritty face wash at the end of the day.

• Multiple features and awards for Rugged & Dapper products.


• Not marketed toward the luxury guy going for that polished look.

Dermalogica Face Wash & Cleanser

If you like to snag those 2-in-1 bargains, Dermalogica’s Face Wash & Cleanser doubles as your exfoliant. It’ll scour away dead skin, clear your pores, and rinse bacteria and oils all at once. Pair it with a moisturizer, and you’ve got a basic skin care routine right here.

But contrary to most scrubs for guys, it’s actually a gentle product. That sandpaper feeling gets old really quick, especially if you’ve been using cheap scrubs that use plastic pieces to scour your skin. Dermalogica’s wash is refreshingly mild. It’s what a face wash is supposed to feel like.

My one critique: it’s not all-natural, and I wouldn’t trust it for my sensitive skin guys. It’s best for average to oily skin.


• 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliant, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

• Great texture, especially if you’re tired of those sandpaper exfoliants.

• Works wonders for oily, rough skin with acne.


• NOT for dry or sensitive skin.

• Not all-natural.

Revision Gentle Cleansing Lotion

Who knew you could buy a face wash so gentle it feels like a lotion? Revision is definitely smoking something strong over at HQ, but it’s not necessarily taking them in a bad direction.

A little goes a long way with their Gentle Cleansing Lotion. Just a tiny squirt will lather up against your skin nicely, making the bottle an investment that’s going to last for a while. It will feel especially good if you suffer from flaky, cracked skin. I don’t think I’ve ever described a face wash as soft…but that’s the best adjective for Revision.

Better yet, it doesn’t leave behind that weird residue that so many “soft” soaps give your skin. It rinses cleanly and gives you happy, moisturized skin.


• Weirdly soft, but very pleasant. 

• Only takes a small squirt to cover your whole face. Great value product.

• No weird residue left behind.


• Not at all satisfying for normal, oily, or rough skin. Good for dry, irritated skin.

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jack Black is one of the first brands I would recommend to anyone who really wants a skin care routine that will leave you feeling like a man. It’s almost motivational, what their products do for your skin and your morale.

Their clean daily facial cleanser fits that Jack Black branding promise, but it’s also more standard than you would expect. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! If you have average skin that just needs breakout and blemish protection, it’s the perfect wash. The sage scent comes through in a nice way, but it doesn’t linger on my skin.

I suppose that’s my one complaint. Jack Black is a stand-out brand, but their facial cleanser is not a stand-out product associated with that brand. I would buy it as a set with their moisturizer, scrub, toner, and other skin care products, but not alone.

With that said, if my face were to get oily all of a sudden, I would still use it… especially since Jack Black face washes and other products last for a long time.


• Perfect for the average guy’s skin.

• Nice sage scent that doesn’t linger too long.

• Standard liquid soap texture. No surprises.


• Jack Black is a leading men’s brand, but their face cleanser just doesn’t hold a candle to their other products. Buy it as a set, not alone.

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