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5 Best Smelling Soap For Guys In 2023

The best smelling soap for guys is never the scent that announces your presence before you’ve arrived, but the bar that someone starts to pick up on once you get a little closer. It has that ahhh moment for the few people you let into your personal space.

As soap lovers, we’ve dabbled in so many scents it can get pungent at times. But very few have that ahhh factor, and those are the memorable ones. So here they are – of all the bars we’ve sniffed, lathered, researched, and reviewed over time, these are the ahhh soaps that really stand out.

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Pre De Provence Shea Butter Enriched Soap (Our Top Pick)

Pre De Provence never disappoints when it comes to scent mixing, and they’re masters at handling Shea Butter, just like these bar soaps for black men. This bar has sort of a sweet smell with some warmth to it, perfectly subtle, yet distinct. It’ll pair well with most colognes and deodorants, so you don’t have to worry about doing too much scent-matching. 

Plus, the bar is a brick. It’s gigantic, and it doesn’t dissolve quickly. You won’t have to buy soap for a few months, as long as you’re not leaving it in a puddle of water once you exit the shower. The lather is slick, feels smooth, and rinses nicely. I wouldn’t call it thick or rich, but it gets the job done more than satisfactorily.

While this isn’t a complaint on my end, the downside to this soap is that some of you might not think it smells distinct enough. It’s a generic “warm, manly” kind of smell, not spicy or incredibly potent.


• The bar is gigantic

• The scent is subtle (warm, rich) but definitely there. Perfect for guys who tend to accidentally “overdo it” with scented products.

• It’s quad-milled, so if you let it dry between uses, it’s going to last forever.


• The lather isn’t “rich” or “creamy.” It’s nice, but not memorable.

• It’s not all-natural.

• If you want to hop between soaps and try out a few different scents, this lasts wayyy too long for that.

Baxter Of California Exfoliating Bar

I’ll say upfront, this is the first soap I’ve ever seen to still get five-star reviews from users who broke out in skin rashes. If that’s not a reason to list this as a best smelling soap for guys, then I don’t know what to say.

The cedarwood and oakmoss fragrances come through in a really nice way, and it’s concentrated enough to last all day. It’s stronger than some of the other bars on this list, so for those of you who disagree with me that subtlety is key in soap, this is your bar. I recommend skipping on the cologne.

As for those breakouts, make sure you wash off this soap thoroughly. Your skin will still absorb that nice scent, so don’t worry about being a little aggressive in getting the suds off your body. Really, this should be the case with any soap you’re using – soap scum will inevitably cause an allergic reaction if you leave it against your skin.

Seventy-six percent of 8,000 reviewers gave it five stars, making it one of the best smelling soap for guys. It also doubles as one of the best bar soaps for body odor.


• People will SMELL this on you. It’s good, and it’s strong.

• Amazon buyers love this soap, even some users who broke out in skin rashes gave it four or five stars. That’s how good it smells.


• Allergy-prone soap users, beware. It’s not sensitive skin friendly.

• If you’ve never used an exfoliating bar before, this will be a weird introduction to exfoliating soaps. The texture is…unique. First time users might find it unpleasant.

Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus 

This is a bar I would recommend without hesitation for guys who have sensitive skin but still want to dabble in exciting scents.

Oftentimes, the “fragrances” that soaps use are unnatural enough to cause skin breakouts, rashes, and discomfort. Lots of the smellier soaps on this list use chemical components to boost the scent. Dr. Squatch is always all-natural, so you’re getting all those good cedar and citrus scents without any of the irritating artificial additives.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any soap users report breakouts with Dr. Squatch bars. So if you have picky skin, this really is the way to go. Plus, they’ve got a great track record with their Amazon buyers, hitting an 82% four star and up review rate.


• Sensitive skin stamp of approval.

• No artificial scents that might cause irritation or breakouts.

• Great for your face and body, so it’s a two-in-one deal.


• You have to treat it right, or it’s going to dissolve quickly.

• I can’t help but get a little bit of a furniture scent from this…

Jack Black Turbo Scrubbing Soap

What I really like about Jack Black’s scrubbing soap is how neutral it smells. Heavily scented soaps are fun, but some guys don’t know how to match scents between soaps, colognes, and deodorants…the result is often a weird smell combination.

Getting a refreshing but invisible scent like this takes the soap scent out of the equation. Plus, Jack Black has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in men’s products and scents. They’re one of the older men’s care brands out there, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to making a soap that will smell and feel good without f*cking up your chances at using a bold cologne.

My only complaint about this soap? It’s oversold as a “scrubbing” soap. Picture a gentle bar with a little bit of texture, not something that’s really going to dig into your skin.


• Great base for a bold cologne, won’t interfere with other scented products. Use it on its own or as your blank canvas for a smell-filled experience.

• Fits the classic “this is what soap is supposed to smell and feel like.”


• Does the “pumice” scrubbing portion of the soap actually work? Who knows.

• You won’t have a defined, manly scent. You’ll just smell clean.

Mistral Bourbon Vanilla Soap

If you take your food in large portions, consider yourself a refined social drinker, and have a “most interesting man in the world” kind of personality, this is the soap to match your vibe.

Alcohol-ingredient soaps always go bold on the sweet-yet-spicy scent balance, and Mistral’s bourbon vanilla soap is no exception. It walks the hard line between pleasantly aromatic and noticeably cologned-up, but boy does it walk it well. This is one of the few soaps that skips subtlety in favor of bold seasoning without reaching douchebag territory.

On Amazon, Mistral’s bourbon vanilla soap racks in four- and five-star reviews with an 89% success rate. If you’ve followed the link, I know what you’re about to complain: “But they haven’t even gotten over 1,000 reviews!”

This is a luxury soap. And it’s a wildly distinct scent. I would go so far as to call it bodacious, which makes it the kind of soap that has a unique audience. If it’s not the soap for you, don’t worry, maybe try one of these lavender soaps for men. With that said, it’s catering to a very specific kind of debonair guy.


• People will absolutely notice this scent on you and compliment it.

• It’s the definition of a manly bar of soap

• It comes in a giant, long-lasting portion. (It’ll last especially long if you know how to take care of your soap.)


• The smell is so strong. So so strong. No subtlety here.

• Will leave residue on your skin and tile if you don’t rinse thoroughly.

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