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5 Best Razors For Shaving Your Head In 2023

If it’s your time to go bald, whether by choice or otherwise, you’ll want to use one of the best razors for shaving head to help you with the process.

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Merkur 34C Double Edge Razor (Our Top Pick)

This double-edge razor could top just about any list of razors, and it’s certainly an excellent choice for head shaving. This famously well-built razor is often recommended to newcomers to wet shaving, but there are also plenty of experienced blade heads who own it and use it regularly. It’s a balanced, durable design that can last for decades, so for a lot of guys, it’s their first and last razor. You’ll be able to use it to shave both your face and head in one go.   

But how’s the 34C for shaving heads? In a word, solid. This razor has a fairly short handle, which makes it quite easy to maneuver over the head. There is some texture to the handle, as well (called knurling), which provides a solid, comfortable grip.  

It’s a milder razor, which means that the top bar covers more of the blade’s edge on each side, for a gentle shave. This means there is a low risk of cutting yourself or irritating your skin. However, it also means that it’s not going to give you an ultra-close shave. 

Despite the mildness, it’s not necessarily a super-smooth razor, which can be a benefit or a drawback depending on your shaving style. It’s still very comfortable to use, but it manages to give a bit of “feedback,” which is part of the reason why it’s so frequently recommended to beginners.  

You’ll be able to feel as you go over bumpy areas, which will help you adjust your pressure and angle even with limited visibility. If your skull is pretty flat or smooth, you may not want the added feedback and might prefer a razor that glides more easily – in that case, have a look at my pick from Edwin Jagger.  

Most men choose to use it along with very sharp blades to make up for the mildness. That said, if you’re new to shaving with a DE razor, keeping it mild is the safer choice anyway, and I’d suggest gentler blades. 


  • An exceptionally balanced and long-lasting razor that pleases both newcomers and experienced wet shavers. 
  • Short, grippable handle for easier maneuverability over the head. 
  • It glides easily enough, but still provides some feedback that’ll allow you to adjust your pressure and angle. 
  • A mild level of aggression reduces the risk of cuts or irritation.   


  • Doesn’t give the closest shave, and may not be enough for men who want a super shiny bald-headed look. 
  • Not as smooth of a glide as other razors. 

Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor

From Edwin Jagger, this is another incredibly popular starter safety razor that’ll do great work shaving your head. It’s the Merkur 34C’s main competitor, with some big similarities: both are durable, comfortable to grip, and have a balanced weight that helps guide the shaving process. 

However, this razor has a slightly longer handle. It’s not so long as to get in the way when you shave your head, but if you have big hands, you may find it more comfortable to grip. 

The head itself is also a little different. It’s still designed to provide a mild-medium shave, but the construction provides a smoother glide. The good? You’ll be able to move it over your head quickly and easily, and it’ll feel amazing when you shave. The bad? You might not notice when you hit bumpy spots at the back of your head, so you may cut or irritate your skin and only realize when you’re done shaving. 

I’m splitting hairs, though – it’s a subtle difference, and since it’s a mild razor, there’s still a minimal risk of issues. If you have one of those skulls that’s made for the bald-headed look, chances are you won’t run into any trouble. 

The safety razor also comes with 5 Derby blades to get you started. These are nice starter blades that are quite smooth but not very aggressive. Once you finish the pack you’ll have enough skill to upgrade to sharper blades.  


  • Very smooth glide, which is excellent for men with relatively smooth scalps. 
  • It has a slightly longer handle that is more comfortable for men with large hands. 
  • Comes with 5 blades that are suitable for beginners. 


  • Smooth glide means there’s less feedback when you hit uneven spots, which can slightly increase the chance of irritation or cuts. 

HeadBlade MOTO Head Shaving Razor

Now for something totally different. So far, I’ve focused on razors you can use on both your head and face, but this is a dedicated head shaving razor. 

It’s a cartridge razor, which does mean you lose out on the savings of using a safety razor (namely, significantly cheaper blade replacements and a more durable overall build). If you’re not interested in making the switch to safety razors, it’s a very cool option. 

It has a unique grip that’s very optimized for shaving the head. You slide your fingers over the small handle, and a ring grip keeps everything in place. This allows you to shave your head without having to hold on tightly to a small handle. It’s more comfortable than just about any other razor out there. It’d be a game-changer for men who have pain or limited mobility in their hands.

The razor has some flexibility, so it pivots nicely over the contours of the head. It comes with just one 4-blade cartridge, but more are available for purchase. The razor also takes HB6 cartridges with 6 blades, but I think that’d be overkill for most men. The blades themselves are fine. They give a close shave, but they can wear out quickly.  


  • The unique grip design makes it an extremely comfortable option for shaving the head. 
  • Flexible pivot head moves comfortably over the contours of the head. 
  • Blades give a nice, close shave that’s not too aggressive. 


  • Blade replacements are more expensive in the long term compared to safety razors. 
  • The blades can wear out quickly so you’ll have to replace them often. 


If you’re no newcomer to wet shaving and you’re after the best razors for shaving head very bald, this is the safety razor for you. Like the other safety razors on this list, it’s a very durable and balanced tool, which is non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned. 

The main differentiating feature here is that this is an aggressive closed-comb razor. This means that more of the blade is exposed, so it’ll give you that ultra-shiny close shave. That also comes with the added risk of cuts and razor burn, so beginners or those with sensitive skin beware. 

The handle is a touch longer than the Merkur 34c, but not by much, so it’s still comfortable to move around the back or sides of the head. Like the Edwin Jagger, it’s also a 3-piece design, so you’ll have the base plate to keep track of when it’s time to replace the blade. 


  • More aggressive design provides a very close, bare skull shave. 
  • A very durable and balanced design that feels sturdy in the hand. 
  • Comfortable handle that’s neither too long nor too short. 


  • Slightly higher risk of cutting yourself. 

Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Sensitive 5 Blade Razor

Finally, this may not be the fanciest razor around, but it’s one of the best razors for shaving head when it comes to mainstream cartridge razors. If you’ve tried and failed with safety razors or you’re just not interested in them, you can’t go wrong with Schick. 

This razor comes with 5 cartridges. Each cartridge is fitted with five blades, so one swipe is a little like multiple swipes with a safety razor. Using them is quick and easy, and the results are very smooth. Schick’s gentle design prevents this closer shave from being irritating, so I would recommend these even for men with sensitive skin

The handle is a little longer than what I’d like for a head-shaving razor, but if you’re looking for a cartridge razor you can use on both your face and head, it’s comfortable enough. 

While this razor may seem like a budget alternative to the other razors on this list, that’s not the case in the long term. You will end up spending more money on replacement blades in the long term when compared to safety razor blades, and the handle itself is made of plastic so it won’t last you as long. Even so, out of the traditional cartridge razors out there, this is one of the best options. 


  • Typical cartridge razor that won’t force you to learn a new technique. 
  • 5-blade cartridge provides a close shave that’s still quite gentle. 
  • Can be used for both the face and head. 


  • The handle is a little longer than ideal for head shaving. 
  • Will get pricy in the long-term. 

What To Look For When Buying Razors For Shaving Head?

You can just buy the Merkur 34C and be done with it… but if you’re still a little uncertain, here are some tips for choosing the right razor for shaving your head. 

Type of Razor

There are two main types of razors to choose from for shaving your head. Will you go old-school or keep it simple and modern? 

Double edge: Double edge razors are an old-school design. They’re made of metal, so they’re very durable, and they take thin, double-sided blades that are very affordable to replace. They’re a little tricky to use on the head at the start, but once you get the hang of it, they deliver an excellent head shave that’ll make you feel like a bonafide badass.

Cartridge: If you’re not ready to see the light, you can always go with a cartridge razor. Thanks to how they’re angled, there is a smaller risk that you’ll cut yourself with a cartridge razor. Another benefit is that they don’t force you to learn a totally new technique. 

In general, I’ll always recommend a safety razor over a cartridge razor. I explain why in my safety razor vs cartridge razor showdown, but to keep it simple – cartridge razors cost more in the longer term, and they generate more waste. 

Handle Ergonomics

Arguably the most important factor to consider is the handle of the razor. It’s the reason why I included the incredibly optimized HeadBlade MOTO on this list. 

Shaving the head is an odd process that forces you to move the razor over your head in a lot of different directions. The handle on your razor will play a big role in how comfortable that ends up being. 

In general, shorter handles are much easier to maneuver. You can change your grip on them a little more quickly and easily with just one hand, which is important when you’re working your way around the back of your head or behind your ears. 

You may not want a super-short handle if you have larger hands, though. The grip still has to be fundamentally comfortable for you. Plus, if you’ll be using the same razor on your face, the handle has to be long enough to still keep that process comfortable. 


In wet shaving, aggressiveness is the term we use to talk about how much of the blade’s edge a safety razor leaves exposed. The more exposed blade, the more aggressive the razor and the closer a shave it’ll give as a result.

I always recommend milder razors for beginners to wet shaving. They won’t give you the smoothest scalp, but they’re less likely to irritate your skin. When it comes to head shaving, there’s the added risk that you have less visibility as you shave, so a milder razor can be a safer choice. 

As you gain practice, you can also increase the aggressiveness of your shave by switching to sharper blades (Feathers blades are the gold standard), rather than buying a more aggressive razor. 

It’s worth noting that cartridge razors are somewhere between mild and aggressive. They have very little blade exposure, but the multiple blades amp up the aggression. 

If you’re confident in your shaving skin and you won’t the smoothest shave possible, you can buy a more aggressive razor like my pick from MÜHLE right from the start. Pair that with some of the tips in our guide on how to get a shiny bald head, and you’ll have the smoothest head imaginable.

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