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5 Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin In 2023

Shaving can be difficult when your skin turns red at the drop of a hat. With the best electric shavers for sensitive skin, you can keep your shave as comfortable as possible. 

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Andis Foil Shaver (Our Top Pick)

It’s hard to beat a classic. Andis is a go-to barbershop brand, and this famous foil shaver is an excellent choice for anyone, including men with sensitive skin. It’s a reliable, durable shaver without excess features, so it’s great for those who prefer a simple, straightforward shaving experience.  

This traditional shaver has two foils. Both the foils and blades are constructed of hypoallergenic titanium, to prevent irritation or allergic reactions even in those with sensitivity to metals. 

Though it’s designed to be gentle, it still provides a very close shave thanks to a staggered foil placement and a strong rotary motor. It cuts smoothly easily even when the hair is a little more coarse. You won’t need to use any pressure when using it, and in fact, doing so may actually end up irritating your skin.  

This shaver shines with daily use since it’s designed to cut down stubble and create a clean-shaven look. It will struggle with anything longer than 3 days’ growth, so if you don’t like to shave too often, you may prefer a shaver like the Panasonic.

The battery is solid – it lasts for 80 minutes of use with just around an hour of charging. Even if you forget, it can still be used while plugged in as long as you’re careful not to jostle the cord. 


  • Simple, reliable design for those who enjoy a straightforward shaving experience. 
  • Hypoallergenic gold titanium foils prevent irritation. 
  • Staggered foil placement gives a very close shave. 
  • Rotary motor is strong, to help cut hair smoothly even if coarse. 


Panasonic Arc 5 Electric Razor For Men

This is a premium electric razor loaded with extra features that those with sensitive skin will appreciate. 

It’s a five-blade, foil design made of sensitive-skin friendly stainless steel, with a very powerful motor. The extra blades can cut through just about anything, making one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin and coarse beards. 

The shaver head itself is quite flexible – the type of design that’s more common with rotary shavers. This allows it to follow the contours of the face easily, and give a better shave over hollow or curved areas like below the jawline. More importantly, it glides very easily with virtually no pulling or irritation, and the central blade helps deal with slightly longer hairs.  

This shaver is totally waterproof, so you can use it to wet shave without any issues – this can be very important for some men with sensitive skin, who need the added glide of a shaving cream even when using an electric razor. 

It comes with some great added features and accessories. There’s a pop-up trimmer that makes it easy to groom the sideburns and a travel lock that keeps it safe when you’re on the move. It comes with a two-in-one charging dock and cleaning station that will save you a lot of trouble. 

The battery reaches a full charge within an hour, providing you with 40 minutes of use, which I consider respectable, if not mindblowing. The charging station does make it easier to keep it charged, which is important since it can’t be used while plugged in. 


  • Powerful 5-blade design is excellent for coarse beards.  
  • A very flexible head gives a better shave over the contours of the face. 
  • Central cutting implement deals with longer hairs and allows you to shave a little less frequently.  
  • Waterproof design can be used for wet shaving
  • The charging dock doubles as a cleaning station. 


  • A full charge only lasts for 40 minutes, which means you’ll have to charge it more frequently than other options. 

Braun Series 7 Electric Razor For Men

This premium foil shaver is an excellent option for men with sensitive skin aiming for a fast shave. It’s one of the larger foil shavers on our list, so it covers a lot of space and helps you shave quickly and evenly. 

With this shaver, Braun has managed to engineer some of the smoothest-feeling foils, making for a tool that glides very comfortably over the skin. It’s fitted with two foil blade elements as well as a middle cutter that helps to catch longer hairs, making it a solid choice even if you only shave a few times a week rather than daily. There’s also a pop-up trimmer for those sideburns and hard-to-reach spots. 

It has 5-speed settings, including a sensitive setting that takes things down a notch, for a more gentle shave. 

The head itself has what Braun calls 8-D Contour Adaptation, so it’s very flexible, with the different shaving elements able to move on their own based on the surface of your skin. This helps give a closer shave on hollow areas of the face and allows it to adapt to your pressure as you shave, so if you apply a little too much pressure, it won’t necessarily irritate your skin the way a stationary head might. 

This shaver also comes with a docking station that cleans and charges it, which helps to justify the higher price tag. Since it’s a dry shaver, you can also use it while it’s plugged in, which is great if you sometimes forget to charge your devices. 

The only drawback to this premium machine is that it can’t be used for wet shaving, unlike the Panasonic Arc 5 and Braun Series 5. If you dry shave exclusively, it’s a fantastic, gentle choice. 


  • The larger cutting head covers a lot of space, for a faster shave. 
  • Very smooth foils glide gently over the skin. 
  • Middle cutter deals with longer hairs, making this shaver usable even for men who don’t shave every day. 
  • Can be used when plugged in if you forget to charge it. 


  • Cannot be used for wet shaving. 

BaBylissPro Cordless Foil Shaver

Just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean you need to use a boring, clinical-looking shaver. This premium foil shaver from BaByliss is a classic machine with a very eye-catching gold-colored body. If you like your grooming tools to double as display pieces, it’s a remarkable shaver to own. 

Functionally, it’s a similar option to my top pick from Andis, meaning that it’s a dual-foil shaver that cuts very close. The foils on it are actually made of gold, which looks very snazzy but also serves a purpose: gold is a hypoallergenic metal that’s suitable even for those with serious metal sensitivity.

It works beautifully to cut down stubble, and it’s a fantastic option for men who want to dry shave and still achieve a very clean-shaven look. It can start pulling or struggling if your hair is longer than stubble-length, though, so it won’t be suitable if you don’t shave on a daily basis.   

It has a 3 hour run time, which could easily translate into months of shaving after you’ve charged it for a few hours. 


  • Cuts very close to the skin, for a very clean-shaven look. 
  • Gold foils are suitable even for those with sensitivity to metals
  • Unique, eye-catching design that’s great for men who care about the aesthetic of their tools.
  • 3-hour run time means that one charge can last for months of shaving.  


  • Can tug or pull if beard growth is too long, so it’s not suitable for men who don’t shave every day. 

Braun Series 5 5190cc Electric Shaver

This is another phenomenal foil shaver from Braun, with a similar design to the Series 7. It has similarly comfortable, flexible foils, but with the added option to use it when wet. 

If your skin is so sensitive that wet shaving capabilities are a must, this is a great option. It’s totally waterproof – so much so that you could even use it to shave in the shower. 

In a head-to-head comparison, the Series 7 shaver from Braun and my pick from Panasonic are both a touch smoother. It’s a minuscule difference, and the Series 5 still delivers a sensitive skin-friendly shave. 

It also has a pop-up trimmer, which can be useful if your hair has grown too long. In a pinch, the trimmer will cut down longer stubble, preparing your facial hair for the foil shaver

A 1-hour charge will result in 50 minutes of use, which is sufficient for the average person. Just keep in mind that since it’s designed to be waterproof, it cannot be operated when plugged in, so remembering to charge is a must. 

Finally, busy readers will rejoice – this shaver comes with a docking station that cleans and charges the shaver, saving you a fair bit of hassle and effort when it comes to maintenance. 


  • It’s incredibly waterproof, so you can even use it to shave in the shower. 
  • Flexible foils are able to shave closely yet relatively gently. 
  • The pop-up trimmer can prepare stubble if you’ve left shaving off for too long. 
  • Docking station saves the hassles of having to clean your shaver. 


  • Foils are just a touch less smooth than the Braun Series 7. 
  • Cannot be used while plugged in, which is an issue if you often forget to charge your tools. 

Is Razor Or Electric Shaver Better For Sensitive Skin?

A lot of men with sensitive skin find that electric shavers are a kinder option, although there are other factors at play. The biggest benefit of using electric shavers over standard razors is that their foil guards cover the blades completely, so your sensitive skin is never directly exposed to the blade.  

Additionally, electric shavers have the benefit of being a little more convenient than regular razors, since you don’t have to put as much effort into prep. The drawback is that they’re often a little pricier and they generally don’t provide as close a shave as a manual razor. 

Ultimately, both electric shavers and manual razors can work for men with sensitive skin. You should also take into account your personal preferences when it comes to using manual vs electronic grooming aids. 

What You Should Look For In An Electric Shaver For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, here are some factors you should consider when shopping for an electric razor. 

Skin-Friendly Metal

Certain types of metal can be pretty irritating to the skin, so the best electric shavers for sensitive skin should have blades made of gentle, hypoallergenic materials. Stainless steel, titanium, and even gold all work well for sensitive skin. 


This is the main factor that makes a shaver great for sensitive skin. There are a few factors that impact the smoothness of a shave, like the sharpness of the blade to the design of the foils. Ultimately, when designed well, these factors should all culminate in a shaver that glides over the skin smoothly, without tugging on hairs or causing irritation. 

Wet and Dry Shaving

For those with very sensitive skin, having a shaver that can be used for wet shaving can be a major bonus. In general, most men who use electric shavers choose them specifically because dry shaving is faster and less fussy than wet shaving. However, when you have very sensitive skin, the added moisture and lubrication from a shaving cream can seriously cut down on irritation while also helping the shaver cut closer to the skin. 

Cutting Length 

Electric shavers are meant to give a close shave, and all of them will perform well when you’re cutting down stubble. Where some tools struggle is with cutting down slightly longer growth. 

If you’re the kind of man who shaves every day and prefers a very clean look, you’ll do well with a classic-style foil shaver like my picks from Andis and BaByliss. 

If you skip shaving occasionally, or you like to shave a few times a week rather than every day, it’s important to choose a shaver that can handle that. Look for shavers with a middle cutter, like in the shavers from Braun and Panasonic. These trimmers are designed to lift up and trim those slightly longer hairs, so they’re more forgiving.

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