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How To Comb Your Mustache

Learning how to comb your mustache is essential. It’s one of the most important parts of a guy’s face. And when it’s good, it’s good. But when your mustache is bad, it’s really bad. If you want your facial hair to look neat, sharp, and on point, learning how to comb your mustache is a must.

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How To Comb Your Mustache

It’s super simple to learn how to comb your mustache. But even with all its simplicity, it’s still vital to making sure your facial hair looks its best. When you don’t comb your mustache or don’t know how to comb your mustache it can throw your whole look off.

Following these easy steps will keep you from having a mustache that’s wild, out of control, and doesn’t give what it’s supposed to give.

Step 1. Make Sure Your Face is Clean

The first step before combing your mustache or doing any type of grooming for that matter is to make sure your face is clean.

When you wash your face, you’re cleansing your facial hair and the skin underneath of any excess dirt, oil, and debris that can get trapped and cause breakouts or acne.

Step 2. Pat Your Face Dry

Using a good quality towel or face rag, pat your entire face dry, being sure to remove any excess moisture from your facial hair, especially if you have a long beard or a thick mustache.

Step 3. Grab Your Mustache Comb

You should have a high-quality mustache comb in your grooming arsenal that you use specifically for combing your mustache. Grab it out of your toiletry bag and get ready.

Step 4. Comb Your Mustache

Starting at the center of your mustache, directly under the tip of your nose, start combing your mustache in downward strokes working your way outward in the direction of the corner of your mouth.

Combing your mustache downward is great training. It teaches your mustache to grow in that direction and to lay flat, so you don’t have any of those annoying flyaway strands.

Step 5. Back to the Middle

Once you’re done combing the first side of your mustache, go back to the middle just under the tip of your nose, and repeat.

Comb your mustache in downward strokes going in the opposite direction towards the corner of your mouth.

You’re done.

You can do this as many times as you want throughout the day to train your mustache to grow perfectly and to keep stray hairs out of the way.

When To Comb Your Mustache Down

It’s best to comb your mustache down when it’s short. This is usually at the beginning stages when you’re growing your facial hair and training it to grow in the best direction.

Combing your mustache down in the beginning stages keeps your mustache from growing in weird patterns and it tames stray hairs.

It’s also great to comb your mustache down in the beginning when it’s short because it’ll give your mustache that natural look, we all want. It’ll keep it looking neat and being trained, too.

When To Comb Your Mustache to The Side

Knowing when and how to comb your mustache to the side is important. It’s part of maintaining a great looking mustache that adds to the look you’re going for with your facial hair.

It’s best to comb your mustache to the side when you’ve got length.

When your mustache is longer, combing it to the side is smart because it then doesn’t cover your mouth or get in the way when you go in to kiss your date at the end of the night.

It’s also great to comb your mustache to the side if you have thicker hair. Combing a thick mustache to the side trains it to grow in that direction (usually within two or three months) so that it doesn’t continue to grow downward and over your lips.

The other time to comb your mustache to the side is if you’re going for a particular style, like the handlebar.

You need a long mustache if you’re going for the handlebar look, and because it requires a lot of length to get the perfect handlebar mustache, you’re going to need to comb it to the side and then style it.

Is Combing Your Mustache Good?

Yes 100%! There’s no doubt that combing your mustache is good. And there are many benefits that come from it. When you comb your mustache, you are detangling it and keeping it from knotting up and damaging.

You’re also preventing split ends from happening. And those are never good. Split ends can lead to a patchy mustache that doesn’t grow evenly and looks bad.

Combing your mustache also trains it to grow in a certain direction. If your mustache is long and thick, you may want it to grow around your lips instead of over it.

That won’t happen if you don’t comb it.  

Do Mustache Combs Work?

Yes, they do. Mustache combs are designed specifically with teeth that detangle and prevent all kinds of snarls and kinks you may have in your mustache.

They also keep your mustache looking full and when you use a mustache comb after moisturizing your face, they are phenomenal for working that moisture into every strand of your mustache.

When Should I Start Combing My Mustache?

You should start combing your mustache once it’s grown at least half an inch. That’s the perfect length to start combing your mustache because it’ll start training it before it gets too long and out of control.

Combing your mustache once it’s at least half an inch also prevents tangles and unwanted kinkiness from developing as it grows.

How Often Should You Comb Your Mustache?

I recommend combing your mustache at least three times a day.

Combing it in the morning before you leave for work will get it neat and in shape for the day. That means you can count on your mustache being free of tangles and kinks as you head into the office.

 Then around mid-day, you should comb your mustache again. After lunch is a great time because combing it will get any tiny food particles or debris out that you may not have seen when you glanced in the mirror to check.

Of course, it’ll also untangle any strands that may have kinked up throughout the morning.

And then you should comb your mustache before bed. This will get out all the dirt, kinks, tangles, and debris your mustache may have picked up since the last time you combed it.

Frequently combing your mustache won’t cause any damage to it.

But on the flip side, not combing your mustache will definitely damage your mustache in the long run.

How Do I Stop My Mustache from Sticking Out?

Stopping your mustache from sticking out is super simple. And you only need a really good, high-quality mustache comb and some mustache wax.

Follow the steps below to keep your mustache from sticking out.

Step 1. Wash Your Face

Make sure your mustache is clean and free of any oils, dirt or debris, and any old products like mustache wax.

Step 2. Comb Your Mustache

Grab your mustache comb and comb in downward strokes moving from the middle of your mouth to one side of your mustache. Then repeat for the other side.

Step 3. Wax On

Grab your mustache wax and finger out a small amount. It should be the size of a dime. Then rub the wax together in your fingertips and start applying it to your mustache.

Be sure you’re using downward strokes as you apply the wax. 

This will keep it from sticking out.

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