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How To Trim Mustache With An Electric Shaver

No scissors? No problem. Once you learn how to trim mustache with an electric shaver, keeping it looking neat will never be an issue. 

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Can You Shave A Mustache With An Electric Shaver?

Yes, you can! Depending on the kind of shaver you have, you can give it a trim or shave it all the way down. 

  • If all you have is a rotary shaver, you can use it to shave down your mustache, although it won’t give you enough control for shaping. 
  • If you have a foil shaver, you’ll be able to shave your mustache down easily, and you’ll even be able to shave around it without compromising its shape. However, you won’t be able to give your mustache a trim with it. 
  • If your foil shaver has a pop-up trimmer or detailer, you’ll be able to use it to trim the length of your mustache and to refine its outline. 
  • If you have an electric trimmer with adjustable blades or comb guards, you can use it for trimming and shaping your mustache. Some trim closely enough to be able to shave down your mustache completely, as well. 

What Do You Need To Trim Your Mustache?

To trim your mustache you’ll need a comb and either a beard trimmer, an electric shaver with trimmer attachment, or a pair of scissors. If you want your mustache to look as spiffy as possible, make sure to also have some mustache wax or beard oil on hand. 

How To Trim Mustache With An Electric Shaver

  1. First, make sure that your facial hair is pretty dry. Otherwise, it can hang a little lower than normal, so you’re at risk of over-trimming. 
  1. With a small comb, comb your mustache hair downwards. If you’re going for a diagonal style like a chevron mustache, comb it slightly to the side, instead. 
  1. Now, with the comb in your hand, look in the mirror and think about the look you want to achieve. You can use the comb to move the hair around, and don’t be afraid of looking at yourself from different angles, since a mustache is a three-dimensional thing that must be sculpted. 
  1. Once you’ve formulated an idea, start by trimming the bottom of your mustache with your shaver or scissors. Use the comb to create a barrier, and let it guide you to prevent accidentally cutting the ‘stache too short. 
  1. Now shape the rest of your mustache. If your razor can be adjusted or has guards, the easiest way to do this is by setting it to a longer length, like 6-10 mm. Then, just go to town. After your first pass, if you think it needs to be shorter, or only shorter in certain areas, adjust your blade length and trim a little more. 
  1. If your razor can’t be adjusted to anything but a close shave, use your comb as a guard. Lift up the hair with the comb, and then use your shaver to cut it down. If you do this, go slowly and check in the mirror often, because it’s harder to see what you’re doing as you work. 
  1. Finally, take a moment to refine the ends of your mustache. You can keep them long if you’re planning to curl your mustache with wax. Otherwise, it’s best to cut them down a little, so they blend nicely into the rest of your facial hair. 
  1. That’s it. All that’s left is to splash your face with some water and finish your grooming routine. Oh, and clean away all of those hairs from the bathroom – your girlfriend will thank you.

Should I Trim Mustache Above Lip?

If you want a neat, comfortable mustache, then yes, trim your mustache so no hair grows past the vermillion border (fun fact: that’s what the skin-toned outline of the lip is called). This keeps mustache hair off of your lips for kissing, and who doesn’t want more kisses in their life? 

The one exception is if you’re intentionally rocking a heavier chevron-mustache, in which case you just need to keep it combed to the side. There’s also the paintbrush-style mustache, which very intentionally hangs down over the top lip. This mustache style can be impressive, but keeping it clean is difficult. 

How Frequently Should You Trim Your Mustache?

This depends on how quickly your facial hair grows. Some guys have to trim their mustache once or twice a week. Those with slower growth can get away with waiting a week and a half between trimmings. This also depends on your personal style and what the rest of your facial hair looks like. 

For best results, pay close attention to your mustache. Check to see if it has grown past your top lip or if it looks too heavy when you turn your head to the side. If things are looking messy then you’ll know it’s time for a trim.   

Do’s And Don’ts When Trimming

Do experiment with different types of mustache lengths, styles, and even techniques. If you’ve already made the bold choice to rock a mustache, you might as well have fun with it. 

Don’t do it with wet hair. A lot of sources suggest you trim your mustache (and facial hair in general) after a shower or a long soak in water, but while that’s fine when you’re shaving it doesn’t work when you’re trying to shape. Water swells the hair shaft, causing it to expand, so you’ll have no way of predicting how your trim will look once your mustache dries.  

Do start slow and conservative. It’s easy to overdo things and cut too short with an electric trimmer, so when you start out, it’s always better to err on the side of higher settings. You can always go shorter, but you can’t fix having gone too short.  

Alternatives To Electric Shaving

If you don’t have an electric shaver, that’s totally fine. You can get better results by trimming your mustache with scissors, instead. 

It takes a little longer and you’ll also need a comb to help you move the hair around. The benefit is that the scissors will give you a little more control, so they’re less likely to accidentally shave off a chunk from your ‘stache.

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