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Benefits Of Sandalwood Soap For Men

You probably don’t read those steamy romance novels that women love, but I’m sure you’re familiar with that one classic, remixed line—his dark eyes pouring into hers, she took a deep breath and could smell his delicious, woodsy musk. That’s one of the biggest benefits of sandalwood soap right there for ya.

If you’re looking to smell like the tall, dark, and handsome stranger right out of her fantasies, sandalwood soap is the way to go. And luckily, it has skin, body, and health benefits beyond just wooing women.

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Benefits Of Sandalwood Soap

Sandalwood’s Scent Is Unmatched

Seriously. It’s like it walked straight from a fanfic. If you’re not sure what sandalwood smells like, don’t make the mistake of picturing pine trees and sap. Instead, think pleasant woodshop with a dash of resin, and maybe a hint of something minty or flowery.

It smells natural without being overbearing. 

And it’s an easy base for soapmakers to work with! That woodsy musk pairs well with citrus, plant-based, and even beeswax scents. So if you’re looking to get a little more than just woodshop vibes, you can find tons of options in the sandalwood department.

Now, watch you step here: commercially produced sandalwood soaps often f*ck up the scent. At best, you’ll get something mildly pungent. At worst, instead of “woodsy, mysterious,” you might end up with “wood disinfectant cleaning product” or “forest chemical spill.” This is partially because manufacturers either get the ratios wrong, store the soap incorrectly and let it spoil, or use too many chemical preservatives.

Once you start buying natural soaps, you’ll notice all the little differences between handmade and commercial soaps, but especially with sandalwood. So if you’re buying sandalwood, buy natural. 

It’s Tough On Acne

Remember when our parents used to tell us that our acne would go away as we got older? Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. Ahh, I wish I still had that kind of hope.

The good news is that sandalwood is a go-to for acne treatment, so it will be a fabulous addition to your skincare routine. Now, it’s not as intense, per se, as other facial soaps that are marketed as acne cleansers, but you’ll probably discover that that’s a good thing. It’ll work as a gentle toner and cleanser, without irritating your skin.

It’s also fabulous as a moisturizer, so if you’re suffering from dry, flaky acne, sandalwood soap is *chef’s kiss.*

On the other hand, sandalwood probably won’t help much with oily skin. It’ll still be great for your acne, but you might need to pair it with another facial cleanser to help dissolve your oils.

By the way, one of the main benefits of tea tree oil soap is also curbing acne.

Sandalwood Evens Your Complexion

Whether you’re working with splotchy, easily-irritated skin (*cough* me *cough*), uneven tan lines, or weird blemishes, sandalwood goes to bat for your skin tone. It’s one of those unexpected bonuses that you’ll get after using it in the shower for a few weeks.

There’s a small catch: sandalwood will fade your tan. That’s why you might see it described as a “winter soap” online. 

Keep in mind the fact that this is technically healthy for your skin—we all know just how damaging UV light can be. And if you’re tanning excessively or unevenly, sandalwood soap can help you out in that department, too.

But if losing a bit of your Hot Boy Summer tan is going to be overwhelmingly upsetting, then save sandalwood soap for your winter look.

And It Rinses Easily

Y’know that gross, sticky feeling against your skin after you step out of the shower? That’s cheap bar soap leaving scum on your skin.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill commercial soaps, Sandalwood soap rinses off beautifully. Lots of devout sandalwood users love the supple, glowy after-shower feeling of sandalwood. Like we mentioned before, it’s a powerful moisturizer, and it has a rich lather with a creamy texture. (Like many natural soaps!)

And best of all, no after-shower sticky, tight feeling.

Can Sandalwood Remove Dark Spots?

Sandalwood soap won’t remove your dark spots, but it will fade and blend them. We mentioned that it’s great for your complexion—that still applies! It would just be an exaggeration to say sandalwood will virtually eliminate your dark spots.

If you’re looking for a soap that will tone, smooth, and soothe your skin, a bar of sandalwood will be a fabulous addition to your counter or shower. Plus, you’ll get to smell like that woodsy, romance novel dream guy (which again, is one of the best benefits of sandalwood soap. Need I remind you a third time?!)  

As an alternative, one of the benefits of Kaolin clay soap is dark spot removal.

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