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Benefits Of Patchouli Soap For Men

If you’re looking for a power-move scent, I have one word for you: patchouli. As a scent, it’s a little bit legendary. Plus, patchouli soap has a ton of skin and health benefits.

From the silk road to Woodstock, it scented some of the most iconic moments in history. Lots of people find it pungent, so you have to be calculated with it—patchouli is very much an alpha-dog smell.

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What Is Patchouli Soap Used For?

Patchouli Basically Invented Aromatherapy

Y’know when you catch a whiff of something and it takes you back to elementary school? Or your first date? Or that one time you and your best friend built a treehouse together? That’s the aromatherapeutic power of a unique scent!

And patchouli is one of the most identifiable scents out there. This is where you start to walk a fine line: some people think woodsy, sweet, and spicy at the smell of patchouli. Many think pungent hippy B.O. There’s not much in between.

There’s really only one way for you to find out whether you like patchouli, and that’s by smelling it.

You’re likely to have a better experience with patchouli soap if you buy from a natural soapmaker who knows what they’re doing when it comes to mixing ingredients. Patchouli does best when it’s balanced out with goat’s milk or coconut oil. 

In fact, you might not want to buy a bar of soap that lists patchouli as the main ingredient—just a little bit is powerful enough to give you that odiferous oomph you’re looking for.

Use Patchouli On Cuts and Scars 

Though it’s scent can be fickle, one of the main benefits of patchouli soap is that it’s perfect for healing damaged skin.

Like its close relative, mint, patchouli is anti-inflammatory. It works as an antiseptic and fungicide. That’s a triple-threat right there: not only does it soothe irritated skin, but it also protects from infection and speeds up the healing process. Lots of guys like to use it to prevent athlete’s foot.

And, especially rare among essential oil soaps: it’s also hypoallergenic. 

So if you’re having trouble finding a soap that you can use on wounds without breaking out in hives, patchouli is your answer. (Just make sure you’re not allergic to any added ingredients in the soap.)

Is Patchouli Good For Face?

As a good acne-fighter, and a strong moisturizer, a patchouli facial soap is not a bad choice.

Here’s the catch: even if you enjoy the smell of patchouli, lathering it up right next to your eyes and nose…it might be a lot.

And patchouli isn’t necessarily known for being a go-to facial soap. You can get similar benefits from moringa soap, without the risk of an eye-watering smell. I’d even recommend beer soap’s surprisingly strong track record as a facial soap, before resorting to patchouli.

It’s definitely a strong contender in the “unique body soap” department. If you have a quirky image to uphold, patchouli is the perfect scent for you. But I wouldn’t put it in the “fabulous facial soap” camp.

Is Patchouli Good For Hair?

Easy yes! Patchouli can help you fight stubborn scalp conditions, hair loss, and frizz.

That’s the case for lots of essential oil soaps like patchouli. You’ll just want to be sure that you’re buying a soap bar that’s labeled as a shampoo—putting regular old body soap on your head might be good for your scalp, but it definitely won’t do your hair any favors.

And be sure that you’re using your bar soap correctly in the shower. You should lather first, then apply the lather to your body or hair, rather than rubbing the bar directly against your skin and hair.

But other than that, scrub away! Patchouli is great for dry and sensitive skin, so if you’re suffering from dandruff, or trying to use your hairline to hide eczema, patchouli can help you out.

Is Patchouli A Masculine Scent?

In 19th century Europe, patchouli’s smell was associated with riches. Boutique and store owners who bought goods off the silk road would check their fabric for the patchouli scent to see if it was genuine.

In the 70s and 80s, hippies claimed patchouli. It was the scent of Woodstock and rebellion.

So is it a masculine scent? Well, let’s say one of the benefits of patchouli soap isn’t its manliness. Instead, it’s a distinct scent. It’s memorable, and it’s gender neutral. But if you’re looking for something “manly,” patchouli is too hit or miss. Because it’s so strong, it’s a bold soap choice.

You’ll probably have more luck in the masculine scent department with the wood-shop and resin vibes of sandalwood soap, or a classic yet subtle almond soap scent.

Patchouli soap isn’t for everybody, and it’s not really an everyday soap either. I do recommend having a bar on hand for special occasions, but it takes a special kind of guy to pull it off on a daily basis. It’s kind of an alpha-dog move to use patchouli every morning.

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