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Benefits Of Lemongrass Soap For Men

Do you wanna smell clean? And by clean, I mean CLEAN. Lemongrass soap is the ultimate “smell clean” soap you can get, and it’s packed with skin benefits to boot.

Let’s be honest here for a second: the soap and cologne aisles are overwhelming, sometimes to the point of smelling rancid. Even I, someone who’s supposed to be a scent connoisseur, get a headache.

Lemongrass soap is a beacon in a sea of questionable scents. If you’re just looking for something clean, with a sampling of skin and health benefits, lemongrass is undoubtedly the way to go.

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Benefits Of Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass Helps With Oily Skin

Lemongrass soap is an astringent. That means, while the soap itself is dissolving oils on your skin, the lemongrass helps your pores contract, so they secrete less oil and pick up less dirt.

Not only will you get that after-shower, smooth, moisturized skin feeling, but you’ll remain oil-free for much longer, thanks to lemongrass soap.

That’s not to say lemongrass isn’t great for dry skin as well—just be cautious. If you’re suffering from chronic dryness or eczema, you might need a heavier cure, like a superfatted soap or the moisturizing benefits of oatmeal soap.

Lemongrass Lets Your Pores Breathe

As far as cleansing soaps go, lemongrass is up there.

Sure, all natural soaps wash away bacteria, tone your skin, and improve skin conditions, but there’s something about lemongrass that just gives it an edge over the other players. And you’ll notice the difference: lemongrass soap works wonders for clogged pores and breakouts.

As an astringent, it cleanses and seals (like we talked about with lemongrass’ benefits for oily skin). So while lemongrass soap flushes out your pores, it also helps them contract properly to avoid dirt buildup that’ll lead to zits and acne.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Lemongrass Scent

There’s a reason that lemongrass soap is one of the most popular natural soaps that you can buy—it’s simply never a bad choice scent-wise.

Now, it’s not the manliest smell on the soap aisle, but it is a simple, identifiable, clean smell. And those are underrated qualities in the world of men’s grooming. Do you always need to smell like a forest with a fire raging through it, and warriors riding tigers trying to put it out? Nah. 

Manly soaps are great, but they also get tiresome. When people can identify you by your soap…even if it’s a good smell, that might be your hint to tone it down.

And lemongrass soap is great at subtlety. Nobody will smell you coming.

Lemongrass Wards Off Mosquitoes

Hate the smell and feel of insect repellant? Switch to lemongrass soap.

It has this magic ingredient, citronella oil, that covers up scents like carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Those are the human products that mosquitoes look for in their next victim.

You might be seeing the downfall to this plan already—what happens when your soap wears off and you no longer smell like citronella oil? Yeah. Mosquito family dinner.

I like to think of it as good motivation to keep a smell-check going throughout your day. If your soap wears off quickly, you might need to supplement it with a cologne. 

Or, in this case, if you’re warding off bugs, go with a lemongrass mist or spray. (Make sure the ingredient list contains citronella oil. Once in a while you’ll find something lemongrass scented that doesn’t, meaning it no longer works as an insect repellant.)

Does Lemongrass Lighten Skin?

Someone needs to put a stop to this rumor. A good natural soap, that’s actually beneficial to your skin, should not be a skin-lightener.

What lemongrass soap and other natural “skin lighteners” do do is cleanse and brighten. You’re washing your body and face with a soap that opens your pores, fights blemishes, and gently exfoliates—of course your skin looks more vibrant!

Now, if you find a soap that labels itself as a genuine skin lightener, be very cautious. It probably contains bleaching agents like hydroquinone and mercury, which will do long-term health damage beyond just causing a breakout. 

Skin lightening soaps can literally remove the top layer of your skin (and we’re not talking just dead skin here). In turn, you’ll be more susceptible to skin cancer and fatal liver and kidney damage.

That’s the benefit of only buying natural soaps made with authentic, natural ingredients. They skip out on those bleaching agents, while still helping you achieve clean, vibrant skin. 

Is Lemongrass Soap Good For Hair?

Lemongrass soap isn’t bad for hair, but it also hasn’t really built a reputation for itself as a shampoo soap.

Let’s phrase it this way: it’ll do everything that a hair soap is supposed to do for your hair. Lemongrass will clean up your scalp, dissolve oils to help your hair look thick, and it’ll smell top-notch.

But if you’re looking for extra support in the hair and scalp condition department, I’d recommend the frizz- and eczema-fighting benefits of patchouli soap before you turn to lemongrass.

But, like we said, you’ll never go wrong with a lemongrass scent. So if smell is what you’re most concerned about when you’re perusing the shampoo soap department, go with lemongrass.

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