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Benefits Of Beer Soap For Men

If you’ve never brought an alcoholic drink with you into the shower, it’s an exercise I would strongly recommend (talk about relaxation to the max). Now imagine this: pairing the benefits of a good shower beer with all the benefits of a great beer soap!

I know, it sounds like a marketing gag, but even soapmakers were surprised when they realized all the moisturizing, repairing, and skin-enhancing properties that beer brings to soap.

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Benefits Of Beer Soap

Beer Soap Is A Moisturizing Must-Have

The ingredients that make your beer taste good can also make your skin feel great.

Hops, the plant additive that flavors and stabilizes beer, are fabulous at soothing irritated skin. They moisturize and cleanse, meaning you’ll be acne-free, glowing with health, and squeaky clean.

A bar of beer soap isn’t as vitamin-packed as moringa soap or seaweed soap, but as long as you’re not looking to deal with a major skin crisis, it’s an excellent way to go. Lots of people report that it’s the only thing that’s cures their stubborn breakouts (no one ever thinks of this as one of the benefits of beer soap, but here we are!).

You Can Use Beer Soap On More Than Your Skin

If you’re just getting into the world of bar soaps for your hair, starting out with a beer soap is a solid choice.

It can help repair and soothe frizzy hair types, giving you that shampoo commercial look. Just remember to apply the lather to your hair, rather than rubbing the bar directly on your head. That’s one of many common mistakes that people make when they don’t know how to properly use their bar soap in the shower.

And, if you haven’t trimmed the bushes in a while…do your personal bedroom audience a favor by rinsing with the beer soap. At least you’ll have a soft, if overgrown, lawn.

Beer Soap Lathers Richly, Just Like Those Foamy Commercials

All those bubbly beer commercials…we know they’re not real, but don’t they look so appetizing? Makes me think of a tasty, mini bubble bath.

The normal beer you get at a supermarket might not foam up like that, but beer soap sure will. Well, it’ll at least foam up more than your average glass of beer. Most devout beer soap users praise it’s rich lather that feels so good against the skin. 

And the best part is that it’s a natural lather. Lots of commercial soaps add non-natural chemical ingredients to boost their lather. Those unnatural additives are often bad for your skin!

But an all-natural beer soap has a great lather without the added chemicals.

Beer Soap Is All-Natural

You can find lots of all-natural beer soap options! Not only will you be supporting a local soapmaker, but you’ll also be reaping all the benefits of washing with a natural bar of soap.

It’ll be better for your skin, healthier for the environment, ethically sourced, and provide real aromatherapy. The scents added to the beer can actually release calming chemicals in your brain—isn’t that cool?

So when your girlfriend asks if you really need beer, you can say yeah. It’s great for your skin and your mood. (Just leave out the beer soap part. Foolproof.)

Does Beer Soap Smell Like Beer?

I saved the most important question for last. Beer Soap does not smell like beer; it actually smells like the grains, hops and extracts that go into beer.

Depending on your soapmaker and the base they used, your bar will probably have an herby scent, paired with oak, vanilla, honey or even chocolate fragrances. This is all dependent on how dark the beer was roasted, and what the soapmaker chose to add to the beer base.

The point here is, beer soap smells good.

It’s even great for aromatherapy. You might notice your mood improving in the shower. Maybe your shoulders will relax for the first time in a while—all that stress will feel a little bit lighter for a moment. Those are the kind of effects that great scents can have on your brain! 

So while you consider my earlier suggestion (bringing a 21+ beverage with you to the shower, it’s really a five-star move), think about pairing a glass of beer with beer soap! 

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